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Eugene Meltsner
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Eugene Meltsner is a major character in Adventures in Odyssey, voiced by Will Ryan. A long-time employee at Whit's End, Eugene is the local "genius", possessing a reputation for erudition and a fondness for trivia. His most distinctive feature as a character is his unusual and remarkable pattern of speech, almost always utilizing the most complex sentence structure, extensive vocabulary and esoteric technical terminology possible to explain any idea on any occasion. (He may be considered a caricature of Asperger syndrome: absolute uncompromising technical knowledge, efficiency and competence at the expense of personal and social graces.) (On a side note, Eugene has difficulty with driving, which is something that people with autism can struggle with.) Major plot arcs involving Eugene include his conversion to Christianity, his courtship, engagement, and marriage to Katrina Shanks and the search for his father.

Eugene first entered Odyssey in the episode #51: “Connie, Part 1”, after Connie Kendall, a Whit's End employee, went to California. After a rather confusing introduction, Eugene was hired, and stayed on even after Connie's return. He attended Campbell County Community College, and eventually became a professor of computer science (#697: “A Penny Earned”) and chemistry (#729: “No Chemistry Whatsoever”). He volunteers at the local library on occasions. He finally became a Christian when he felt an incredible sense of loss when Regis Blackgaard was taking over Whit's End during #330: “The Time Has Come”. Although their relationship was rough, he finally married his sweetheart Katrina Shanks—first at her father's deathbed (#484: “Plan B, Part 1: Missing in Action”), and again for all their friends in Odyssey (#571: “For Better or For Worse, Part 2”).

Eugene disappeared from Odyssey for a great deal of time, spanning from #484: “Plan B, Part 1: Missing in Action” to #564: “A Most Intriguing Question”, in which he made a rather unusual entrance back into the world of Odyssey. (The episodes in which he appeared during Will Ryan's time off the show were clipped together from other episodes.) While continuing work for the National Institute of Health on the radio wave study, he accidentally wiped his memory of everything that happened in Odyssey. Frustrated at the failure of Whit's attempts to use the Imagination Station to restore his memory, Eugene—against the advice of his friends—overloaded his mind with the memories of Connie, Katrina, and Bernard Walton, which Whit had programmed into the Imagination Station, and prayed with Whit immediately afterwards when he was distraught that it did not work. A flood of memories overcame him after this, and in the end, Whit — though acknowledging that the Imagination Station may have played a small role — gave the credit to God.

While Eugene and Katrina were hiding from Andromeda, they traveled to Africa to build communication equipment for a remote village. Their adventures in Africa resulted in Eugene coming into contact with his father, Leonard Meltsner, whom he thought to be dead. He also discovered that he has a brother still living, Everett Meltsner, who was kidnapped from his father by his father's nemesis, Dalton Kearn, at age two. Dalton was ultimately brought down by Eugene and his friends in the episodes entitled #611: “The Top Floor”.

After being dive-bombed by birds who wanted his hair for their nests, Eugene finally got a haircut in #660: “For the Birds”. But listeners still have one question: "How could Eugene see through all that hair?"

During The Green Ring Conspiracy, Eugene and Katrina met 14-year-old Buck Oliver, a young con artist with a good heart. After Buck spent time in Juvenile Hall, Eugene and Katrina took Buck into their household as their foster son.


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Eugene's mother, Thelma, died in Africa and his father, Leonard, is still alive serving as a missionary in Africa along with Eugene's younger brother Everett. His grandfather was Hiram Meltsner; unfortunately, he has also passed away. Eugene was raised by his foster parents: Frank and Maddie Burnette. Eugene is married to Katrina Meltsner; in To Mend or Repair, they discover that they are unable to have children. They are Buck Oliver's foster parents. Eugene is Bernard Walton's cousin.



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  • "The time has come."
  • "To borrow the colloquialism..."
  • "Has anyone seen my keys?"
  • "Greetings and Salutations!"
  • "It is I, Eugene!"

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Ukulele Jam!

These are the episodes that feature Eugene's ukelele, and the songs that are played in them.

#101: “Scattered Seeds” : Oh! Susanna

#158: “A Day in the Life”: Sumer is Icumen In

#215: “Caroling, Caroling” : Seasonal Felicitations

#276: “Third Degree”: The Blue Danube

#383: “B-TV: Thanks” : I'm Glad I'm Me (sung by Harlow Doyle)

#387: “New Year's Eve Live!” : Out with the Old Year; Annum Novum

#434: “B-TV: Redeeming the Season” : The Holly and the Ivy; O Tannenbaum; Silent Night

#572: “Odyssey Sings!” : Red River Valley; Have You Ever Been to Odyssey?

#675: “A Thankstaking Story” : Good News, Bad News; Thanksgiving Day


Eugene Meltsner has appeared in 311 episodes, has been voiced by 3 actors, and has received an average user rating of 90.3%.

All (311)  · Will Ryan (1988-2020)  · Shane Baumel (2007)  · John Charles Morris (2006)  · Videos (16)

Eugene Meltsner has been mentioned in 67 episodes.

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