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Bernard Walton
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Bernard Walton is a major character in Adventures in Odyssey, voiced by David Madden. As Odyssey’s resident window-washer and philosopher, Bernard takes great pride in doing things right—putting him at odds with today’s shortcuts and shortcut-takers. Despite his grousing and muttering, he has a heart of gold and tells great stories, which makes him a natural to host the television program, B-TV.

Bernard, a janitor living in Odyssey, first appeared in #106: “By Any Other Name”, and has since become a regular character on the program. Bernard is married to Maude Walton, who is often mentioned, but rarely heard on the program. Bernard has five siblings named Bettina, Beulah, Benjamin, Boris, and Bosco. Though kind-hearted, Walton is somewhat cynical and grumpy, but is most widely known for his metaphorical humor and penchant for storytelling, usually Bible stories. He hosts B-TV, a Christian television show. Bernard lives near the short-lived Odyssey character Cody Carper. His mailbox is in the shape of a squeegee bucket.

He is often heard complaining about how children at Whit's End touch the newly cleaned windows, smudging them. He also can be heard muttering things like, "Back in my day..." and "Why don't parents teach their kids to..." He uses plain and simple language, and often gets confused with big words.

In #396: “Poor Loser”, it is revealed that Bernard is a gifted chess player, beating Eugene seven times in a row. Bernard is incredibly illiterate when it comes to computers, though he did use them in It Ended With a Handshake with Eugene's help. He has green eyes, which Wooton said to match a bush costume he put on in The Other Side of the Glass, Part 3.

Common-sense Walton's foil is intellectual college student Eugene Meltsner; the two quarrel often, but remain friends, especially due to the revelation in #157: “Last in a Long Line” that the two are somewhat-distant cousins. This constant fighting is a result of Bernard's annoyance at Eugene's impractical tendencies and Eugene's superiority complex.

Adventures in Odyssey recently said in a letter that Bernard Walton's character would not be included in any future episodes. (He had been dropped after the relaunch.)


  • He is 5 feet 2 inches.
  • He has bluish-green eyes.
  • Bernard's favorite saying is "Stuff me with feathers and call me a pillow".
  • Bernard once beat Eugene in chess playing seven times in a row.
  • He has a mail box that's shaped as a squeegee.
  • Bernard is a window washer/janitor
  • He tells great stories and is a host on B-TV.
  • Bernard once went on a diet as well as Wooton and Whit with Connie as coach. He stole a brownie and Wooton started to chase him but he trampled on it and they threw it in the pond. That besides Wooton cutting some of his non-important body parts is the way Wooton and Bernard lost weight.


  • He has 5 siblings,(Bettina, Beulah, Benjamin, Boris, Bosco), and is married to Maude Walton. He is also 2nd cousins to Eugene Meltsner. He also has an Uncle Ted, who fills in his bald spot with a brown Sharpie, according to #602: “Mum’s the Word”. He had a uncle Pete who got kicked by a cow

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Bernard Walton has appeared in 92 episodes, has been voiced by 3 actors, and has received an average user rating of 92.1%.

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