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Bible Verse Mirror
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The Bible Verse Mirror is an invention by Whit used to teach kids about memorizing the Bible in the Bible Room. The mirror uses voice recognition to interact with the kids.


The mirror can be used to recite scripture to a person who talks to it. If a person says a Bible verse to it, the mirror will light up from a dark tint so the person can see him/herself. The mirror then says, "Now we see in the mirror dimly, but soon we shall see face to face," referring to 1 Corinthians 13:12.

The mirror can also be used to read out Bible verses. If a user says a Bible reference to it, it will recite the verse.


  • One control controls the speed of the mirror.
  • The mirror can be controlled by the Mabel computer in the secret computer room.



Episode Original Airdate Album Writer Director Rating Buy Preview
#24: “Gotcha!”
April 30, 1988
The Officer Harley Collection
Phil Lollar
Phil Lollar

Whit notices that Connie is reading horoscopes and influencing the kids at Whit's End to use them, so he confronts her about the dangers of the occult.

#41: “Return to the Bible Room”
August 27, 1988
2: The Wildest Summer Ever
Paul McCusker
Phil Lollar
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Jack and Lucy use their imaginations to their fullest, when Whit tells them the story of Jonah and his encounter with a 'big fish'.

#62: “Let This Mind Be in You”
February 18, 1989
4: FUN-damentals
Paul McCusker
Phil Lollar
Buy from CBD

While Whit is gone for a few days, Connie tries to become just like him, but fails in various ways.

#73: “A Bite of Applesauce”
May 20, 1989
5: Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes
Paul McCusker
Paul McCusker
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Despite Whit's warnings of secrecy, Connie and Eugene 'accidentally' load a forbidden program on the central computer at Whit's End.

#169: “Hold Up!”
October 26, 1991
12: At Home and Abroad
Paul McCusker
Phil Lollar
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A stranger holds Eugene and Connie hostage when he decides to hold up Whit's End.

#266: “It Began With a Rabbit's Foot”
April 30, 1994
20: A Journey of Choices
Paul McCusker
Phil Lollar
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Katrina Shanks loses her job and begins to work at Whit's End. Meanwhile, Whit and Connie tell Lucy Cunningham-Schultz the story of the Bible Room and how it was originally created.

#542: “Eggshells”
April 24, 2004
42: No Way Out
Marshal Younger
Bob Hoose
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File:542 Promo.mp3

When Connie comes back from Washington, D.C. after being so close to marrying Mitch, she's the only one who isn't heartbroken.