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A New AIOWiki Poll!
December 16, 2017
After the long and drawn-out Connie vs. Eugene poll from September (which Eugene ended up winning by 2%), AIOWiki has a new poll: Should Jules and Buck start dating?

News:Archive/2017/12 - New AIOWiki Poll#disqus_thread

AIOWiki Podcast #8 is in production, #9 being planned
December 13, 2017
Just to let the community know, the AIOWiki Podcast #8 has been sitting around waiting to be produced, and when the time comes, it will be. The producer has not put a lot of effort in getting it released quickly, but he is planning to do so this weekend. If that does not happen, another update will be published correcting this one. It was mentioned that #8 was going to be an outtake reel; this idea has been shelved. In the meantime, #9 is being slowly brainstormed. Merry Christmas from AIOWiki!

News:Archive/2017/12 - The AIOWiki Podcast Update#disqus_thread

Official Podcast 292
December 06, 2017
Writer Sam Suksiri, writer/director Phil Lollar, and producer Nathan Hoobler answer fan questions about the recent album 63, the upcoming album 64, and what’s going on in Odyssey.

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Official Podcast 291
November 22, 2017
"Whit's Flop" first aired November 21, 1987. Sound designer Bob Luttrell and host Chris Anthony were there on that special day. Hear their memories of recording the very first episode.

News:Archive/2017/11 - Official Podcast 291#disqus_thread

Official Podcast 290
November 08, 2017
Writer Marshal Younger’s wife Stephanie works in a transplant clinic. She met a child who wondered if he would get the personality of the person who donated a liver to him. Hear how that story turned into the touching episode “Have a Heart.”

News:Archive/2017/11 - Official Podcast 290#disqus_thread

B-TV: Revenge
November 4, 2017
The cast and crew at B-TV explore what revenge is and why it’s wrong through a series of Bible stories, the “What If” Zone, and an adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo.

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#52: Connie, Part 2
User Rating: 93%
Connie must make a decision about Christianity, while Eugene is inadvertently causing problems back at Whit's End.
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New Episodes
AIOC-small.pngExclusive to the Adventures in Odyssey Club 
December 27th (December 27, 2017)
Your Honest Opinion, Please
AIOC-small.pngExclusive to the Adventures in Odyssey Club 
January 1st (January 1, 2018)
Rewinding the Big Picture
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April 7th (April 7, 2018)
Your Honest Opinion, Please

For more information about upcoming episodes, see Album 64: Under the Surface, Adventures in Odyssey Club: Season 4, and 2018 Season.
Current Podcasts
When is Album 64 coming out? Will Buck and Jules start dating? Can Connie and Jason be a thing? Will Grayson Smith become a regular character? Get the answers!
Guests: Nathan Hoobler, Phil Lollar, Sam Suksiri

The AIOWiki Podcast
AIOWiki Podcast #7October 15, 2017
As the interview with Nathan Hoobler and Sam Suksiri finishes, the two discuss “Friend or Foe” in detail, the character developments of Buck Oliver and Jules Kendall, and what Odyssey has in store for the future.

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