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Poor Loser

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#396: “Poor Loser”
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Poor Loser
{{#vardefine:characters|05}}“Poor Loser” is episode #396 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Marshal Younger, and originally aired {{#var:airdatelink}}.


Eugene has met his match when it comes to chess, but it's from an unlikely source...Bernard! Meanwhile, Heather gets annoyed when her volleyball team keeps losing.



Eugene Meltsner brings a chess set to Whit’s End to relieve the boredom of a lazy afternoon, and Bernard challenges him to a game. As the chess game proceeds, Eugene, sure of his superior skill, is boasting to Whit - just as Bernard calls out "Checkmate!" Eugene is shocked. After a night without sleep, Eugene shows up at Bernard's front door to challenge him to a rematch. Bernard reluctantly agrees, but wins again in only 15 minutes. Eugene comes to the next rematch with Bernard armed with a notebook showing Bernard's tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. Connie asks Bernard to purposely lose the game for Eugene's sake, which Bernard won't promise to do.

Meanwhile, Heather’s volleyball team is failing horribly, but Heather tries her best to do something about it. At the next volleyball game, Heather hogs the balls, insisting that the only chance they have to win is for her to hit everything, so the coach benches her. The coach reminds Heather that volleyball is a team sport and she quits. At the gym, Whit explains to Heather that it's not good teamwork to play as though she is alone simply because she is such a good player. He encourages her to be more understanding toward her teammates and allow them to learn from their mistakes. The team wins the game, and Heather is sure it's because she was gone. The other girls convince her to stay, claiming that the extra practices she insisted on made the difference. She needs them as much as they need her. She agrees and joins the team at Whit's End for a post-game party.

The chess game is nearly over when the girls' volleyball team comes in. As Karen tries to demonstrate a shot, the chess pieces get knocked off the board. Eugene panics because he was near winning. Bernard says Eugene won anyway, because he had him cornered. A jubilant Eugene goes off to get some sleep.

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Discussion Questions[edit]

  1. Was there anything wrong with Eugene's methods of playing chess?
    • Why or why not?
  2. Why did Bernard enjoy beating Eugene so much?
    • Why was it so important for Eugene to beat Bernard?
  3. Have you ever had a time when you had to be a good sport, even though you didn't feel like it?


Role Voice Actor
Bernard Walton Dave Madden[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Bernard Walton]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Bernard Walton voiced by Dave Madden]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Dave Madden]]
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Connie Kendall]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Connie Kendall voiced by Katie Leigh]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Katie Leigh]]
Heather Krista Muscare[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Heather (c)]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Heather (c) voiced by Krista Muscare]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Krista Muscare]]
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with John Whittaker]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with John Whittaker voiced by Paul Herlinger]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Paul Herlinger]]
Julie Zeeke Tracy Bassett[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Julie Zeeke]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Julie Zeeke voiced by Tracy Bassett]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Tracy Bassett]]
Karen Ann Ault[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Karen (b)]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Karen (b) voiced by Ann Ault]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Ann Ault]]
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Eugene Meltsner]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Eugene Meltsner voiced by Will Ryan]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Will Ryan]]



Eugene Meltsner: I'm convinced this is a game he doesn't know the rules for!
Connie Kendall: Eugene, you just ended a sentence with a preposition!
Eugene Meltsner: Impossible! Prepositions are not words that I end sentences with!

Bernard Walton: Uh, just a minute Eugene. Apparently Connie has a crush on me or something.

Eugene Meltsner: Today, Bernard Walton beats me at chess. Tomorrow, the earth will revolve around the sun!
Connie Kendall: The earth does revolve around the sun, Eugene.
Eugene Meltsner: Aghhhhh!!

Bernard Walton: Oh, I see what he's doing.
Connie Kendall: What?
Bernard Walton: He's trying to get me to move my horse -
Eugene Meltsner: Knight.
Bernard Walton: Away from his tower -
Eugene Meltsner: Rook!
Bernard Walton: So that he can get my guy with a pointy head!
Eugene Meltsner: Bishop!!

Eugene Meltsner: Wait. Watch this move. Bishop to Rook 3, there! I seriously think he made that move simply to form the letter M with his pieces!
Connie Kendall: What!
John Whittaker: It's bedtime, Eugene.