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This article is about the saga. For the album, see Album 58: The Ties That Bind. For the fourteen-part episode, see The Ties That Bind, Part 1.

The Ties That Bind is a lengthy saga spanning Album #57: A Call to Something More to Album #60: Head Over Heels. It is very closely related to the Green Ring Conspiracy, which gives a lot of background about Buck Oliver and Penny Wise. The series is written by Paul McCusker, Kathy Buchanan, and Nathan Hoobler.

Episode Span


Album #57: A Call to Something More

#734: “Life Expectancy, Part 1”

Life is going very well, and Connie is cheerfully chatting with Mr. Whittaker when Wooton calls on the phone, giving Connie alarming news. Connie's mother, June Kendall, was taken to the hospital in an ambulance!

Connie arrives at the hospital only to be told that her mother had a heart attack and did not survive. Unbeknownst to Connie, her mother had been on medication for years due to heart trouble but never told her.

Thankfully Mr. Whittaker had been fully informed by June Kendall, herself, that she was sick and gave Whit her will and important papers for safe keeping. Connie calls her dad, Bill Kendall, with the sad news and has the usual difficult encounter with him.

At the end of this first episode, Bill Kendall shows up at Whit's End looking for Connie, but he is not alone. He has Connie's half-sister, Jules Kendall, with him who Connie has never known about! She gets mad and runs off to her room.

Now, it is up to Connie's faith and her good friends to see her through this crisis.

#735: “Life Expectancy, Part 2”

At Connie and Penny's apartment, Connie is organizing her mother's funeral while Wooton and Penny are there to keep her company. Her dad, Bill Kendall, shows up at the door with a big surprise by introducing Connie to her half-sister Jules Kendall. Bill Kendall has the insensitivity to ask for the keys to June Kendall's house so he and his younger daughter won't have to stay in a hotel.

While Connie and her father are in the other room talking it out, Penny asks Jules what her name means, Jules answers that it's short for July. Connie and their father come back out just as upset as before. Bill leaves in a huff with Jules, retorting that he probably bought most of the furniture that is currently in June Kendall's house.

Connie turns to Mr. Whittaker with this news, he and Eugene are there for her. Whit points out that her father, Bill, might be creating chaos as a diversion from the pain he has in his life... and cautions Connie against doing the same thing. Eugene opens up that the loss of June Kendall has affected him as well and has to leave the room due to his emotion.

The funeral day has arrived and Connie is running around, barely taking a breath which prompts Whit to take her aside - telling her to calm down. Connie fears losing all control over her emotions and doesn't want that to happen. Whit prays with Connie right before they go in for the funeral.

During the ceremony, Connie refers to her mother's conversion to Christianity (from episode Where Is Thy Sting?) and how she fully embraced the Christian walk. It's no surprise to Connie that her dad didn't show up for the funeral.

But, it turns out Bill Kendall was there after all, but stayed out of sight. Wooton promised Bill a week's supply of strawberry licorice if he stayed for the whole ceremony. He and Connie nearly have another argument, but manage to keep it nice. Connie tells Bill that she loves him and he says he's loved her as well as he can love anyone.

Connie finds Jules in the funeral room. Jules says that she was surprised by the service, Connie asks her why. Jules says she believes in the "food chain" and life has no meaning. Connie tries, but in her grief is not prepared with an answer and can't counter what Jules is saying. Jules gives her contact info to Connie, then leaves to fly back to LA with Bill Kendall.

Back at her mother's home, Connie is sitting in her old bed room and has been up there for a while, so Penny shows up and talks her into going back down. Penny makes an offhand remark about Jeff Lewis being downstairs.

#736: “Life Expectancy, Part 3”

Life expectancy.png

At June Kendall's house during the funeral reception, Connie asks Whit what will happen to her mother's house. Mr. Whittaker informs her that it is included in her mother's will and that they need to go over the details of the will. Penny remarks that they could live here instead of in the apartment, but Connie says it's just too much to think about right now. As Penny and Connie continue to talk, a guy walks up and says he's sorry for Connie's loss. Connie thanks him, only to realize that it's Jeff Lewis! They strike up a conversation; Jeff tells her that he became a Christian and that he is also now a pilot. They make plans to catch up later once Connie feels up to it. Penny volunteers Jeff to help put up the chairs with Eugene and Wooton, and as Jeff leaves to go help, he tells Connie that he will be praying for her. Connie cautions Penny (who comments that Jeff seems nice) not to get any ideas.

The next morning, Penny is about to go to work, but feels as if she shouldn't leave Connie alone, and becomes more worried when Connie reveals that she is reading a book about suffering; Connie shoos Penny out the door, claiming that she is just fine. Penny tells Connie not to obsess over her thoughts about suffering and what Jules said to her a few days earlier.

Connie enters Whit's End and begins a conversation with Eugene about suffering and death, and Eugene says he will have to get back to her on that subject because he doesn't have a ready-made answer. He asks Connie why it's so important, and she explains that her curiosity is partly because of Jules's previous comments. Connie leaves Whit's End and goes to J and J Antiques to talk to Jason, who now works there for Jack and Joanne. Jason and Connie go to June Kendall's house to talk about the estate sale, but it quickly morphs into Connie's obsession with suffering. By the time they both leave, she has Jason all worked up and worried about his own father.

When Jason shows up at Whit's End, he is horrified to see his dad lifting a heavy box with Eugene's help and tells Whit that a man his age shouldn't be lifting things. Jason is further horrified to find out that it has been two years since Mr. Whittaker has seen a doctor for a checkup, and begs him to be more careful. Jason finally admits to having had a talk with Connie about suffering, to which Eugene replies that he might have guessed as much. Eugene then quickly leaves Whit's End to have a talk with Connie, and Mr. Whittaker turns to Jason asking what this is all about. Jason hesitates, then asks if he and his dad could talk about his mother and older brother, both of whom have died. Jason and Whit walk off to talk, but we never hear the conversation that happens between them.

Connie, who is now back at her mother's house, is sorting through everything, remarking on how much there is to go through. In pops Wooton, who quickly sees a "Precious Mementoes" salt and pepper shaker set, and Connie gives them to Wooton. Wooton voices his concern that all of this must be hard on Connie, who tries to shrug it off. But Wooton won't let her off the hook that easily and goes on to say that it must be affecting how Connie feels. Connie looks Wooton in the face and corners him about Penny sending him over to check up on her. Wooton can't deny that Penny sent him over, but points out that it's normal to wonder about suffering once someone has lost a loved one. Connie asks what the reason for suffering is, and Wooton replies that it is to remind us how good things are when we aren't suffering. Before Wooton leaves, he offers to take Connie the miniature golf course, but Connie—though she appreciates the thought—declines the offer.

Connie answers another knock and finds Eugene standing on her mother's front porch. Eugene asks show she is doing and Connie replies that she is running out of tissues; to Connie's surprise, Eugene informs her that there is a box of tissues under the sink in the guest bathroom. She asks Eugene how he knew that, and he tells Connie that he and Katrina visited Connie's mother on a number of occasions. Their conversation morphs into the topic of suffering, to which Connie reassures Eugene that she hasn't lost her faith in her reaction to her mom's death—it's just a discussion. Eugene asks if his answer to her earlier question is not needed; she tells him that it isn't, but she is curious as to what he would have said. Eugene explains that when Christ suffered, He redeemed our sufferings to give them meaning and purpose--to bring us closer to Him and to remind us that we are made for greater things than this world.

"He did not die to remove our sufferings—on the contrary, He told us to pick up our crosses and follow Him. In that command, He was telling us that we will indeed suffer, but the suffering could lead us back to God—in the same way His suffering leads us all to God."

Connie asks Eugene if Mr. Whittaker briefed him before he came over. To Connie's shock and amazement, Eugene replies that his wisdom on the subject came not from Whit, but from Connie's mother. When he and Katrina found out they could not have children, they received help and counsel from June, and Connie realizes that she didn't give her mom enough credit for her wisdom and dissolves into tears. Eugene quickly goes to the guest bathroom to retrieve the tissues.

At Whit's End, in Mr. Whittaker's office, Connie is signing a mound of papers, complaining of hand cramps. Whit asks Connie if there is something they need to talk about, alluding to her obsession with suffering, and points out that she's discussed it with Jason, Wooton, Penny, and Eugene, but not with him. Connie tells Whit about her encounter with Jules and her half-sister’s view of life being a "food chain". Mr. Whittaker points out that without God, life is just a food chain—without the Holy Spirit, we cannot grasp the purpose of suffering or even appreciate God's comfort when we suffer. All we can grasp is the pain, and that is meaningless. Mr. Whittaker reassures Connie that she can say a lot of things to Jules, but showing her is better—by being available to her as a friend or even as an older sister. Connie later e-mails Jules, discussing the concept of life as a food chain, and explains that she is willing to be the big sister that Jules hasn't had.

#737: “The Pilot, Part 1”

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#738: “The Pilot, Part 2”

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Album #58: The Ties That Bind


#751: “The Ties That Bind, Part 1”

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#752: “The Ties That Bind, Part 2”

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#753: “The Ties That Bind, Part 3”

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#754: “The Ties That Bind, Part 4”

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#755: “The Ties That Bind, Part 5”

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#756: “The Ties That Bind, Part 6”

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Note: the first two scenes of part 7 take place on Monday night.

#757: “The Ties That Bind, Part 7”

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#758: “The Ties That Bind, Part 8”

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#759: “The Ties That Bind, Part 9”

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Note: the last two scenes of part 10 take place on Wednesday morning.

#760: “The Ties That Bind, Part 10”

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#761: “The Ties That Bind, Part 11”

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#762: “The Ties That Bind, Part 12”

Everything has gone wild back in Odyssey. Wooton and Eugene are investigating The Perilous Pen and discover that the Perilous Pen is. . .Dee Grant??

Meanwhile, Matthew Parker asks his parents and Whit about an essay he got a C on. They conclude that there is a conspiracy of ideas going on in Ms. Adelaide's English class. There's a whole lot more going on but it would be rude to spoil it for you. Don't miss this action-packed adventure!


Note: the first scene of part 13 takes place on Wednesday night.

#763: “The Ties That Bind, Part 13”

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Note: only the last five scenes of part 14 take place on Friday.

#764: “The Ties That Bind, Part 14”

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Album #59: Taking the Plunge


#777: “First Things First”

John Whittaker, Wooton, Connie, and Penny discuss Wooton's recent marriage proposal. Penny acknowledges that she isn't sure what it really means to be married and she and Wooton reveal that they both agreed to fully consider the meaning of marriage before they become engaged - if they do at all.

Connie, feeling a bit left out, hopes that Dreams By Constance will get to be a part of their ceremony.

Wooton later visits Penny at the art gallery and mentions that he is having trouble making decisions regarding his recently-destroyed home without knowing Penny's answer - and their future. He asks her to visit the architect with him and leaves her to her work. As he surveys the remains of his house, Mrs. Kramer comforts him as only she can - by warning him not to get his hopes up about rebuilding his home since he can expect difficulty regarding recent zoning laws.

David Parker, Wooton's architect, shows Wooton and Penny some designs for the new home when Penny decides that, as he is married, he is the perfect candidate to tell them what it really means to be married. He speaks with his wife about the prospect and she reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, his investigation into zoning regulations confirms Mrs. Kramer's suspicions - rebuilding Wooton's house the way he wants it in the old location will be impossible.

After eating at Hal's Diner, where they discuss the importance of communicating expectations, Wooton and Penny meet with David Parker. He tells Wooton that zoning laws now require approval before a house as "unique" as Wooton's can be built - complicating the matter is the fact that most of Wooton's neighbors have signed a petition asking that a home like that not be permitted again in their neighborhood. Unsurprisingly, the petition was organized by Mrs. Kramer. Though Wooton visits to ask her to withdraw the petition, she refuses.

A very upset Penny encourages Wooton to stand up for himself - to do something about the house situation - but Wooton remains stoic. When her frustration leads to a stress headache, Wooton visits the Parkers alone. They recall a time in their marriage that Eva wanted David to fight for something she believed was important and remind Wooton how important communicating expectations is. After the marriage discussion, David tells Wooton he's discovered something about his property.

Wooton charges over to Penny and Connie's the next morning to tell her that a mistake in surveys has led to Mrs. Kramer occupying land that actually belongs to Wooton. He threatens to throw Mrs. Kramer off of the property and acts quite adamant about it - to Penny's disappointment. She apologizes for expecting him to behave like a someone he isn't and acknowledges that he should be able to handle the problem in his own way.

Wooton visits Mrs. Kramer again and offers to sell his property at a very low price to anyone in the neighborhood who wants it.

#778: “Playing the Predictable”

Dion Farkus, one of the thugs who beat up Buck Oliver, tells Buck that Vance King is singularly unhappy about Buck's telling the police about Vance's actions and has instructed Dion to make Buck's life miserable while Vince is kept home from school by his angry mother.

Meanwhile, at Whit's End, Officer Landon Davidson requests recently deputized Eugene Meltsner's assistance in a case at the Odyssey Bank. A hacker is stealing small amounts from bank accounts, seemingly at random. Megyn Rankin, head of bank security, believes that they are being hacked from the outside but has no further information. Eugene encourages Ms. Rankin and Officer Davidson to keep this fraud as quiet as possible, since alerting employees could cause the thief to steal a larger amount of money. He and Landon decide to connect an unprotected computer to the bank's system in hopes that the hacker will go after it.

Buck has a run-in with Dion, but, reluctant to beat up Buck without provocation, Dion agrees to visit Whit's End with Buck. While there, he gets in trouble with Whit for threatening another boy and leaves in a huff. Whit expresses his concern regarding Buck's new choice of friends and Buck promises to talk to Dion.

At the bank, while Eugene and Landon are still working, Ms. Rankin rushes in to reveal that $500 has been moved fraudulently from an account and seemingly disappeared. They all agree to shut the system down overnight, ostensibly for maintenance, in hopes of having discovered the perpetrator by the next morning.

Later that day, Eugene and Buck discuss his work on the case (in broad and confidential terms). Buck suggests that the hacker might actually be someone working from the inside pretending that they were an outsider. When Eugene returns to the bank, he discovers that a bank employee has been using an external device on their computer around the same time that money goes missing. The computer turns out to be one shared by various employees that is not allocated to any individual. Ms. Rankin tracks down the logins on that computer and they decide to watch security footage of the times surrounding logins when money went missing.

Buck expresses his concern for Dion and advises him to change his life, insinuating that he has big plans which Dion (and his gang) can figure into. Dion agrees to meet Buck at the bowling alley in two days.

#779: “A Big Commitment”

The first scene opens as Whit walks into Whit's End after another

Odyssey Business Association meeting and tells Connie that Whit's End is going to be the center of the Let's Get Together Festival, and that he wants Connie to do a Candid Conversations broadcast for the festival. Connie tells Whit that she is already feeling left out by Penny, and tells him that Wooton is bulldozing his house. In the next scene, Eugene walks into Detective Davidson's office, who is reviewing the security tapes. They see Vince King enter the office, and right after, Vance also comes in. In the later video, Vince bends down to do something with the port for the flash drive. Right after Vince leaves, Vance also messes with the ports for the computer. Landon decides to get a search warrant for the Kings. But he warns Eugene that if they don't have the right suspect, the real thief will steal all of the bank's money and run. In the next scene, Wooton and Penny are meeting with David and Eva Parker. They start talking about commitment, which leads into Penny saying that commitment doesn't mean anything to a lot of people. In the next scene, Landon goes to the King's house with a search warrant for any computer equipment on the property. In the next scene, Connie is broadcasting about the Let's Get Together festival, and flies off the handle about Wooton and Penny leaving her out of their lives. She goes to commercial, and Whit comes in and tells her that it doesn't have to be this way. He tells her that she doesn't have to stop being friends with Wooton and Penny. He tells her to talk to them, and she tells Whit that she is so fearful of being abandoned. At the police office, Eugene and Landon are looking at the drives they got from the King's house, Where Eugene has found a program on a drive that creates a perfect copy of his system, and behind the fake system, the program is stealing money. The other flash drive that appears to be empty, is actually a ghost bank account that can be used to transfer the money. Landon goes into the interview room while Eugene watches behind a two-way mirror. Vince denies everything at first, so Landon suggests they go look at the security videos together. At Connie and Penny's house, Penny is telling Connie about her similarities and differences circles she has made for her and Wooton. Connie asks what about the people who aren't married, and Penny tells Connie that they are friends no matter what because she is committed. She says that she's commited, even though some people aren't. She recalls a past experience where someone didn't stay commited to her before Wooton. Connie asks what happened, and Penny says that what she never explained what brought her to Odyssey is what happened. At the police station, Landon has Vince completely pegged. Vance wants a lawyer, and Landon leaves to let father and son talk. Behind the two-way mirror, Eugene watches the exchange as Landon joins him. Vance announces he knows that they are watching, and Vince says that if Vance stole the money, then he needs to fess up. Vance yells that Landon can come back in, and when he does, Vance tells him that he was taking a flash drive out, and not putting it in. He copied the files to see what Vince was doing. Vance completely squeals on Vince, and tells Landon all about his dad's sceme, and tells Landon that Vince was actually also stealing from his loan customers. At Hal's Diner, Penny tells Wooton how she came to Odyssey. She tells Wooton about a guy named Devon that she was going to marry. She and Devon went to the same college because they were going to get married. There were winter jobs that Penny worked in Odyssey, and Devon went to visit his family. He called her on the phone from the other side of the country and told her he wasn't coming back. Penny tells Wooton is was a terrible pain, and she doesn't want it to happen again. Wooton holds her hand and tells her he's committed. He says he believes that "I do" is something he says every day for the rest of their lives, not just on the wedding day. At Whit's End, Landon and Eugene are telling Whit that Vince has been convicted and will go to court. Landon tells Eugene that he would like to work with him on another case sometime, and Eugene says that all Landon has to do is ask.

#780: “Dinner Roll Models”

The first scene opens with David and Eva at the breakfast table, calling for their kids to come out or they'll be late for school. Olivia runs in and says that she's helping Mr. Whittaker with the Let's Get Together festival, and says that she thinks that her family should try to be better role models. She lists of a few things to do better and then immidiatly does the opposite to Matthew and Camilla as they rush to get ready for school. Camilla mentions that Buck is coming over for dinner that night, and Eva realizes that Wooton and Penny are coming over for dinner as well. Matthew is worried because Buck has been hanging around Vance's gang, and says he wants to talk to Buck about it. Camilla begs him not to, because they want to concentrate all their efforts on being the perfect family.

At Whit's End, Wooton walks in and Whit stops him and tells him that the offer to live at Whit's house still stands. Penny walks in, and Whit tells her that she's just in time to see the grand unveiling of Wooton's studio that Whit made in the building. Whit says he still wants to do a display of Wooton's Sleuth Family Robinson comics. Whit leads them to the room, and Wooton is speechless. It is a replica of his old studio, based off of pictures from a newspaper article of Wooton from a long time ago. Wooton thanks Whit and immediately wants to get started on the comic. Whit leaves, but Penny stays, and wants to help Wooton with the comic. Wooton doesn't need her to do anything, and Penny thinks that Wooton is brushing her off and leaves, offended. Back at the Parker's house, Eva is making pizza, and Olivia and Camilla think that pizza is not special enough, they want salad, tell Matthew not to talk to Buck about Vance, and are generally fussy. Later, the doorbell rings, and Olivia and Camilla rush to answer it. They open it to David, who forgot his house keys, and tripped over the kid's bikes in the driveway. Buck suddenly arrives behind David, because he got lost looking for the right house. Olivia and Camilla immediately change their attitudes to make a good impression, and David stops them by sending all three to the kitchen, and then telling Olivia and Camilla to get their bikes out of the driveway. The doorbell rings again, and this time, it's Wooton and Penny. Penny hints that she has a lot to talk about. The family and guests sit down at the dinner table, and Olivia and Camilla are still having 'perfect' attitudes for their 'perfect' family. David asks Penny to pray, and she declines. Buck then offers to pray. He does, and Eva asks where he learned it. Buck says Mr. Skint taught it to him, when they were scamming people who expected them to pray. Matthew tries to ask Buck about Vance, and is immediately silenced by Olivia and Camilla. Then, they begin the meal. Buck makes the mistake of asking for water, Camilla and Olivia fight over who gets to pour it. The entire pitcher spills directly onto Wooton, and Eva helps clean him up. Matthew tries again to ask Buck about Vance's gang, is silenced by Olivia and Camilla, then blurts out his question. Olivia and Camilla apologize for Matthew, but Buck answers and says he figures that he'd rather have them for friends than enemies. Silence follows, and then Penny mentions Wooton's studio and says she feels like she's been banned from the studio. David says they can talk about it later, and Camilla begins asking Buck about his life before Odyssey. He declines, but she asks him again, and then her and Olivia start arguing about pressure. Later, still at the Parker's house, Camilla and Olivia are saying good-bye to Buck, and he leaves. They close the door and begin arguing about why Buck left early. Eva tells them that they can't fake being a perfect family, and they need to look at their own problems, and not blame each other. She then sets the kids to hand washing the dishes. Eva leaves to go join David, Wooton, and Penny in the family room. In the family room, Penny says she's been thinking about compatibility. She asks if they have to be exactly the same, and David says no. They give some examples about being incompatible, and Penny mentions her earlier problem of not wanting to pray out loud. She worries that she and Wooton are not spiritually compatible at all. In the kitchen, Olivia stops Matthew and Camilla for a moment. She apologizes for trying to make them a perfect family, and says that she messed it all up. She offers to help Matthew put the dishes away, and Camilla says she will too. Later, at Whit's End, Wooton comes in after closing time and asks if it's too late to use the studio. Whit says he can use it whenever, and asks if something is wrong. Wooton says that Penny thinks they shouldn't get married. Wooton doesn't know if they are spiritually compatible either. Whit suggests talking to Eugene, and Wooton says he will, but he's afraid it's over.

#781: “Out of the Woods”

Early in the morning, at Connie's house, Penny asks Connie if two people love each other but still are wrong for each other. Connie says yes, and then Penny is worried that she and Wooton are spiritually incompatible, mentioning the incident yesterday about declining to pray aloud. Connie is confused about why Penny and Wooton are spiritually incompatible, and Penny tells Connie that she actually doesn't like the church they currently go to, she doesn't like to lead Bible study or pray out loud, or tell people about Jesus the way her friends do. Connie suddenly realizes she is late for work, and leaves in a rush.

Later, Buck is at school, when Dion comes up to him, and tells Buck that Vance is keeping a low profile due to his father being arrested. Buck and Vance's gang have a meeting scheduled at the bowling alley, and Dion warns Buck to 'make it good'. Eugene is working on the communication display for the Let's Get Together festival, and Detective Polehaus comes by to see it. Eugene has borrowed all kinds of high-tech gear from Jason Whittaker for the display. Detective Polehaus says he may need these items, he announces to Eugene that Buck is taking over Vance's gang.

Penny is at the art gallery, when a man comes in with a question about where the nearest gas station is. Penny interrupts him by thinking aloud about her problem with Wooton. She doesn't think about faith the way other people do, she thinks in terms of colors and shading, art. The confused man agrees with her for the sake of getting directions, and leaves after Penny directs him to the gas station.

At the bowling alley, Buck tells the gang about his plan, after asking for assurance that Vance has nothing to do with this. He suggests that they rig the festival games so that the players are duped, they can't ever win. This will pull in a lot of money for the gang. Dion calls Vance in, who was listening over at the counter. Vance says he's impressed, then reprimands his gang for having a discussion in such an open place, anyone could have been listening, just like he was. He says to continue this discussion at the duck pond in Mcallister Park, at eight o' clock that night.

Later, Eugene comes into Wooton's studio at Whit's End, because Wooton asked for his help. Eugene mentions that he will have a conflict with Katrina over Buck's latest actions, and Wooton asks how they work things like that out. Eugene replies that they talk it out, and when he wasn't a Christian but Katrina was, they ended the relationship. Wooton is discouraged; he is wondering if he and Penny are truly spiritually incompatible. Eugene suggests they be clear about where they are incompatible.

In his studio at Whit's End, Wooton is trying to make progress on the Sleuth Family Robinson, when he gets a call from Penny, who asks him to take her to a meadow. At the meadow, Penny says there is a church here, she has been coming after the Sunday service in Odyssey, for the Sunday afternoon service here. They go inside the church, Penny says she feels closest to God here. She likes the stained-glass windows, candles, a carved alter, and pews with kneelers. The Odyssey church has chairs, screens, bright lights. Penny says she likes the Odyssey church, because she likes Wooton. But she is worried that people think she isn't a Christian because she doesn't go to the church that everyone else does. Wooton assures her this is not the case, and Penny says she is indeed a Christian, and loves Jesus with all of her heart, and this old church helps her worship Him. Wooton asks if this is where she wants to get married, and she says yes. She says she should have told Wooton, but this was her special, private place. She wouldn't share it with anyone but the one she truly loves, and she shared it with Wooton.

At the duck pond, Vance and Buck meet up. Vance wants to know why Buck is weaseling his way into the gang. Buck asks why meet him here, Vance threatens that his boys are hiding in the trees. Vance says that his gang wants to be led, because Vance is where the power is. All Vance has to do is whistle, and his gang will come out and beat Buck up. Buck takes the challenge, and says "Then do it. Whistle." Vance whistles, and Detective Polehaus and Eugene come out of the bushes. They have recorded the conversation and taken videos, for evidence against Vance. Detective Polehaus leads Vance away, Buck and Eugene stay behind. Eugene says to not sneak around his back again, Buck promises that he won't, but it was a setup the whole time, and Buck knew what Vance was going to do. Eugene suggests they go home to explain everything to Katrina, and Buck says "It's not her anger I'm afraid of... it's her disappointment." Eugene assures Buck that he is no disappointment, and they go home.

#782: “Let’s Get Together”

Album #60: Head Over Heels

#783: “Words from the Wise”

Wooton and Penny are at the airport in Pittsburgh. Wooton goes over the notes about Penny's family one more time, written on his arms, wrists, and ankles. Penny's mother, father and her sister Charlotte come up from the short-term parking and Wooton is immediately pressured by Elinor into getting highlights for his hair. Then he accidentally brings up the measles epidemic and Charlotte goes into a rant while Frank reminisces about the airport before the remodel.

In the next scene, the family has just finished dinner, but Charlotte is not there because of her job. Penny's parents talk about Charlotte for a bit, and then tell Penny to take Wooton for a walk after Wooton reveals he writes comic books. They go outside and Wooton asks Penny why she is acting so strange. She says she's afraid her parents won't think she's ready to get married, while they compare her to Charlotte, 'Miss spoonful of sugar'. She says that she did a painting for her parents and they hung it in their closet behind her mother's bathrobe collection. Wooton tells Penny she is the greatest person he has ever met, and says to leave the talking to him.

Later, Wooton is wearing aluminum foils as he gets his hair dyed. Eleanor tells Wooton that Penny was going to take over the family hair salon, and Wooton tells Eleanor that Penny is very responsible, and great at budgeting, and punctual, and tells her that there is nothing to worry about. He makes Penny sound like an extremely organized person, and then Penny bursts in and tells her mother that she was parking and broke the mirror on her Dad's new car. In the next scene, Charlotte and her father are also there, and Penny insists that she will take the car to an auto shop in the strip mall the next day, and also insists that she take her parents to dinner and pay for it. She wants to go to a really fancy restaurant, and her parents agree. Wooton hints he wants to talk to her parents about something, anyway.

At the French restaurant, Wooton and Penny arrive early, and debate about when to tell her parents that they are getting married. Then Penny worries that she doesn't know the etiquette for a fancy restaurant, because she wants to make a responsible impression on her parents. Wooton gives her his phone and tells her there's an app for etiquette, she just has to excuse herself and ask the app what to do. Her parents arrive, and they begin ordering. Penny has to excuse herself several times to ask the app things, while her parents boast about Charlotte's sophistication. Later, during the meal, Eleanor asks if Penny is all right, because she keeps excusing herself. Then, Penny cuts herself with her knife and drops it, and the whole family chimes in with advice. Penny explodes and blurts out that she and Wooton are getting married and that she doesn't want expert advice.

At their house, Frank tells Wooton and Penny that they can't get married, and Wooton bursts with some anger and tells them that Penny is quirky but he loves her. He calms down and Frank tells Wooton that Penny seemed to be acting different around him because he was changing her. Penny then admits that she is acting different to impress her parents. Her parents say that while Penny is not around, they brag on her to guests and pull out the painting she did when guests come over. They were worried that the painting would get stolen. Eleanor tells Penny that she is happy with Penny because she is Penny. Frank says the same to both his daughters. Frank then tells Wooton he and Penny can get married because Wooton loves Penny for who she is. They then ask Wooton and Penny to re-enact the proposal, so Wooton gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring, asking Penny to marry him. He got the ring at the strip mall while the car was being fixed. She says yes.

#785: “No Cause for Concern”

The episode opens with Penny and Jacques Henri at the art gallery, organizing paintings. Jacques teases Penny about being in love, and then Detective Polehaus walks in. He asks to talk alone with Penny and tells her that he has always had a soft spot for pathetic cases, and therefore he is telling her that a man came into the station asking about Penny's connection to Dr. Trask and the Green Ring Conspiracy, and that the strange man got a copy of all of Penny's criminal history from the county courthouse. Detective Polehaus was not on duty when it happened, and he has no clue who it was.

At the college bookstore, Penny is looking at books with Connie. Connie asks what Penny is going to do, and Penny replies she is going to use it as 'fodder for her pre-marital counseling homework'. As in, she is going to practice assuming the best. For example, she says, she gets a call that Wooton has to work late, and so she is going to assume it is for a good reason, instead of thinking that Wooton doesn't have time for her. She says that whoever was looking at her criminal records probably had a good reason. They get to the checkout counter, and the checkout lady comments that she is an assistant to the dean of the art department, Penny's old job. The lady says that someone was asking about Penny the day before. She didn't know the name, but the person wanted to know everything possible about Penny. The description of him was about six feet, curly red hair, brown eyes, and a sharp chin. Both Penny and Connie realize it must have been Wooton.

At the park, Penny worries to Connie why in the world Wooton would want her public records. She wonders if he doesn't trust her, or if he thinks that she's actually a counterfeiter. Connie reminds Penny about assuming the best. Penny then decides that Wooton is perhaps putting together a special wedding gift, and he needs to know details that she hasn't told him. She decides she needs to tell him if he wants to know.

At Hal's Diner, Penny and Wooton are waiting to order breakfast, and Penny inquires about what super-personal things about her Wooton would want to know. She volunteers some information, and Wooton asks why would he need to know this stuff. Penny hints that perhaps he is working on something special, and Wooton replies that if he was she wouldn't need to tell him anything else. She gives him permission to ask anyone anything regardless, and Wooton says thank you, but he would never do that, he would ask her no matter what. Penny hints that perhaps her criminal records would need to be assessed, but Wooton denies it. They order breakfast, Penny completely bewildered.

At the art gallery, Jacques is comparing a painting of a rock and a flower to Wooton and Penny. He says Wooton is solid and unflakeable, especially when he came in earlier that day to pick up Penny's employment history. Penny assumes this is for a good reason, and Jacques says that Wooton said it was for their marriage license. Penny says they got their marriage license a week before, and that employment records are not required to get one in the first place. She begins to wonder if Wooton is lying to her. She walks out of the gallery, intent on confronting Wooton. At the library, Penny completely startles Wooton by coming in on him. He is standing in the checkout line and he hides the books that he is holding under the counter, and she asks what they are. He pulls them out and shows her that they are paintings by Claude Lorrain, Penny's favorite artist. He says that they are needed for her special surprise. He apologizes for being so secretive. She says she likes surprises for good things; then, she wonders how to prove she believes the best about him before asking a question that sounds like she doesn't. He says go ahead, and she asks why he needed her employment history. He says he didn't, and that Jaque must be mistaken because he would never go behind her back and do something like that. She asks about the criminal records, and he says he wouldn't look at those either. As they are talking the librarian ushers them up to check out, and asks if Wooton found everything he was looking for in the newspaper archive. He replies that he wasn't in the newspaper archive, and the librarian replies that she helped Wooton log in because he was looking for information on Penny Wise. He denies it, and the librarian says that it must have been someone who looks and sounds just like Wooton. Wooton gets out of line, and then pulls out his cell phone and dials a number. A cell phone begins ringing in the library, and Wooton begins chasing the sound, Penny on his tail. They come upon Wellington!

Wooton demands to know what Wellington is doing there, while Penny marvels how identical they are. Wellington confirms every accusation, wanting to talk to Wooton alone. Penny leaves to go find Connie, and Wellington takes Wooton across the street to a bistro to talk. Meanwhile, Penny and Connie are planning the wedding. Connie asks why in the world Penny is nervous, and Penny replies that wouldn't Connie be nervous if her fiance's twin brother was looking for any scrap of information he could use to break up the relationship? Connie says yes, but that Wooton would always give Penny the benefit of the doubt. Penny says that yes, Connie is right, and they go back to planning the wedding.

At the bistro, Wooton tells Wellington that he didn't tell Wooton about anything he didn't already know. Wellington accuses Penny of being a gold-digger. Wellington says that a private detective had been hired to investigate Penny after the engagement had been announced. Wellington tells Wooton that Penny's other fiance, Devon, was wealthy, and then says that after they broke up, she cozied up to Dr. Trask, and then to Wooton. Wooton completely denies it. He says he could see how it would look that way, but Wellington doesn't actually know Penny. Wellington pinpoints everything that has happened thus far, and Wooton doesn't know what to say, but still denies it. Wellington pulls out an envelope and tells Wooton to open it after he leaves.

Later, Penny and Wooton are looking at the envelope Wellington gave him. It contains Penny's credit report and all the debt that she has. Penny says she is glad she already told Wooton about it, otherwise it would have been a real bombshell. He promises that they can work together to pay it off, and says he knows Penny is not marrying him for money. She thanks him for thinking the best of her. She says that because she loves him, she has told him about the things she is ashamed of, like her debt. Penny asks if Wellington will change his mind when he finds out. "Of course I won't change my mind!" Wellington says. He admits that he is impressed with the way that Wooton and Penny are sticking to each other, he says he'll inform the family, and not to expect any of the Bassett family to come to the wedding. Penny kindly invites Wellington and his family to come to the wedding. He says he'll think about it, and leaves.

Penny and Wooton are sitting looking at a book, reminiscing. Connie walks up and asks what it is, and Penny replies that it is her wedding present, a graphic novel about Penny and Wooton's relationship. Connie complains that it is way too early to do that, and Wooton admits he was too excited to wait. Penny asks Wooton about one thing that she doesn't know about him, and he replies that he is creeped out by bald guys that have hair plugs because they remind him of a chia pet. Penny remarks that she loves the way Wooton's pupils jiggle when he stares into her eyes, and they begin giggling as she compares his pupils to Jell-O.

#787: “Between the Lines, Part 1”

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#788: “Between the Lines, Part 2”

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