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This is a list of episodes currently provided by the Adventures in Odyssey team for listening.


Currently airing (5)

These five episodes have recently aired on the radio, or are about to air, and can be heard online.

On the Official Podcast (37)

These episodes are available for listening and downloading courtesy of The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast.

PopUpisodes (1)

The following episodes have been released in a video format on the podcast blog. A PopUpisode contains special, behind the scenes facts about the making of an episode.

Radio Samples (3)

The following episodes are available on Focus on the Family’s broadcast page for Adventures on Odyssey, under the “Featured Episodes” heading.

Adventures in Odyssey Club Samples (5)

The following episodes can be streamed from the Adventures in Odyssey Club homepage under the heading "Odyssey Library Samples". Click here to access them.

Semi-Free Episodes (3)

These episodes have been released for free, but they require a CBD or Focus on the Family Store account to download.