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#876: “Page from the Playbook”
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October 19, 2019 ↓
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July 23, 2019
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67: More Than Meets the Eye
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Page from the Playbook

“Page from the Playbook” is episode #876 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Kathy Buchanan, was originally released in the Adventures in Odyssey Club on July 23, 2019, and originally aired on October 19, 2019.


As the Odyssey High School Football team heads toward the state championship, wide receiver Buck Oliver and quarterback Cooper Calhoun have to deal with unexpected challenges from Jay Smouse – who’s trying to sell team memorabilia – and their new assistant coach… Eugene Meltsner.


As Buck and Cooper walk across the football field, Jay comes with a box full of some of the players things, such as Bucks' sock, Coopers' sandwich, and Coaches' whistle. He claims that people "Are willing to pay for these 'legends' stuff" Cooper and Buck tell him to give it back. But as they do the football coach walks up and tells Cooper and Buck to hustle to get to the practice. Before practice, they were short a coach, and Coach Calhoun introduces their new coach...Eugene Meltsner!!! During practice, Coach Cahoun asks Eugene to show the team their next play, he does, rambling off some geeky mumbo-jumbo, he then translates as "Spiral-thrown Football" He talks about why it is that way, and he explained that originally, that they played with a pig bladder. He rambles some stuff off, and Cahoun tells him to explain the actual play. He does so, using his trusty whiteboard. Eugene asks Buck to hand out diagrams and protractors. In the locker room, after Drew offering to help Buck with his algebra, Cooper walks in, telling Buck he volunteered him to write an article for the yearbook. After practice, when Buck walks into the Meltsner home, Eugene is there. Buck tries to gently explain that football "isn't an academic sport" Eugene begs to differ as he explains that football is very academic. Buck interrupts him saying that he appreciates it... but he may be challenging to understand. Just as he says that the doorbell rings and Coach Cahoun is at the door, dropping off Eugenes' playbook, also telling Eugene that he was an excellent addition to the team. Eugene offers to help with Bucks' algebra then but Buck says that Drew already offered..and well.. he's easier to understand. When Buck, and Drew study together they talk about Drew's family life, he is living with his mom, his dad left. After practice the next day the Coach declares that if they played as they did at practice they'll win the state championships the following Saturday. The next day, Drew tells Buck that he's moving back with his dad. Buck is disappointed that he's losing his newly-acquired friend. Buck later meets Cooper, and he brought the yearbooks for the article. As Buck and Cooper look through them, they see a picture of Drew! He played for another school. Buck has a moment of quick realization, ad he checks to see if Eugene's playbook is there. It's not. "Drew took it" yelled Buck, Cooper told him to calm down and not to jump to conclusions, but Buck declares he's a spy, Cooper finally admits that he might be right, and Buck hatches a plot to get even with Drew and his team. During Drews' school game halftime, when Jay is distracting the crowd, Buck steals the playbook back, and steals the other teams playbook too. In the parking lot, however, they are caught. Eugene and Coach Calhoun reveal that they knew all along, because Eugene had done research into it. During the state championship game, two of the best players for the opposing team sit out the game for cheating. And two of the best players for Odyssey sit out too... Buck, and Cooper.

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