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Arthur Dent
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Arthur Dent was the general manager of Novacom's branch in Odyssey, until he was replaced by Kevin Colburn. He became a "good guy" and helped Jack and Whit find out more about Andromeda.

He seems to have partially known about Andromeda's plan to take over the world but, like many others, turned up his nose at it. His main motivation would most likely be the money he gets for his job. But, when faced with the real facts, he was compelled to turn on Novacom and help Whit, Jack, and possibly even Robert Mitchell bring them down.


  • Arthur Dent may be a reference to the Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


Arthur Dent's Original name in the script was Preston Dent.


John Whittaker: So, what's their goal?
Arthur Dent: Quite simple, really. Operation Think Tank will enslave the human race. Would you like a muffin?

“Box of Miracles”

John Whittaker: Arthur Dent? What are you doing here?
Arthur Dent: I saved the world!

“Exactly as Planned”

Arthur Dent: They'll find me and kill me.
John Whittaker: Who?
Arthur Dent: The same people who killed Armitage Shanks! I have to go! They'll find out I'm here! Please Whit!
Arthur Dent: But you don't understand what's happening. No one does! If I stay here I'll be dead before morning. Help me Whit. You have to help me now!

“Plan B, Part 4: Resistance”


Arthur Dent is voiced by Christopher Snell, has appeared in 8 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 94%.