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Mandy Straussberg
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Amanda "Mandy" Straussberg is best known around Odyssey for her talent in writing stories and plays. She is best friends with Liz Horton and has an older brother, David Straussberg. Her parents separated for a time, which was hard on Mandy (the problems affecting her as far back as #580: “Tales of a Small-Town Thug”). Fortunately, they have reconciled, and now Mandy's character is back to normal. She loves to write, having written three plays put on in the Little Theater at Whit's End (#448: “Mandy's Debut”) and a play for Kids' Radio#453: “The Great Wishy Woz”.


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It was revealed in #560: “The Present Long Ago” that she will one day marry Odyssey Middle School's other top student, Trent DeWhite, as the result of Trent delivering her a valentine that was really from Max Hampton. As of #636: “A Class Reenactment”, she and Trent are only close friends, though many Odyssey characters, such as Connie, believe they're more than friends. She will have at least one child and two grandchildren, one named Brandon, and her brother-in-law upon her marriage will be Jared DeWhite. Her parents are Stephen Straussberg and Rachel Straussberg, and her brother is David Straussberg.




Mandy Straussberg has appeared in 54 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of 90%.

All (54)  · Jean Gillespie (2005)  · Aria Curzon (1998-2008)

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