Bones of Rath

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Bones of Rath
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The Bones of Rath is a gang originated and led by Rodney Rathbone that is made up of several teenage thugs. At any given time there have been about a half dozen members. They have played several tricks in Odyssey such as beating people up and egging nursing homes. In #182: “The Scales of Justice”, Isaac Morton describes the Bones as being "everywhere."


The Bones made their first appearance in #108: “Isaac the Courageous” when Rodney tried to recruit new members from the students of Odyssey Middle School.

During the Blackgaard saga, the gang was taken over by Jellyfish on the orders of Regis Blackgaard. Jellyfish gained the loyalty of all the members but Rodney and Rusty. Once the gang had served its purpose, Jellyfish shut it down in the episode #332: “Another Chance”. Both Rodney and Jellyfish went to jail shortly thereafter, putting the gang on hiatus. Rodney restarted and resumed leadership of the gang after his eventual release from jail by the time of #368: “The Other Woman”.

Rodney and the Bones have since resumed their usual torment of the kids of Odyssey, making brief appearances since in various shows like #466: “Snow Day” (chasing the likes of Alex Jefferson and his friends around town to steal cookies) and #521: “Hindsight”.


The gang's first known hideout, visited by Sam Johnson in #301: “The Good, the Bad and Butch”, was later abandoned for a second location further out of town by the events of #331: “Checkmate”. After Rodney's release from jail by the time of #368: “The Other Woman”, Rodney was found scoping out a third hideout in a cave on Jeb Eckhart's land in #390: “No Bones About It”.