The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 2

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#680: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 2”
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53: The Green Ring Conspiracy
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The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 2
“The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 2” is episode #680 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on March 19, 2011.


Whit discovers that his visitor has a secret job that seems to be related to the backpack of money that Emily found. Matthew and Nelson get a surprise call from people with an interest in the Appleberry phone.


Buck Oliver is moving boxes when Jebidiah Skint comes in. Skint tells Buck that plans have changed and that Uncle Archie wants him to put up posters for the carnival. He continues to say that a plane has crashed in Gower's Field and that two men they met that morning may have been on the plane. Buck is told to go to town and find out anything he can about the crash and to call him if he finds anything out. Before he leaves they notice that there is a message from Dirk on one of their disposable phones. It turns out to be from Derk Begs. So Skint instructs Buck to check out Haggler's Junkyard to try to meet and help Derk. He takes the posters to hang up as his cover.

Back at the hospital Whit calls Jana and lets her know that Monty is in the hospital and that he is in stable condition. Dr. Graham comes in and starts talking to Whit about Monty's X-rays. She tells him that they found a small chip in Monty's arm. They got word from Homeland Security that they'd begun embedding chips in the arms of federal agents. She goes on to say that it appears Monty is an agent for the secret service.

At Haggler's Junk Shop, Matthew and Nelson go to meet for their Square One Club and tinker with the Appleberry smartphone they found. Jay comes in to deliver a large box with a GPS system in it, that Wally wanted them to look at. Matthew and Nelson try to figure out the password of the Appleberry so they can find the owner. Suddenly they hear sirens from outside the warehouse coming towards the shop. Jay leaves to check on his uncle Wally.

Buck and Mr. Skint head towards the Junkyard, and Buck gets the idea to try to call Dirk's phone. Skint calls the number and the Appleberry that Matthew found starts ringing. Matthew answers the phone and Skint offers a reward if they return the phone privately. Matthew suggests meeting at the police station and Skint hangs up. After Skint hangs up, he explains that they need to get the phone in their possession. Skint lets Buck off and he heads to the junkyard with the cover of hanging posters.

At Whit's End, Eugene is running some tests on the dollar bills Emily found in the woods. After running through different things and studying different things that Eugene found on the internet, Eugene came to the conclusion that all the money in the bag was counterfeit. The phone rings and Eugene tells Whit about the money.

Back at Wally's Junkyard, Buck watches and reports to Skint as Dirk is being loaded into an ambulance. Detective Polehaus approaches Buck and tells him to leave and to stop chewing on toothpicks. Polehaus gets a call telling him about a secret service agent in Odyssey. And he also hears about the counterfeit money at Whit's End.

Jay tries to ask Wally about him being in prison. Polehaus comes in and Wally gets frustrated with the way the conversation is going. Wally insists Jay go home and they'd talk later. Polehaus doesn't trust Wally and insists he has bad blood. Polehaus talks with Wally about the details on Derk. He says Derk was on an errand for the The Stiletto and something went wrong on the plan and that a knapsack fell out of the plane. He also said that Derk lost his phone on the way to the junkyard. Polehaus leaves saying "We're not finished with this, not by a long shot."

Unknown to Wally and Polehaus, Buck was listening from outside the back window and heard every word. He told Skint everything he heard. Including the fact that Derk had put all sorts of info onto the phone. Skint decides that they need to get the phone back and suggests that Buck could easily find the kid by hanging with the other kids and finding out things. They decide that the place that the boy might take the phone is Whit's End.

At the hospital, Whit and Graham are interrupted by the head of hospital security Lou Ross. He tells them that an officer showed up for the special patient but there was no one in the room...Monty Whittaker disappeared!

Discussion Questions

  1. Eugene said, "A lie is supposed to look as much like the truth as possible." Do you agree with that statement or not?
  2. Have you ever been deceived by a lie?
  • How?


Role Voice Actor
Buck Oliver Robby Bruce
Debbie Unknown
Don Polehaus Phil Proctor
Emily Jones Cristina Pucelli
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan
Jay Smouse Whit Hertford
John Whittaker Andre Stojka
Lilly Graham Lori Tritel
Lou Ross Dave Arnold
Matthew Parker Zach Callison
Jebidiah Skint David Selby
Nelson Swanson Georgina Cordova
Wally Haggler Jim Ward





Jebidiah Skint‎: Something's gone awry, but I don't know what it is.

Emily Jones: Wow! A whole backpack of fake money? But it looks so real!
Eugene Meltsner: Well, a lie is supposed to look as much like the truth as possible. And these counterfeiters certainly know what they're doing.

Jay Smouse: So what's that little contraption there? Today's project?
Matthew Parker: It's..
Nelson Swanson: An Appleberry phone that we found by the creek.
Matthew Parker: ..none of your business.. Good job, Nelson.

Don Polehaus: I became nasty because of guys like you.
Wally Haggler: I'm not who I was.
Don Polehaus: Sure you are. People don't ever change. Not really.
Wally Haggler: This one has.

Don Polehaus: Stay close, Haggler. We're not finished with this.
Wally Haggler: Not by a long shot.

Don Polehaus: And get rid of that toothpick! It'll stunt your growth!

Nelson Swanson: Have you ever been diagnosed as obsessive compulsive?
Matthew Parker: Not yet... but my parents are talking about it.
Nelson Swanson: Big surprise!