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Lucy Davis (née Cunningham-Schultz) was the most recurring child character on Adventures in Odyssey, with over seventy appearances. Lucy was an ace reporter for the Odyssey Owl, her school newspaper. She worked as an intern at the Odyssey Times and was often considered to be a "goody two-shoes" and was indeed strong and sincere in her Christian beliefs. Her biggest character flaw was that she had a sarcastic streak and could also be prideful at times, though she always owned up to her mistakes. She was frequently the counterpart and moral adviser to her friends Isaac Morton, Sam Johnson, Jack Davis and Curt Stevens. She either lived on Greentree or Lynnwood. When she grew up she married Jack Davis. In #160: “A Rathbone of Contention”, she lives across town from the Electric Palace.


  • Her first name is really "Lucille" (#168: “The Curse”).
  • Lucy got tired of being a goody two shoes once.
  • Lucy wrote about the endangered species of family heritage.
  • She has two last names because her dad died in a car accident when she was 9 and her mom remarried.
  • She loves being a reporter.
  • The AIO team wrote her marriage with Jack Davis into her story because the two actors married in real life.
  • She had a difficult time deciding whether or not she would write on evolution for the school paper.
  • Lucy once wanted to write about free speech, but her article was rejected.
  • Lucy and Jack are one of two pairs of child characters confirmed to be married in the future, the other being Mandy Straussberg and Trent DeWhite.
  • Her two last names from from Richie Cunningham (from Happy Days) and Charles Schulz (creator of the Peanuts comic strip)

Last Name

One of the biggest goofs surrounding Adventures in Odyssey involves Lucy's last name. With several contradictions and a tangled mess of mistaken information, the Lucy's Last Name goof is the source of plenty of confusion among fans. For more information, see the article.


Main article: Schultz family

Lucy's biological father, Hal Cunningham, died in a car accident when she was nine, and her mother remarried to a man whose last name was Schultz. She kept her dad's name and hyphenated her mom's name Schultz, too. She also has two cousins, Leslie and Albert. She is now married to Jack Davis.


Jellyfish: What’s going on? What’s happenin'?
Richard Maxwell: Don’t you know? It’s a rescue.
Jellyfish: Who is that? Who are you?
Richard Maxwell: Don’t get all bent out of shape. It's
Lucy: Richard?
Jellyfish: Maxwell!


Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: So let me get this straight. A cowboy with a big, floppy hat and silver spurs rode up to you on a purple hook-and-ladder fire engine, and asked to use your mother’s new umbrella?
Leslie (a) : Yeah, that's it.

“It Sure Seems Like It to Me”

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: I didn't know you sing.
John Whittaker: Well I'm sure a lot of our choir members think I can't. But I do my best.

“It Is Well”

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: I just can't. I'm a Christian, Mr. Winthrop, and I believe that God created man not that he evolved from an amoeba...


Curt Stevens: Hi, Lucy! Glad you could make it!
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Why not? I cover all the accidents around school.

“It Takes Integrity”

Isaac Morton: What are you, my mother? Look, not that it's any of your business, but it's only Saturday morning. I've got the rest of the weekend to do this report. Everything's under control. So don't worry about it, okay?
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Okay, you don't have to get hyper. It's your grade.

“Isaac the Procrastinator”

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: There's no controversy. I just talked to Mrs. Manco. They've decided not to put diced tomatoes in the tacos.

“The Truth About Zachary”

Isaac Morton: If I become a Bone, I'll have something I've never had before.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: A police record?
Isaac Morton: No! Fame, prestige, power...
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Cuts, bruises, fractures...

“Isaac the Courageous”

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: I may be little, but I'm not a little reporter!


Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Eugene, do you know him?
Richard Maxwell: Know me? We used to work together, ain't that right, Multsey baby?
Eugene Meltsner: We were briefly employed with the same organization.

“The Nemesis, Part 1”

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Another dumb movie.


Jonah: And for my disobedience, I wind up here, in the belly of a whale.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Big fish.
Jonah: Whatever.

“Return to the Bible Room”

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Would this be the Curt-Stevens-offering-candy-as-they-come-out-of-the-bathroom-so-they-will-say-what-I-want-them-to-say poll?

“It Takes Integrity”

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: You want us to buy juice, Mr. Whittaker?
John Whittaker: Well, that's what it says.

“Have You No Selpurcs?”

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: It's not like a story is gonna walk in the front door!
Connie Kendall: Don't look now, but I think one just did.

“The Curse”

Curt Stevens: You’ll find [the poll] states that I’m in the lead.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: There’s a revealing statement on the intelligence level of the voting public.

“It Takes Integrity”

Mr. Johnson: Uh, excuse me. What are you doing?
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Oh, Mr. Johnson! You're back.
Mr. Johnson: Yeah, and just in time too, I see. Is this what you do when I'm away, Lucy? Steal my newspaper?
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: No! No, sir! I mean — this is the first time. I mean, we weren't stealing, actually. We just wanted to look at the movie section.

“Have You No Selpurcs?”

Richard Maxwell: ...we worked with the five C's.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: The five C's? What's that?
Richard Maxwell: Campbell County Community College Computers.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Oh, that's clever.
Richard Maxwell: Yeah, and cute too.

“The Nemesis, Part 1”

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: But what would Mr. Rathbone have against our nativity scene?
Eugene Meltsner: Indeed! It's doubtful he knows what the Constitution is, let alone what it says!

“The Living Nativity”

Zachary Sellars: Let's just face it, you want the dirt. You want to know exactly what put me in this wheelchair and so does everybody else. Fine, I'll make everybody happy. I had surgery on my legs last month because I tore some ligaments. There. <pauses> You're not writing this down.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: I don't believe you.
Zachary Sellars: Okay, fine. Um, I was skiing and fell off a mountain.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Is that the truth?
Zachary Sellars: I was bungee jumping and the cable broke.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: What really happened?
Zachary Sellars: I was filming a rock video and stepped on some dry ice.

“The Truth About Zachary”

Curt Stevens: "Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?"
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: You stole that!
Curt Stevens: I only had like, fifteen minutes! I spent all my time finding the sporks!

“The Triangled Web, Part 2”

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: His name was Hal Cunningham. I was Cunningham before my mom got remarried. He was a reporter for the Odyssey Times. I guess that's why I always wanted to be a reporter.

“The Truth About Zachary”

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: What do you think tomorrow will be like?
John Whittaker: Oh, I suppose it will be a typical day in Odyssey.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: What do you mean by a typical day?
John Whittaker: Anything can happen! That's what I like about this place.

“It's a Wrap!”

Curt Stevens: It’s like.. like salt on a potato chip. It gives the speech flavor to... taste good.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: You're making this up!
Curt Stevens: I’m not! Ask any politician. Potato chips always taste better with salt on them.

“By Any Other Name”

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Lucy Cunningham-Schultz is voiced by Genni Long, has appeared in 76 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89.9%.

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