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Album 59 Available on CD
July 29, 2015
Album #59: Taking the Plunge has officially been released on CD! The album contains 6 episodes instead of the 12, setting a new standard for future series albums. Click here to order a copy of Album 59 on Amazon. The album has also been released on the Odyssey Adventure Club and is available for digital download on iTunes and Amazon.

News:Archive/2015/07 - Album 59 Available on CD#disqus_thread

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Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 3
July 22, 2015
Today recording started for episodes in Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 3. Behind the scenes details were released on the Odyssey Facebook page, including two episode titles! The album page has been updated with these episode titles and episode pages have been created with cast and crew information that has been released. So far the Odyssey team has not revealed any major spoilers.

News:Archive/2015/07 - Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 3#disqus_thread


Celebrating 200,000 Edits!
July 11, 2015
Today we reached an exciting milestone on AIOWiki. This afternoon at 12:56 PM CST, the user Erwin Springer made Adventures in Odyssey Wiki's 200,000th edit! Click here to read more about this event. To help us celebrate, comment below with what you like about AIOWiki!

News:Archive/2015/07 - 200,000 Edits#disqus_thread

Album 60 Title and Art!
July 10, 2015
Today we learned the title of the next Odyssey album release: Album #60: Head Over Heels. Album 60 will be available on the Odyssey Adventure Club in December, for digital download in February 2016, and on CD in March 2016. Tentative cover art from Tyndale is shown below. Based on the cover, what do you think this album will be about? Comment below, but please avoid giving any spoilers about Album 59.
Update: The album summary has been added to the album page.

News:Archive/2015/07 - Album 60#disqus_thread

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Playing the Predictable
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Eugene is recruited to investigate disappearing money at the Odyssey Bank and the new head of Vance's gang, Dion, announces his intention to make Buck's life miserable.
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New Episodes
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Club logo.pngExclusive to the Odyssey Adventure Club 
August 1: Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet, Part 2
Club logo.pngExclusive to the Odyssey Adventure Club 
September 1: Hidden Gems
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September 26: First Things First

For more information about upcoming episodes, see Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 2, Album 59: Taking the Plunge and 2015 Season.
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Stanley: What?
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Stanley (c): Really?!
Drill Sergeant Combs: I forgot that you have a Master’s degree in counseling and went to seminary for four years and I completely blanked that you’ve been in the ministry for twenty-two years and have trained people in discipleship for the past six…
Stanley: You know, I didn’t do any of that.
Drill Sergeant Combs: You didn’t?
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Adventures in Oddity Front.PNG Adventures in Oddity

June 2015
Order from Katie Leigh

59front.jpg Album #59: Taking the Plunge

August 2015 Cbd icon.png

CountdowntoChristmas.PNG Countdown to Christmas

September 2015 Cbd icon.png

Candid-Conversations-with-Connie 3.jpg Candid Coversations With Connie: Volume 3‎

January 2016

Imagination-Station17-front.jpg In Fear of the Spear

January 2016