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John Fornof
April 27, 2017
We just found out that John Fornof, the writer for many notable AIO episodes (like #466: “Snow Day” and #467: “Broken Window”) has prostate cancer, rated 8 out of 10. You can make donations at this link. If you can’t donate, or even if you can, would you keep him in your prayers?

News:Archive/2017/04 - John Fornof#disqus_thread


Audio.png Official Podcast 276
April 26, 2017
Gregory Jbara is a Tony Award-winning actor who now plays Pastor Wilson Knox on Adventures in Odyssey. Greg tells us about replacing voices in a Norelco commercial, starting college with a major in physics, and recording with the Odyssey team.

News:Archive/2017/04 - Official Podcast 276#disqus_thread

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AIOWiki Turns 10
April 25, 2017
Today the AIOWiki Turns 10. In 10 years we have accomplished a lot: 48,628 pages, 6,265 article, 1,444 users, 231,763 edits and counting...

News:Archive/2017/04/25 - AIOWiki Turns 10#disqus_thread

817 art.jpg

Album 63 Cover Released; “Unfair Game” Art Released Early
April 22, 2017
Thanks to Nathan Hoobler, AIOWiki has the art for #817: “Unfair Game” a week before its release! Click on the image for more detail. We can now announce the title for album 63. It is… Up in the Air! See the page or the “New Releases” section for the cover image.

News:Archive/2017/04 - New Images#disqus_thread

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AIOWiki Podcast Announcement
April 18, 2017
After four months of brainstorming, writing, and recording, Scientific Guy has announced the AIOWiki Podcast. Please see here for more information.

News:Archive/2017/04 - AIOWiki Podcast Announcement#disqus_thread


Video.png Official Podcast 275
April 12, 2017
Star date 80995.2017. Adventures in Odyssey is about to celebrate its 30th birthday with a spectacular live show on a four-night cruise to the Bahamas. However, we need one more person. Sensors indicate that person just might be on a strange, mysterious, enigmatic alien planet.

News:Archive/2017/04 - Official Podcast 275#disqus_thread

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Easy Money
User Rating: 93% (edit)
Butch and Sam want to buy some new hockey equipment, but Butch takes a few short cuts that land him into serious trouble.
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New Episodes
AIOC.pngExclusive to the Adventures in Odyssey Club 
April 1: A Perfect Testimony (April 1, 2017)
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April 22: The Grass is Always Greener (April 22, 2017)
Find a station.pngAirs on radio stations and and on the internet 
April 29: Legacy, Part 1 (April 29, 2017)

For more information about upcoming episodes, see Album 62: Let’s Put on a Show!, Adventures in Odyssey Club: Season 4, and 2017 Season.
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Eve: This time it really is my fault. When I ate the forbidden fruit the serpent told me I'd be like God. I had no idea something like this would happen.
Adam: No, no it's both our faults. We brought sin into the world. Envy is one of the worst.
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October 17, 2017