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This article is about the saga itself. For the collection, see Novacom Saga (collection).

The Novacom saga was a major storyline of Adventures in Odyssey originally broadcast in 2000-2002. Spanning 4 albums and twenty-eight episodes, the Novacom saga is the longest running story line in the history of AIO. The saga followed the storyline of a company called Novacom bent on achieving global mind control through the conversion of brain waves to radio waves.

Album 35: The Big Picture

#457: Opportunity Knocks

An aspiring company called Novacom shows up in Odyssey, intent on broadcasting various means of entertainment. Their radio broadcast interrupts Kid's Radio's frequency, which causes Whit to register a complaint with Novacom. One of the head managers, Arthur Dent, apologizes to Whit and reveals to him during the conversation that they are looking for land to build a radio tower. Whit tells Tom this, and Tom, who’s Timothy Center is struggling financially, accepts Novacom's offer and leases some of his farm land to them.

#458: Red Herring

Alex Jefferson and Cal Jordan see Eugene in a restricted area during their tour of Campbell County Community College. They search him up on the college's website, but reach a restricted page which requires a password. Then, a computer hacker by the name of AREM pops up, gives Alex and Cal the password. They delve further into the website and read bits of information about a Radio Wave Study. The college traces the hacking to them and asks Alex and Cal to help them catch AREM, who has been hacking into the college website several times. They get no information out of AREM during their second chat, but the police manage to trace AREM to Whit's End's computer, where they find a modem attached with a transmitting and receiving device, allowing AREM to piggyback on Whit's computer and hack into the college. The modem was installed by a woman under the guise as a helpful consultant from the phone company.

#460: Nova Rising

Alex and Cal receive jobs working at "Novacom for Kids". While doing work on the Novacom website, they receive another message from AREM, who gives them a password to enter a password-protected page. They see information about the Radio Wave Study and are fired.

Album 36: Danger Signals

#462: The W. E.

Novacom opens a "Kid's Center" that causes a slow week at Whit's End. Whit thinks about changes to Whit's End and gets an offer from a Mary Hopkins to open up a Whit's End in Connellsville.

#463: Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips

A man named Robert Mitchell ("Mitch") arrives. From the public relations department of Novacom, Mitch hits it off with Connie.

#468: Chains, Part 1 & #469: Chains, Part 2

Whit moves the location of the new Whit's End to Oswald Heights. During the construction, a homeless teenager named Tony, paid by a "bald guy", breaks into Whit's office and plants a book on the bookshelf. Whit finds a camera hidden in the book.

#473: Breaking Point

Barry Muntz, a close friend of Mary Hopkins', offers to relieve some of the pressure Whit's been receiving lately by finishing the new Imagination Station. When Whit gives in, Barry steals the plans and hands them off to the "bald guy", whose plans fringe on the circuitry. Whit reveals that he intentionally left out a vital component of the technology in the plans.

Album 37: Countermoves

#478: Strange Boy in a Strange Land

Jared DeWhite meets Mandy Straussberg and Sarah Pratchett while the two girls are on a camping trip and reveals that his family is in the Witness Protection Program because his father found some scathing information about a company called Andromeda. Jared's family was moved into the WPP after Andromeda placed a book containing a hidden camera in Jared’s house. Jared's parting message, left in code: "Moved again. Beware Andromeda."

#481: Grand Opening, Part 1 & #482: Grand Opening, Part 2

The grand opening of Whit's End Connellsville is interrupted when Tony tells Whit that he sees the "bald guy" who told him to put a camera in Whit's office. Before Whit can talk to him, the bald guy disappears.
Meanwhile, AREM shows up again to show Alex and Cal that there are cameras hidden in the bookshelf. Mary Hopkins tells Whit that these were part of the plans the whole time and then takes him to a room that shows him every inch of the shop is being watched. Whit tells Connie that Andromeda owns Novacom and Andromeda are connected to the hidden cameras. Connie is concerned because Mitch works for Novacom. Whit goes to surveillance city where the cameras were bought and finds that Mitch bought them.
Whit shows Tom Riley the hidden camera and also lets Mitch see it when he comes in. Mitch doesn't react much, but seems distant when Connie talks to him.
Back at Novacom, Mitch finds a "Mr. Charles" there. Charles tells him "good job" for watching Mr. Whittaker and tells him to forget about the camera. He also tells him Mr. Dent has been "relocated" because he wasn't a team player.
Cal and Sarah find AREM on the computer at school. He leads them to the Andromeda Radio Wave study, the same place they were looking back in #458: “Red Herring”. They click on "Medical Tests" and the computer begins to print out. Unfortunately, it only gets one page out before the network shuts down. The page seems to be all encoded, but later the kids break the code. It says, "A Report on the Conversion of Brain Waves to Radio Waves, by Eugene Meltsner." The kids take the report to Mr. Whittaker.
Connie and Mitch are about to go bowling, but stop by his apartment to get bowling shoes. Connie sees Mitch's computer screen saver has a misspelling, so she decides to correct it. When she touches the computer, it makes an AREM sound!

#483: Secrets

When Mitch's briefcase falls open, Connie finds a picture of a girl in it. It's in an envelope with a Chicago postmark. She later remembers that it's the red-haired woman who put the modem in Mr. Whittaker's office. Mitch briefly mentions "Justine," a girl he dated back in Boston.

#484-487: Plan B series

A turning point in the story arc, Plan B follows the effects when Eugene Meltsner disappears with the research he's been working on.

#484: Plan B, I: Missing in Action

Whit and Connie can't get in touch with Eugene and find that he's disappeared, leaving a web of unanswered questions. They eventually piece together that Eugene left about a week before to go to Chicago.
There, he and Katrina got married at her father's deathbed just before he tells Eugene he's sorry he got him the job at the college. After this, Eugene and Katrina returned to Odyssey, downloaded all of his research onto a disk and deleted all other copies. Then they completely disappeared.
Meanwhile, Whit gets an e-mail from Eugene telling him to "Beware Andromeda."

#485: Plan B, II: Collision Course

Jack and Joanne Allen find out from Millie Shanks that Armitage Shanks was an Andromeda board member and the company was doing mysterious and questionable things. Arthur Dent meets the two of them later in their hotel room and sets up a meeting.
Meanwhile, Whit confronts Dean Rogers (Eugene's supervisor) who eventually tells Whit that the research was to convert brain waves to radio waves. Eugene just had a breakthrough before he disappeared. While there, AREM arranges a meeting with Whit.
When Connie questions Mitch about the picture in his briefcase, he tells her that he's looking for the woman. He also tells her to be on the computer that evening.
That night, a series of dangerous and frightening events take place. First, Connie meets AREM who sends her a confidential report from the college. Then, Jack meets Arthur Dent, who gives him a package for Whit just before a car screeches around the corner and chases Jack's cab. Worst of all, Whit shows up to meet AREM, only to find that he was Robert Mitchell...and he's dead.

#486: Plan B, III: Cross-fire

Whit arrives to tell Connie the horrible news, only to be escorted to the FBI office. There, Agent Bourland tells the two of them some information about Monica Stone (a mercenary who works in high-tech espionage) and Bennett Charles (the "Enforcer" for Andromeda). Connie notices that Monica's picture is the same one Mitch had in his briefcase.
Jack Allen arrives at the airport, only to find that the men in the car chasing him are there. He and Joanne mail the package back to Odyssey.
Back in Odyssey, Connie and Whit find his office ransacked. Soon after, he and Jack head off to the airport to pick up the package. At the post office, Monica Stone runs her car into theirs and steals the package.

#487: Plan B, IV: Resistance

Whit and Jack clean the bugs out of Whit's End, much to the chagrin of Mr. Charles and Monica. They also switched the package at the post office. Whit opens it and opens the disk on his computer. He can't decode most of it, but finds one file about an Andromeda Board Meeting, giving approval to Operation Think Tank. He also finds a Chicago address. After handing the disk off to Agent Bourland, Whit goes to Chicago to check out the address. There he finds Arthur Dent nearly dead in his apartment. At the hospital, Dent begs Whit to get him out of the hospital so he won't be killed.
Back in Odyssey, the whole gang attends a memorial service for Mitch. Mr. Charles shows up, too, but Connie drives him off. Connie finally tells Whit how important he is to her.

Album 38: Battle Lines

#488: Under the Influence, Part 1 & #489: Under the Influence, Part 2

Aubrey Shepard makes friends with Erica Colburn. Erica's father, Kevin Colburn, took Arthur Dent's place at Novacom.

#490: The Black Veil, Part 1 & #491: The Black Veil, Part 2

When a strange illness affects the people of Odenton (a neighboring town of Odyssey) and a town in Alaska, Jason and Whit wonder what's going on. Whit finds that it's the "black box" installed by the cable company. Upon opening the box, he finds it has identical circuitry to the Imagination Station...and it is sending out radio waves! (He makes connections to "Breaking Point" and "Plan B.") Before he can do anything, the boxes are taken away. Monica Stone shows up in Alaska and makes contact with Jason.

#492: Twisting Pathway

Mr. Charles tells Kevin Colburn, Erica's dad that he has to get the Imagination Station. Erica tricks Nick Mulligan and Aubrey Shepard to help her dad. She plans a date with Nick so she can see the Imagination Station and then persuades Aubrey to talk to her in the library. They get locked in and the Imagination Station is stolen.

#493: Sheep's Clothing

Agent Bourland and Whit find dead ends when searching for the Imagination Station.
In Alaska, Monica Stone steals the disk from Jason and e-mails the information, presumably to Novacom.

#494: Box of Miracles

Novacom releases the Novabox, the culmination of everything they've done. Agnes Riley and Arthur Dent (who has been hiding at Hillingdale Haven), both use the box. Tom takes Agnes home, but Mr. Dent is suddenly missing from the home. Whit finds that Whit's End in Connellsville is owned by Andromeda. Jason vows to find out what's on the disk that Eugene sent him.

#495: The Unraveling

Connie goes to Maine to talk to Mitch's sister and gets Mitch's story. His former girlfriend Justine Baker was murdered by Andromeda while he was working in Boston. The Andromeda Board moved the project to Odyssey where Mitch eventually transferred.
Back in Odyssey, Mandy Straussberg, Cal Jordan, and Alex Jefferson investigate strange buying habits and find that the Novabox seems to be influencing people to buy stuff. Not only that, you can't turn it off!

#496: Exceptional Circumstances

Mandy, Cal, and Alex tell Connie what they've learned. Connie gets the information to Mitch, who is alive in the Witness Protection Program. Mitch has been trying to use the information from the disk Arthur Dent gave Jack Allen to decode information from the Novacom and Andromeda computers. With Connie's information, he begins to put the pieces together.
Whit gets back Whit's End (Connellsville). Jason talks to Duncan Mathis, a paraplegic who was a “guinea pig” for the Novacom experiments, about what he knows about the Radio Wave study. Jason finds that Duncan's condition was Monica Stone's (Duncan’s sister) fault. Duncan says that Dean Rogers contacted the Andromeda people after Eugene left and they were only interested in changing radio waves to brain waves — mind control. Jason also finds that the effects of the box reverse themselves, to the point that people are worse off than they were before. Whit takes this news to Tom, but he doesn't want to listen.

#497: Expect the Worst

Mitch has a breakthrough using the information from the kids...the Novabox is being used to make people buy things. He predicts the outcome of an election and Agent Bourland's time to take action.
Monica Stone confronts Bennett Charles, asking him if the box really helps the handicapped. His evasive answers and thinly - veiled threats show the path to take.
Agnes Riley gets worse and Tom has to take her back to Hillingdale Haven. He tells Whit that he wishes Novacom never came to town.
Cal Jordan decides to climb the tower to try to stop Novacom. As Alex watches, he says there's something very weird. Tom runs up, warning that the tower is to explode. Moments later, it does. Cal barely makes it down with his life (in fact, he is unconscious). The police believe Tom blew up the tower because there is evidence that matches him. His attorney Michael Frasier tells him that they will get him off by reason of insanity. As the trial begins, a prayer vigil commences at Whit's End.

#498: Exactly as Planned

As the prayer vigil at Whit's End continues, Michael Frasier presents his entire case against Novacom and Andromeda to clear Tom Riley's name. Stephen DeWhite (Jared DeWhite's dad) testifies that Novacom tried to take over the airwaves around the world. Monica Stone testifies about how she was used to steal information about Eugene's research. Mitch testifies about the minutes of an Andromeda meeting, implicating Andromeda in Armitage Shanks's death, their theft of the Imagination Station, and their opening of Whit's End (Connellsville) to achieve these goals.
Meanwhile, Alex and Whit track down Arthur Dent at the Timothy Center, the culprit who actually blew up the tower. The case against Tom is dropped. Bennett Charles flees Novacom headquarters just before the FBI storms the place. Jason Whittaker and Mitch find evidence about a "launch day", which Arthur Dent confirms as the day Novacom would have gone "global" with their technology. Dent says the day can't happen because the tower is down, but Cal reverses this by revealing that the there was nothing at the top of the tower. It had only been a decoy.
Tom and Whit find the real tower on Forrest Mountain just as Jason and Peter Bourland find the worst news of all. The launch day is today.

#499: Exit

Just as The Chairman leaves the tower with the Launch Day sequence on track, Tom and Whit arrive. The chairman dispatches Bennett Charles, who kidnaps Connie. Whit leaves, per Charles instructions, while Tom tries to stop the countdown under direction of Jason Whittaker over the phone. They find that the launch is actually connected to the Imagination Station (which is why Novacom needed it all along). They can't stop the countdown.
Mitch rescues Connie with Nick Mulligan's help. Whit calls Jason at Novacom and tells Tom to use the word "Applesauce" to destroy the Imagination Station. At the last moment, the Imagination Station melts down and stops "launch day." The chairman is foiled.
Charles and Monica Stone go to jail. Mitch and Connie walk into the sunset to have macaroni and cheese with salami sandwiches. Tom says goodbye to Agnes Riley at Hillingdale Haven. Whit starts working on a new Imagination Station. And Eugene Meltsner phones Whit, telling him that he feels responsible for the whole mess. He says he'll explain later... It's all been quite an adventure.

Closely Related Episodes

#503: Between You and Me

Following the collapse of Novacom, the citizens of Odyssey try to adjust once again to a normal life. Mitch and Connie have a few questions of their own that need answering.

After Connie shows up unprepared for her Bible study once again, Whit tells her that he’s concerned about all the time she’s spending with Mitch. Connie assures Whit that it’s nothing to worry about. She and Mitch are enjoying the peaceful time in their relationship after the rocky period has ended. Connie misses another Bible study the next day to go out with Mitch again. This time, however, all is not well. Mitch seems distracted. Connie presses him for information and he finally tells her that Agent Bourland asked him to join the FBI...which would mean leaving Connie and moving to Virginia. Mitch assures her that he hasn’t made a decision yet. Connie is upset over Mitch’s big decision and seeks out Whit for a nice long talk. However, Whit seems to be avoiding her. He skips their breakfast at the diner and avoids Connie at Whit’s End and when she tries to call him. Connie finally tracks down Whit at his house. He’s on the phone and Connie starts to cry. Whit hangs up the phone and hugs Connie. She says she’s feels like God abandoned her and how could he allow Mitch to leave? Whit wonders if Connie might be the one who did the abandoning since she hasn’t talked to God about it. Connie realizes Whit was neglecting her on purpose to make a point. She decides to pray right away. Soon after, Connie and Mitch meet at Trickle Lake. They agree that they’ve gone too fast in their relationship and they need to slow down. Connie is still concerned about Mitch’s job, but says she’ll leave it in God’s hands.

#507: The Benefit of the Doubt

The Cabrera family deals with the aftermath of the Novacom collapse, and Mitch finds it difficult to get any work in town with his less-than-stellar reputation.

Mitch is having trouble finding a job in Odyssey. Connie is worried that Mitch will take the job with the FBI if he can’t find anything here. Mitch, however, vows to continue the job search. Whit notices an article in the paper that says Novacom is announcing massive layoffs. Connie thinks the whole company should shut down, while Whit cautions her about lumping all the employees into one group. Colby Cabrera is having similar problems. His dad used to work for Novacom, too, and Rodney Rathbone keeps telling Colby that his dad is a crook. Steven Cabrera feels bad that his son has to go through this pain, too. He tells him not to listen to what others say. Soon after, Colby happens to be at Whit’s End when Connie criticizes Novacom again, saying she thinks that Novacom employees must have known what was going on. Colby runs out, prompting Whit to tell Connie about Colby’s dad. Connie feels awful. Meanwhile, Mitch gets an interview with Everything seems to be going well until the owner asks him about his past work experience. When Mitch mentions Novacom, the owner quickly ends the interview. Mitch tells Whit and Connie that no one wants to hire him when they find out that he used to work for Novacom. Connie can’t believe it, but Whit points out that she acted the same way. Connie says she’ll go apologize to Colby. Colby, however, is still having trust issues. He wonders if his dad really might have been involved in the sinister goings - on at Novacom. When Rodney Rathbone shows him a purchase order for electronic parts signed by Mr. Cabrera himself, Colby decides he must know the truth. He plants a walkie-talkie in a meeting Mr. Cabrera is having with a number of other Novacom employees. Unfortunately for Colby, the walkie-talkie makes a noise and is discovered. Mr. Cabrera confronts Colby for spying, but admits that he did know that Novacom had cheated on some government testing. But now, he and some fellow co-workers are going to go public with all they know. Colby tells his dad that he’s proud of him. Back at Whit’s End, Whit announces that he’s hiring Mr. Cabrera at Whit’s End Connellsville, and Mitch says that he found a job, too. He’ll be helping people with their computer problems. Connie is happy that Mitch is staying in Odyssey...for now.

#517: It's All About Me

Connie decides that she should start a Kids' Radio advice show. Trent worries that he's getting credit for something he didn't do.

Connie questions Mitch about why he would want to join the FBI, and he reminds her that he is from Boston and is used to having a lot of things to do. Trent suddenly walks into Whit's End and asks Connie and Mitch for advice joining the Biology Club at Odyssey Middle School. He really likes science, but his older brother tells him that he "has never heard of anything more dripping of geekism than being in the Biology Club" and that weirdness is not what he wants as the family reputation. Connie and Mitch both tell him he should join and establish his own reputation. Suddenly, Trent sees his brother out front. His brother walks in, mentioning that a bird outside had a "very suspicious looking beak." Trent's brother is revealed to be none other than Jared DeWhite. After the two brothers leave, Connie comes up with the idea to have Mitch host a call-in advice show on Kid's Radio. He's not real excited about the idea, but agrees to try it out after seeking advice from Whit, who tells him to go for it. Mitch soon becomes "Mr. Wise" and Connie is right there beside him, helping him to answer callers' questions. The reviews come back as good, except for the "pushy producer." Connie decides she doesn't like that Mitch is getting all the credit when the show was her idea and she's helping him give the advice. She tries to take control and in the process causes tension between her and Mitch. While all this is going on, Trent is late to leave school after finishing up a biology project. Jared, covered in mud, has Trent listen to the tape of Rodney Rathbone shoving him into the puddle. Jared then tells Trent that he will take Trent's borrowed skeleton back to the biology classroom. When Jared returns the skeleton to the teacher's room for Trent, he finds the door locked. He then decides to put it somewhere else - a locker. Into his audio journal, he records that it would be funnier to stuff it into Rodney's locker... The next day the whole school is talking about how a mysterious Prank Man performed the prank of the century on Rodney - as Rodney taunts Trent, Marvin, and Liz while opening his locker, the skeleton leaps out at him. After a little investigation by Liz, Trent is given credit for the prank, even though Trent himself protests that he was not responsible. Jared, jealous of Trent, wants the recognition for it and makes sure that it's known that it was him who performed the prank. But unfortunately, he has to lie in the process. The truth finally comes out from none other than Liz. Instead of the name "Prank Man," Jared is referred to as "Pathetic Man" and discovers the consequences for trying to take all the credit.

#523: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?, Part 1

After being charged with a hit and run, Whit teams up with Mitch to try and track down who has stolen his identity and why!

Whit and Connie are at Whit’s End when Officer Stew Burke enters and tells Whit that he has to go to the station for questioning. He’s been accused of a hit and run. We learn that Whit had supposedly bought a 98' Tercel that had hit a person and drove off. Whit explains that he was in Chicago when the accident happened. Whit's identity has been stolen! While the police are working on the case, Whit, Connie, and Mitch decide to investigate some on their own. They go to the car dealer to try and find out who it was that pretended to be Whit. They don’t find out much, but are able to see a blurry copy of the man’s driver’s license picture. There’s not much else they can do unless Whit’s credit card bills shows they’ve bought more than just a car. In the meantime, Mitch is deciding whether or not he will take the job with the FBI. Connie is concerned and a little discouraged about the situation. She and Mitch have both prayed about it, but she isn’t feeling that God’s giving them answers. Joanne tells Connie that God doesn’t always answer our prayers the way we want him to, but that he is still guiding our steps. Whit receives a bill for a television that he never bought. Mitch notices it was purchased over the Internet and Agent Bourland gives him permission to start working on the case. Every computer has an IP address that identifies the person and the computer. Mitch thinks that the hacker may have left their IP address behind on Whit’s computer. After processing the information, it shows that the hacker is Mitch himself! The person who did it must know both Mitch and Whit, and they plan to find out who it is. What they don’t know is that Mr. Charles, the man that Mitch and Whit put in jail, is coming back to get revenge.