Young Whit (book series)

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Young Whit (book series)
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Young Whit is a book series based on the life of young John Avery Whittaker. This series is written by Phil Lollar and Dave Arnold with all new content never heard on Adventures in Odyssey. The first book is called Young Whit and The Traitor's Treasure and will be released in late March 2018. It will likely to feature characters such as Jack Allen, Harold Whittaker, Janneth Whittaker, and more.


  1. Young Whit and the Traitor's Treasure
  2. Young Whit and the Shroud of Secrecy
  3. Young Whit and the Thieves of Barrymore


  • This has been an idea Phil Lollar has wanted to do as far back as the mid-1990's (probably related to the success of #297: “Blackbeard's Treasure”).
  • This series may have been partly inspired by the "Young Indiana Jones" series
  • Characters from the Audio Series may appear, but the series is being billed as "entirely new content" unlike the Blackgaard Chronicles books.
  • 5 books are planned, each covering 1 year of Whit's life.