Album 44: Eugene Returns!

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Album 44: Eugene Returns!
The ending scene in "A Most Intriguing Question"
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He was gone for years. And now that he's back, you're about to hear a lot more of Eugene! Why was he gone so long and more importantly, why is Whit hiding the fact that he's back? Meanwhile, Connie prepares the 2nd time wedding of Eugene and Katrina because they had gotten married at Katrina's father's death bed. But Connie's over-the-top wedding plans didn't call for a burning basement, unruly swans, or a missing bride and groom! This album celebrates the long-awaited return of a friend who stayed away far too long.


Episode Original Airdate Writer Director Rating Buy Preview
#560: “The Present Long Ago”
January 29, 2005
Bob Hoose
Bob Hoose
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In the future, an elderly woman attempts to help her grandson deal with a bully problem by reading from a journal written 60 years ago...about an incident between Trent DeWhite and Max Hampton.

#561: “Lost by a Nose”
February 5, 2005
John Fornof
Bob Hoose
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In an attempt to reveal the discriminatory practices of the 'Young Miss Odyssey Modeling Contest', Liz Horton becomes a contestant and lets it get to her head.

#562: “The Last “I Do””
February 12, 2005
Leilani Wells
Bob Hoose
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KYDS Radio tells the story of Saint Valentine and his defiance of an edict that bans anyone from getting married.

#563: “Tuesdays with Wooton”
February 19, 2005
Torry Martin
Marshal Younger
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Every Tuesday, Wooton gives the Hamptons' mail to a boy who meets him out front. But Wooton suddenly discovers that the boy isn't the Hamptons' son. Who is the stranger, and what will it take for him to 'open up'?

#564: “A Most Intriguing Question”
April 2, 2005
Nathan Hoobler
Marshal Younger
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Bernard, Tom, and Connie get the feeling Whit is up to something when they find out he's been spending all night working on the Imagination Station and a visitor from the department of health pays him a visit.

#565: “A Most Surprising Answer”
April 9, 2005
Marshal Younger
Marshal Younger
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Whit informs the gang that Eugene has lost his memory as a result of failed Radio Wave to Brain Wave experiments and so they put their heads together and to try help him remember his life in Odyssey.

#566: “A Most Extraordinary Conclusion”
April 16, 2005
Marshal Younger
Marshal Younger
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Losing hope, Connie, Bernard, and Katrina take turns in the Imagination Station hoping that their memories of Eugene will help him unlock his own.

#567: “Two Friends and a Truck”
April 23, 2005
Nathan Hoobler
Nathan Hoobler
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Eugene swaps vehicles with Bernard so he can move his belongings into his new house but gets into an accident. After Bernard blows up at him, he gets into an accident with Eugene's vehicle and tries to cover it up.

#568: “The Power of One”
April 30, 2005
John Fornof
John Fornof
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KYDS Radio airs a series of skits to teach about “the power of one” and both Harlow Doyle and Edwin Blackgaard perform a poem of the Samson and Delilah story.

#569: “The Invisible Dog”
May 7, 2005
John Fornof
John Fornof
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Lester introduces Whit, Connie, and Trent DeWhite to his dog Ralph while Eugene learns some valuable lessons as a substitute teacher.

#570: “For Better or For Worse, Part 1”
May 14, 2005
Kathy Buchanan
Marshal Younger
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Connie and Millie Shanks set out to create a perfect wedding ceremony for Eugene and Katrina but encounter many obstacles along the way.

#571: “For Better or For Worse, Part 2”
May 21, 2005
Kathy Buchanan
Marshal Younger
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Connie and Millie Shanks set out to create a perfect wedding ceremony for Eugene and Katrina but encounter many obstacles along the way...

Special Split Editions

44a: A Most Surprising Return

Main article: Album 44a: A Most Surprising Return

A shadowy figure in the back of Whit's car. Strange sounds from the Imagination Station in the middle of the night. Security monitors blurry with moving bodies. In the small town of Odyssey, secrets don't stay secret for long--especially when Connie, Bernard, and Tom decide to poke around for answers. In A Most Surprising Return, one of the town's most-loved characters tries to make a hush-hush return. But what Connie and company discover is more shocking than who it is who's trying to sneak back unannounced. The first six episodes of Adventures in Odyssey album #44 is a suspenseful miniseries that explores the value of committed friends, the danger of jumping to conclusions, and the need for acceptance.

44b: A Most Amazing Event

Main article: Album 44b: A Most Amazing Event

This exciting 2-CD collection brings you episodes 7 to 12 from volume 44, "Eugene Returns." "Lost by a Nose," explores the true meaning of beauty when crackerjack reporter Liz Horton sets out to expose the "little Miss Odyssey beauty pageant as a sham. "Two Friends and a Truck" teaches a lesson in mercy as Eugene borrows Bernard's truck, but switching cars for a day turns into a major incident when both Bernard and Eugene accidentally damage their borrowed cars. In "The Power of One," KYDS Radio shows how God uses ordinary people in amazing ways. Compassion is the lesson of the day in "The invisible Dog" when Eugene becomes the substitute teacher for Trent's class, and Lester shows Trent how to "see" more then he ever could. And finally, Eugene and Katrina plan to have a proper wedding in "For Better or Worse," parts one and two. Wedding mayhem takes over Odyssey and everyone wonders if the ceremony will ever actually happen!