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Fictional City


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Kidsboro is a "made-up" town in the woods behind Whit’s End in Odyssey. It is headed by mayor Ryan Cummings. The first five citizens, Ryan, Nelson Swanson, Jill Segler, Alice Funderburk, and Scott Sanchez created it after a disappointing Career Day at their school in Odyssey. Mr. Whittaker, the owner of Whit's End, an ice cream shop and inventive emporium says they should make their own town to really experience what it's like to have a job and work. Kidsboro was formed days later in the woods behind Whit's End...

About the Town

  • It has a church, a police station, a store, a bakery, a weekly newspaper, even a jail. The citizens are all under 14 years of age. The ramshackle town sits in the woods behind the house of founder Ryan Cummings, 12. It started as a school project, then took on a life of its own. The population has expanded from 5 to least 36. Kidsboro has a chief of police, lawyers, a newspaper reporter, an insurance man, and one perplexed mayor as mentioned in the book series.
  • Kidsboro also has a science workshop that Nelson works in; each resident even has their own house.
  • Kidsboro could be considered an enclave of the city of Odyssey.


Jill and Ryan
Pete and Alice


  • Three of the five members of the city council (all boys) joined the Odyssey Owls basketball team and formed The Square One Club.
  • It was originally thought that the Bones of Rath were assailing the town, but it turned out they were nowhere near the town.
  • In between the time that Ryan Cummings resigned as mayor and his reelection it's unknown if Kidsboro had an interim mayor or none at all. It's also possible that Ryan's resignation wouldn't have taken place until after the election.



Marshal Younger is the author of all of the Kidsboro books, Rob Johnson did the artwork for the books in 2008, and Gary Locke in 2011, while Laura Stutzman did the artwork for the original book in 2000.