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Morrie Rydell
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He has an adopted Japanese sister Suzu Rydell. His father was an ambassador to the United States stationed in Asia.


Morrie is shown to be incredibly brilliant, but he seems to have some secret, unknown agenda in Odyssey. While most of the incidents he's pulled off have been harmless, he seems to have some malevolent reason for testing the intelligence of the citizens of Odyssey, Matthew Parker and Emily Jones being the primary targets thus far.


Before moving to Odyssey, Morrie went to an overseas school that posted their election results online. He was a campaign manager twice and got both of his candidates elected in landslide victories. His sister also mentioned an incident where things went "awry", which may have been the reason their family moved to Odyssey.

He makes his debut in #802: “Parker for President”, in which he turns the Parker siblings against each other, then secretly starts a write-in campaign for Emily which gets her elected as school president.

In #804: “The Key Suspect”, Suzu suspects that Morrie maybe behind the events in the episode and gotten Dion to take the fall for it by blackmailing him but she isn't able to prove it, clearing her of any involvement in the scheme.

#833: “The Secret of the Writer's Ruse” establishes that Morrie is capable of convincing Whit and Eugene into creating a mystery for Matthew and Emily to see if they can solve it and tests whether they can see past him. The episode also establishes that Morrie is either writing down his "scheme" for his personal documentation or is communicating with someone who he might be working with about his activities in Odyssey. Whit also suspects he has some agenda.


Olivia Parker: So what do the band members want?
Morrie Rydell: Well, their number one concern is getting new uniforms.
Olivia Parker: You mean those hats with the giant feather dusters in them?
Morrie Rydell: I wouldn't refer to them as that, but yes.
Olivia Parker: Oh. Okay, well, anything else?
Morrie Rydell: They want more respect.
Olivia Parker: Well, then, maybe they should rethink the giant feather dusters.

#802: “Parker for President”

Morrie Rydell: Hey! Great job on that locker mystery today, sis! You showed everybody how good of a detective you are.
Suzu Rydell: Morrie, why do you suppose someone would open lockers for three nights but only steal on the third?
Morrie Rydell: Uhh… hum. Beats me.
Suzu Rydell: <exhales> And I heard someone left a poetic clue for Emily Jones. It’s too clever for Dion; who would do such a thing, and why?
Morrie Rydell: Maybe… someone was trying to throw Emily and Matthew off the trail somehow.
Suzu Rydell: Or onto one. I have been thinking: there seems to be a number of puppet strings here, strings left dangling. A great deal can be learned from examining a person’s possessions, don’t you think? But what could be done with such knowledge?
Morrie Rydell: Well, people’s secrets are… powerful things.
Suzu Rydell: Perhaps a secret is what kept Dion from protesting that he was accused unjustly.
Morrie Rydell: What are you getting at, sis?
Suzu Rydell: Morrie, please tell me you had nothing to do with the locker incident at school.
Morrie Rydell: Alright. I’ll tell you that.
Suzu Rydell: We don’t want things to… go awry again? I want to do what is right, for our new friends, for our family.
Morrie Rydell: Don’t worry. Everything’s good. ’Night.
Suzu Rydell: Good night, Morrie.

#804: “The Key Suspect”

Morrie Rydell: So let me ask you: is everything the drama club did, and that Olivia did, and what she didn’t do; is all of that … good?
Suzu Rydell: Well, I suppose … yes.
Morrie Rydell: Then instead of being suspicious of your brother, why can’t you think of him as someone who brings out the good in people?
Suzu Rydell: Then, the answer is “yes.” You did have something to do with this.
Morrie Rydell: <beat> Good night, sis’.
Suzu Rydell: Good night, Morrie.

#853: “The Good in People”

Olivia Parker: Good grief, Morrie! Don't sneak around like that.
Morrie Rydell: I wasn't sneaking! I just walked up.
Olivia Parker: Well, walk louder! You scared me.

#853: “The Good in People”

Morrie Rydell: Are you sure he wasn't just stringing you along?
Olivia Parker: Mr. Whittaker wouldn't be so cruel...but someone is.

#853: “The Good in People”

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  • His last name is a reconstruction of the word "riddle." (Official Podcast 305)
  • His first name is a reference to Professor Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes' arch-nemesis


Morrie Rydell is voiced by Atticus Shaffer, has appeared in 8 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 86.4%.