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#572: “Odyssey Sings!”
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Odyssey Sings!
“Odyssey Sings!” is episode #572 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by John Fornof and Marshal Younger, and originally aired on July 9, 2005.


When America Sings! comes to Odyssey, many hopeful singers line up to audition.



The ever popular TV show “America Sings!” is coming to Odyssey, and the town is abuzz! This could be everyone's chance to be famous and get on television. All they have to do is sing a song.

Disappointment hits, however, when they find Cryin’ Bryan Dern to be a judge! Throughout the auditions, various people - in an attempt to be seen on TV - audition for Bryan Dern, Walter Shakespeare, and Mr. Tuttle. Dern is his usual tactless self, and many of the townspeople are discouraged by his comments and “quick quacking.”

In the end, however, the locals decide to have their own talent show in the Little Theater. As they do so, Mr. Tuttle walks by in time to hear Eugene playing and singing. He bursts through the doors and offers Eugene a recording contract. After a meeting, Eugene turns him down. He doesn’t feel Mr. Tuttle’s business practices are anything he’d care to sign his name to. Plus, he feels that his friends in Odyssey are far more important than worldly fame any day.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Should Tamika have thought that the compliments from Whit, Connie, and Wooton were less meaningful than Bryan Dern's compliment?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Bart Rathbone Walker Edmiston
Bryan Dern Corey Burton
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan
Grandma Dern Unknown
Harlow Doyle Will Ryan
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Mr. Tuttle Jess Harnell
Murray Bob Hoose
Officer Stew Burke Marshal Younger
Tamika Washington Courtney Brown
Walter Shakespeare Corey Burton
Wooton Bassett Jess Harnell
Mr. Dee Unknown

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Marvin Washington Tamika Washington
Nick Mulligan John Whittaker
Bernard Walton Eugene Meltsner
Tom Riley Eugene Meltsner
Jack Allen Eugene Meltsner
Joanne Woodston-Allen Eugene Meltsner


VERSION DIFFERENCE: [view] Early versions of this episode featured, in the wraps, Chris telling listeners about Eugene Sings!, and more singing from Eugene.




Wooton Bassett: February is my seventh favorite month!

Bryan Dern: Were you singing, or were you trying to hail a cab in rhinoceros language?!

Bryan Dern: Iiiiincredible! My ears haven't hurt this bad since I got my head stuck in the elevator door!

Connie Kendall: Why did you have to pick a judge who was so quick to quack?
Bryan Dern: I admit, I'm a quick quacker.

Bryan Dern: Can we move on now? I have a root canal I'd like to get to.

Bart Rathbone: <singing> Electric Palace doo-dah song a-doo-dah...

Murray: And the name of our next town is...<throws dart>
Mr. Dee: Ow!

Mr. Tuttle: Our next contestant is Harlow Doyle.
Harlow Doyle: My card, my card, here's a twenty, heh, heh ran out of cards.

Cryin' Bryan Dern: Rathbone! What are you doing?!
Bart Rathbone: <in Joe Smith voice> How did you know it was me? <normal voice> Ahem, ahah, AHEM, AHAH! How did you know it was me?
Cryin' Bryan Dern: Your fake goatee fell off!
Bart Rathbone: Ohhhh.

Bart Rathbone: What about you? Did you like it?
Shakespeare: Your intonation was really nice. Perhaps, though the song could have featured more references to love or longing or something that's not a household appliance.
Bart Rathbone: So was I bad enough to get on the T'n'V?
Brian Dern: If it was up to me, I'd put you on twice!