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Hadley Bassett
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See Bassett family

He's Wooton's second cousin twice removed. His parents are Milt and Wanda. He has a relative named Mod Collins who owns a radish farm outside Kansas City. He spent a couple summers with her.


He creates chaos with some "force of his personality". He is very clumsy. He has trouble with taking responsibility for his actions. He is a bad businessman.


  • He is fascinated with Wooton's comics.
  • He went fishing with Wooton when they were 12.
  • Wooton called him the comic relief.
  • He tried to adjust the spray to mist in Wooton's shower, causing it to leak, because it wasn't an adjustable shower head.
  • He accidentally burnt down Wooton's house when he tried to smother an electrical fire with a flammable bathrobe.
  • He stole Wooton's artwork and tried to sell it to art collector Hugo Wells.
  • Wooton gave him money so he could keep his comic book shop in Alaska(the biggest and only shop in the area) open, with the condition that his mother actually run the shop.


Hadley Bassett: I found the burglar going through Wooton's desk and cabinets.
Don Polehaus : Going through it how?
Hadley Bassett: Rifling through the draws and compartments in an urgent but orderly manner.
Don Polehaus : Uh-huh. Then what did you do?
Hadley Bassett: I shouted something like, "Hey, stop that!" or "Put that down!" Or I might have just—AHHHH!!!

#757: “The Ties That Bind, Part 7”

Wooton Bassett: You're just in time, Hadley! Breakfast is served!
Hadley Bassett: Waffles?
Wooton Bassett: Mmm...kinda. They started off as waffles, but turned into something that looked more like yellow pancakes. Just smother it in syrup and you'll never know the difference.
Hadley Bassett: Thanks.

#753: “The Ties That Bind, Part 3”

Wooton Bassett: Hadley, I am so relieved that you can't be here and online at the same time.
Hadley Bassett: Me too! I have enough trouble being one place at a time.
Wooton Bassett: Yeah, I noticed that.

#762: “The Ties That Bind, Part 12”

Hadley Bassett: I'm Milt and Wanda's boy; I think I'm a...second cousin twice removed.
Penny Bassett: Removed from what?
Hadley Bassett: Civilization, mostly...

#752: “The Ties That Bind, Part 2”

Wooton Bassett: Do you hear that Perilous Pen? No snooping around!
Hadley Bassett: You realize you've now challenged the Perilous Pen to find out more?
Wooton Bassett: I did? Uh-oh. Is it to late to retract that?
Hadley Bassett: Yes!
Wooton Bassett: Oops.

#753: “The Ties That Bind, Part 3”

Hadley Bassett: This is an amazing computer room. It reminds me of the one in Captain Absolutely!
Wooton Bassett: Oh, yeah, this was the inspiration!
Hadley Bassett: And I’m standing right in the middle of it. Can I take a picture?
Eugene Meltsner: If you must.
Hadley Bassett: Great! I’d like that one over there, of Whit with the President. It’s got a cool frame!
Eugene Meltsner: You’re very literal-minded, aren’t you?
Hadley Bassett: I’ve always thought of myself as a conservative…

#762: “The Ties That Bind, Part 12”


Hadley Bassett is voiced by Chad Doreck, has appeared in 10 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 86.8%.

Hadley Bassett has been mentioned in 3 episodes.