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Regis Blackgaard
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Regis Blackgaard, often referenced with his proper title as Dr. Regis Blackgaard or less formally Blackgaard, is the perennial villain of Adventures in Odyssey. Voiced by Earl Boen (who also voices his identical twin brother Edwin Blackgaard), Dr. Blackgaard is a villain who has repeatedly attempted to steal computer programs or other valuable resources from the town of Odyssey for monetary gain. The name Blackgaard is clearly intended to convey the same meaning as the word blackguard.

According to his own questionable statements, he earned his preferred suffix "Dr." by obtaining a PhD in child psychology, which he claimed qualified him to establish Blackgaard's Castle, an "amusement house for kids" that competed with Whit's End. He was involved with the international terrorist organization Red Scorpion, though he later betrayed it, describing it's revolutionary goals as "petty" and indicating he never really believed in it, though the honesty of this statement is questionable. It is unclear whether he ever agreed with the goals of Red Scorpion or if he was just using them to accomplish his own completely separate objectives. He also ran for mayor of Odyssey against Tom Riley in a recall election. Behind the scenes he was always involved in some evil plot or other to destroy Whit's End and was even an accomplice to murder on some occasions.

His goals are somewhat difficult to ascertain. Jason Whittaker guessed in The Final Conflict that, "He's a meglomaniac. He just wants power and lots of money."

Famous for masterminding the tangled web of schemes surrounding the legacy of the fan-named Blackgaard saga, Dr. Blackgaard, one of the most recognizable characters in the series, has appeared in a mere 19 Adventures in Odyssey episodes, while the series has produced more than 700 to date.

Dr. Regis Blackgaard was last seen in Odyssey when he killed himself by purposely succumbing to a tunnel explosion of his own doing. His death occurred in the episode #334: “The Final Conflict” and his will was carried out in #342: “Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard”. However, Blackgaard's death is a cause of heated debate among many Odyssey fans, as there are some who refuse to believe that he is dead and demand his return to the series.

Blackgaard's last appearance was in the finale of the Blackgaard saga in episodes #424: “Blackgaard's Revenge, Part 1” & #425: “Blackgaard's Revenge, Part 2”. Blackgaard planted a virus in the Imagination Station, which would cause a character with Blackgaard's memory and personality to appear in the Station's programs. The Blackgaard virus attempted to implant Blackgaard's personality onto the brain of young Aubrey Shepard, effectively giving him a "new life". However, the virus was destroyed by Mr. Whittaker.


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Regis has a twin brother Edwin Blackgaard and his mother is still living. He mentioned a younger sister and granddaughter in A Name, Not a Number, Part 1 but this could simply be a part of his cover.



Regis Blackgaard is voiced by Earl Boen, has appeared in 19 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 93.9%.