Words from the Wise

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#783: “Words from the Wise”
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60: Head Over Heels
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Psalm 139:14

14I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

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Words from the Wise

“Words from the Wise” is episode #783 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Kathy Buchanan, and originally aired on March 5, 2016.


Wooton travels to Pittsburgh with his new fiancée Penny to meet her family. While there, Wooton discovers that his future in-laws have serious concerns about the upcoming wedding.


Wooton and Penny are at the airport in Pittsburgh. Wooton goes over the notes about Penny's family one more time, written on his arms, wrists, and ankles. Penny's mother, father and her sister Charlotte come up from the short-term parking and Wooton is immediately pressured by Elinor into getting highlights for his hair. Then he accidentally brings up the measles epidemic and Charlotte goes into a rant while Frank reminisces about the airport before the remodel.

In the next scene, the family has just finished dinner, but Charlotte is not there because of her job. Penny's parents talk about Charlotte for a bit, and then tell Penny to take Wooton for a walk after Wooton reveals he writes comic books. They go outside and Wooton asks Penny why she is acting so strange. She says she's afraid her parents won't think she's ready to get married, while they compare her to Charlotte, 'Miss spoonful of sugar'. She says that she did a painting for her parents and they hung it in their closet behind her mother's bathrobe collection. Wooton tells Penny she is the greatest person he has ever met, and says to leave the talking to him.

Later, Wooton is wearing aluminum foils as he gets his hair dyed. Eleanor tells Wooton that Penny was going to take over the family hair salon, and Wooton tells Eleanor that Penny is very responsible, and great at budgeting, and punctual, and tells her that there is nothing to worry about. He makes Penny sound like an extremely organized person, and then Penny bursts in and tells her mother that she was parking and broke the mirror on her Dad's new car. In the next scene, Charlotte and her father are also there, and Penny insists that she will take the car to an auto shop in the strip mall the next day, and also insists that she take her parents to dinner and pay for it. She wants to go to a really fancy restaurant, and her parents agree. Wooton hints he wants to talk to her parents about something, anyway.

At the French restaurant, Wooton and Penny arrive early, and debate about when to tell her parents that they are getting married. Then Penny worries that she doesn't know the etiquette for a fancy restaurant, because she wants to make a responsible impression on her parents. Wooton gives her his phone and tells her there's an app for etiquette, she just has to excuse herself and ask the app what to do. Her parents arrive, and they begin ordering. Penny has to excuse herself several times to ask the app things, while her parents boast about Charlotte's sophistication. Later, during the meal, Eleanor asks if Penny is all right, because she keeps excusing herself. Then, Penny cuts herself with her knife and drops it, and the whole family chimes in with advice. Penny explodes and blurts out that she and Wooton are getting married and that she doesn't want expert advice.

At their house, Frank tells Wooton and Penny that they can't get married, and Wooton bursts with some anger and tells them that Penny is quirky but he loves her. He calms down and Frank tells Wooton that Penny seemed to be acting different around him because he was changing her. Penny then admits that she is acting different to impress her parents. Her parents say that while Penny is not around, they brag on her to guests and pull out the painting she did when guests come over. They were worried that the painting would get stolen. Eleanor tells Penny that she is happy with Penny because she is Penny. Frank says the same to both his daughters. Frank then tells Wooton he and Penny can get married because Wooton loves Penny for who she is. They then ask Wooton and Penny to re-enact the proposal, so Wooton gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring, asking Penny to marry him. He got the ring at the strip mall while the car was being fixed. She says yes.

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Role Voice Actor
Wooton Bassett Jess Harnell
Penny Wise Kimmy Robertson
Eleanor Wise Carol Mansell
Frank Wise Victor Brandt
Charlotte Wise Renee Faia



Penny Wise: Guys STOP! I don't want to hear anymore expert advice, I'm fine! All I wanted was to eat a nice dinner at a nice place where we could let you know we're getting married and hey, how about YOU BLESS IT!!
Eleanor Wise: You know, I think we should go.
Frank Wise: Yes, we can talk about this at home.
Wooton Bassett: Check please!