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Leonard Meltsner
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Leonard was a famous archaeologist, describing himself at one point as one of the most successful in the world. He and his wife Thelma Meltsner were held captive by Dalton Kearn at an archaeological dig for twenty years. Leonard was thought to be dead for twenty years until Eugene and Katrina Meltsner found proof of him being alive while they were on a trip to Africa, discovering his work with the Ashanti tribe, who called Leonard "Morati."

When Leonard came to live in Odyssey, he did so while greatly afraid of being found by Dalton, who was searching for him to imprison him once again. However, Eugene, Katrina, Whit, and Jason rose to the challenge, and Jason, Eugene, and Leonard returned to Africa to find the needed evidence to bring Dalton to justice for his numerous crimes--the NSA had no solid proof to bring Dalton to trial, and Leonard's testimony would not have been enough. The trio searched for a videotape Leonard made of Dalton's abusive behavior while Leonard and Thelma were his prisoners, and traced the tape from the Ashanti village in which it was stored in an ancient box to a hotel in New York, where Dalton lived. Disguised as janitors, Leonard, Jason, and Eugene went to New York, where they discovered that Dalton had kidnapped Leonard's other son, Everett, from the dig site where Leonard was imprisoned, and had raised Everett as his own son. With Whit and Katrina's aid, Dalton was arrested and Everett learned of his true parentage.

After returning to Odyssey with Eugene, Katrina, and Everett, it was discovered that Leonard had kidney failure due to untreated diabetes and would need a new kidney. The doctor said that even if Leonard made it through the surgery, he would have a maximum of three to ten years to live. Eugene was the best match as an organ donor, and since he believed that any time that could be added to his father's life was worth it, he agreed to donate his kidney to him. During this time, Leonard wrestled with the guilt of having wanted Thelma to have an abortion when she became pregnant with Eugene; when Eugene forgave him for this, Leonard came to the conclusion that he wanted to become a Christian. He eventually returned to Africa with Everett to minister to the Ashanti tribe, who were fighting violently among themselves, with the help of Evan Antero.


Leonard is the father of Eugene Meltsner and Everett Meltsner. His wife was Thelma Meltsner but he was involved in a constantly rocky marriage to her. He was the son of Garvey Hiram Meltsner.

The relationship between Eugene and Leonard was always rocky because of the constant regret and guilt that Leonard had for encouraging Thelma to have an abortion before Eugene was born.


  • He has an English accent.


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Leonard Meltsner is voiced by Phil Proctor, has appeared in 10 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 92.4%.