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Universal Press Foundation
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Universal Press Foundation of Chicago is the publisher of the Universal Encyclopedia. The principal shareholder is John Avery Whittaker who also is the chairman of the board, and the founder.

The Universal Press Foundation outbid the Webster Development Firm in order for the Fillmore Recreation Center and its adjoining land to become Whits' End, a place of 'adventure and discovery, filled with books and activities, fun and games, arts and crafts, and uplifting conversation. But most of all, it [was to be place] where kids of all ages, can just be kids.'

Their bid was half a million dollars more than what was going to be the successful bid, standing at a a significant $3.5 million.

UPF owns Macadamia Publishing, supports, and runs a missions organization through the missions board.

Universal Press Foundation bought McAlister Park from the McAlister Family after the City of Odyssey didn't keep their end of the lease from the McAlister Deed. The Forgotten Deed.

It's website is universalpressfoundation.com. (The Launch, Part 1)