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Sarah Prachett
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Sarah Prachett is a student at Odyssey Middle School who is friends with many of the other kids around town, including Mandy Straussberg, Liz Horton (with whom she also clashes because she finds Liz bossy), Alex Jefferson, Cal Jordan, and Nathaniel Graham; she has ongoing tension with Jared DeWhite, but still goes along with his ideas and schemes from time to time. She is a reporter for the Odyssey Owl.


Sarah holds a distinction among her peers for being a highly sarcastic girl. She can be very judgmental of others, and is not afraid to say what she thinks, no matter how acerbic. She can get very impatient with people who annoy her, but she can also be very loyal and helpful to the people she befriends—which often includes using her biting wit to bring them down to earth.


Sarah has an unnamed uncle near whose house Sarah and Mandy camp in #478: “Strange Boy in a Strange Land”. According to #452: “Missionary: Impossible” Sarah is of Dutch descent.



Sarah Prachett is voiced by Scarlett Pomers, has appeared in 19 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 92.9%.