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AIOWiki Podcast #1
June 22, 2017
Following a lull in new AIO information, Lee and Arista take time to read the Get in the Show! 2017 scripts (or, at least, try to…).

This podcast will be released within a week from this post’s date.

News:Archive/2017/06 - AIOWiki Podcast 1#disqus_thread

Official Podcast 280
June 21, 2017
Sam Suksiri tells us about being a “writer apprentice,” designing theme parks, teaching robotics to kids, winning a cooking contest, and, yes, joining the Odyssey team.

News:Archive/2017/06 - Official Podcast 280#disqus_thread

Official Podcast 279
June 06, 2017
Executive producer Dave Arnold, producer Nathan Hoobler, writer/director Kathy Buchanan, writer/director Bob Hoose, and writer/director Phil Lollar answer fan questions about the recent Album 62, the upcoming Album 63, and what’s going on in Odyssey.

News:Archive/2017/06 - Official Podcast 279#disqus_thread

New Poll for June/AIOWiki Podcast #1
June 01, 2017
The past couple AIOWiki polls have featured several voting options. This month’s poll features only two (technically three). Which side are you on?

By the way, the next AIOWiki podcast is currently under production and the lines are being recorded. There’s no date yet, though.

News:Archive/2017/06 - June's Poll#disqus_thread

Official Podcast 278
May 24, 2017
Cast members Shona Kennedy (Jules), Karen Kennedy (Lena), Katriona Kennedy (Teena), Pat Fraley (Karno), Robby Bruce (Buck), Andre Stojka (Whit), Will Ryan (Eugene), and crew Phil Lollar (writer/director) and Christopher Diehl (engineer) record the songs for the musical episode “Legacy.”
News:Archive/2017/05 - Official Podcast 278#disqus_thread

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The Friend Formula
User Rating: 89% (edit)
Riley is new to town and hoping to find some new friends. For advice, he turns to an unlikely (and unreliable) source – Jay Smouse!
Mondays’ Episode: The One About Trust, Part 1Full Schedule · June’s Schedule

New Episodes
AIOC.pngExclusive to the Adventures in Odyssey Club 
June 1: Swept Away, Part 1 (June 1, 2017)
Logo contest 2010 Eugene3.pngEpisode of the AIOWiki Podcast 
June 29: AIOWiki Podcast #1 (June 29, 2017)
AIOC.pngExclusive to the Adventures in Odyssey Club 
July 1: Swept Away, Part 2 (July 1, 2017)
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October 7: To Find a Penny, Part 1 (October 7, 2017)

For more information about upcoming episodes, see Album 63: Up in the Air, Adventures in Odyssey Club: Season 4, and 2017 Season.
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August 2017

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September 1, 2017

BlackgaardChronicles-Vol1-OpeningMoves.png The Blackgaard Chronicles Vol. 1: Opening Moves

September 2017

63front.jpg Album 63: Up in the Air

October 17, 2017

Imagination-station20-front.jpg Inferno in Tokyo

October 3, 2017