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Album 59 episode title announced
March 27, 2015
Its been a few months since we've had any news on AIO Wiki. Not much major has been going on in AIO news right now. Other than the monthly OAC episodes, the AIO episodes come out late in the year. So far this year there have been three OAC episodes are out this year. The AIOFansite has revealed the title of the first episode of album 59: #777 First Things First. This title most likely refers to Penny and Wooton's relationship.

News:Archive/2015/03 - Album 59 episode title announced.#disqus_thread


Album 59 and more
November 11, 2014
It's been quiet on the news front of AIO lately, but there's been a storm of activity today with 3 new products coming out.

First up is Album 59, the title will be Taking the Plunge, we can assume that this will pick up right from where 58 left off. The hard copy is currently due for release in August 2015, with digital and radio releases probably coming shortly before that. Something new with 59 though is that it will only contain 2 CD's instead of the usual 4, meaning that this album will most likely only have 6 episodes instead of 12. It remains to be seen if Album 60 will follow this format in 2016 or if it will be pushed up to make up for the shortened 59 season.

Next up is the first new sampler album in a while, it's based on The Dropbox episode from the OAC and also includes The Chosen One, Part 1 and Part 2. That's interesting because The Chosen One has already been in a sampler album. The sampler is due for release in March and currently does not have a cover image.

Lastly is a new book based on the Jones and Parker detective agency.

There’s something mysterious going on in everyone’s favorite town . . . Odyssey, of course! No mystery is too big or too small for Emily Jones and Matthew Parker. Whether it is helping the new doctor unlock her office safe or helping Mr. Whittaker find paint cans that have mysteriously disappeared, the Jones and Parker Detective Agency is on the case. Who knows what’s in store for these young detectives?

This book compiles 16 of the best stories originally published in Clubhouse magazine into one fun-filled volume. Kids can play detective along with Emily and Matthew as they hear the evidence and examine the clues provided. Filled with humor and fun, this new addition to the Adventures in Odyssey line will be a sure hit with kids.

It's due for release in May of 2015.

News:Archive/2014/11 - Album 59 and more#disqus_thread

September Poll Results
October 04, 2014
The September Poll has ended! Twenty-six percent of the 81 fans who voted choose #515: “B-TV: Behind the Scenes” as their favorite B-TV episode.

This month's poll question is:

Which 'Bernard and...' episode is your favorite?

Click here to vote now!

News:Archive/2014/10 - September Poll Results#disqus_thread

August Poll Results
September 06, 2014
The results of the August poll are in! It turns out that your favorite episode in Album #57: A Call to Something More, is #734-736: “Life Expectancy”. The episode #737-738: “The Pilot” came in second. Thank you to everyone who voted!

In anticipation of a new B-TV episode next year, “B-TV: Truth”, our September poll asks the following: Besides the live show, “B-TV: Live”, what is your favorite B-TV episode? Click here to vote now!

Also, #751: “The Ties That Bind, Part 1” airs today on radio stations across North America! The entire 14-part “The Ties That Bind” series is currently available for digital download and in the Odyssey Adventure Club and will also be released as Album #58: The Ties That Bind later this year.

News:Archive/2014/09 - Poll Results#disqus_thread


Audio.png Official Podcast 206
August 20, 2014
Executive producer Dave Arnold and writer/director Paul McCusker answer questions about album 58: The Ties That Bind, and give a few hints about upcoming episodes (including a new B-TV), and share a goof that fans noticed.

News:Archive/2014/08 - Official Podcast 206#disqus_thread

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