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Official Podcast 282
July 19, 2017
How do you create the sound of rain for two episodes? What does three people scuba diving sound like? And how did a real-life forest fire in Colorado Springs inspire an episode about a flood in Odyssey? Find out from the team behind the episode “Swept Away.” Plus, hear a bonus scene from the show, featuring Harlow Doyle.

News:Archive/2017/07 - Official Podcast 282#disqus_thread

GITS Digital Passes
July 15, 2017
Digital Passes to watch the live stream of the Get in the Show! 2017 Contest Finale are now on sale at WatchDigitally.png

News:Archive/2017/07 - GITS Finale Digital Passes#disqus_thread

Get in the Show! Poll
July 12, 2017
For all of you who haven’t noticed yet, AIOWiki has a new poll. Would you like to vote?

News:Archive/2017/07 - July's Poll#disqus_thread

AIOWiki Podcast #2
July 01, 2017
New official podcasts have come, and so has AIOWiki Podcast #2! Lee and Arista clear up questions left from Podcast #0 and discuss the latest spoilers in Odyssey.


News:Archive/2017/07 - AIOWiki Podcast 2#disqus_thread

Swept Away, Part 2 / AIOWiki Podcast #2
July 01, 2017
Today, “Swept Away, Part 2” aired on the Adventures in Odyssey Club! Is that a car stuck in the Trickle Lake dam? This episode wraps up the story started last month.

Production for AIOWiki Podcast #2 is underway, and will likely be released within the next two weeks.

News:Archive/2017/07 - Swept Away, Part 2#disqus_thread

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Hide and Seek
User Rating: 96% (edit)
An Imagination Station adventure showing the instances in the Bible where God searched for man.
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New Episodes
AIOC.pngExclusive to the Adventures in Odyssey Club 
July 13: Find a Penny, Part 1 (July 13, 2017)
AIOC.pngExclusive to the Adventures in Odyssey Club 
July 20: Find a Penny, Part 2 (July 20, 2017)
AIOC.pngExclusive to the Adventures in Odyssey Club 
August 1: The Legend of Sperry McGerk (August 1, 2017)
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October 7: Find a Penny, Part 1 (October 7, 2017)

For more information about upcoming episodes, see Album 63: Up in the Air, Adventures in Odyssey Club: Season 4, and 2017 Season.
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AIO-Bible-NIrV-Hardback-3D.png Adventures in Odyssey Bible

August 2017

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September 1, 2017

BlackgaardChronicles-Vol1-OpeningMoves.png The Blackgaard Chronicles Vol. 1: Opening Moves

September 2017

63front.jpg Album 63: Up in the Air

October 17, 2017

Imagination-station20-front.jpg Inferno in Tokyo

October 3, 2017