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Dalton Kearn
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Dalton Kearn is a former colleague of Leonard Meltsner. He worked with Leonard in the past, and competed with him for the heart of Thelma Mushnik. When Thelma married Leonard, Kearn turned evil. He convinced the Meltsners to come to Africa with him on an archeological dig. There in Zaire, Kearn imprisoned them and forced Leonard to continue working for him as a senior archeologist. The Meltsner's seven-year-old son Eugene stayed in the United States with his uncle.

Thelma Meltsner gave birth to her second son, Everett, in captivity in Africa. When Everett was two years old, Kearn arranged a "minor accident" and took Everett away to the hospital where he supposedly died. But Everett did not die, and Kearn kept him away from the Meltsners and raised him as his own son.

When Leonard Meltsner finally escape captivity by staging a landslide to cover his escape tunnel, Kearn hunts him down to keep him from telling the authorities. He is a man with wide influence in the archaeology and scientific circles, and tracks down a Eugene Meltsner living in Odyssey.

In the episode "The Top Floor - Part II", Dalton is discussed by Leonard Meltsner and Eugene Meltsner. Dalton is featured in a photo with Leonard Meltsner and Thelma Mushnik, in Tunisia right before they discover the ancient Tunisian version of a telescope, which was the first discovered of its kind. Leonard Meltsner says that he outgrew Dalton Kearn in personality and as scientists. Dalton insisted on old archeology techniques, and Leonard wanted to use SONAR and other non-invasive archeological tools to increase their success. After Leonard became a successful archeologist using SONAR technologies, Dalton became uncontrollably envious and almost insane.


  • Dalton has henchmen.
  • Dalton is suspected to have a form of Autism.
  • While in prison he might have gone through therapy.
  • Dalton is probably in his 40's. ( Or 50's ).
  • He used to live in Rockrimmon Tower in New York.


Dalton Kearn: Where's Leonard?
John Whittaker: Leonard who?
Dalton Kearn: Look, I don't have time for this. Vasquez!
Mrs. Vasquez: It was a boring conversation anyway.
Dalton Kearn: You just gave him a fifty thousand dollar bump on the head. That vase was three hundred years old.

#613: “The Top Floor, Part 3”

Jason Whittaker: Okay, Eugene, I'm gonna—
Mrs. Vasquez: No. You're not.
Dalton Kearn: Another fifty thousand bucks. Couldn't you use a wrench or something?

#613: “The Top Floor, Part 3”


Dalton Kearn is voiced by Chuck McCann, has appeared in 3 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 93.7%.

Dalton Kearn has been mentioned in 5 episodes.