Kidsboro, Part 2

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#644: “Kidsboro, Part 2”
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Kidsboro, Part 2

“Kidsboro, Part 2” is episode #644 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Marshal Younger, and originally aired on May 31, 2008.


Mr. Whittaker creates a whole town run entirely by kids. Ryan and his friends decide that they must run the town right by establishing their own government, laws, and justice system.


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The new town of Kidsboro is vandalized by an unknown force. Nelson Swanson, a young inventor, seems to solve the problem, but his solution leads to the fledgling Kidsboro government being sued for all they are worth.

Discussion Questions

  1. God invented nations and what we call “the state” or the government. What is the purpose of the government? (See Romans 13:1-4.)
  2. In order to punish evil, a government must have laws. Where should people look for guidance when creating laws?
    1. Did America’s Founding Fathers use the Bible to establish laws?
  3. What does it mean to have liberty?
    1. Would we experience more liberty if we didn’t have to obey any laws?
  4. Ryan and Nelson were in the government of Kidsboro, but they found themselves in difficult situations—even doing the wrong things for what they hoped were good reasons. Is it ever right to do wrong, even if you mean well?
    1. What happens when a government behaves that way?
  5. What are the consequences when a government drifts away from the principles found in the Bible?
    1. Do you see that happening with your government?
    2. How?
  6. Should the government decide what schools teach?
    1. Should the government take care of the poor, or is that someone else's responsibility?
    2. Is it the government’s job to decide if parents are being good parents?
    3. What do you think happens when a government becomes all-powerful?
  7. The citizens of Kidsboro didn't want to pay for Nelson's smell neutralizer, so they (Valerie) asked the government to pay for it. The government then had to raise taxes. So, the citizens still had to pay for the neutralizers, but now they couldn't decide that they didn't want to buy it in the first place. Do you think this is right for the government to do?
    1. Was it logical?
    2. Whose job is it to replace the things that criminals break?


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Rodney Rathbone Ryan Cummings
Joseph Richards Nelson Swanson


  • At one point Jill says that she is big with metaphors, the example she used was a simile.



Pete: The Kidsboro constitution can't be written on sticky notes!

Ryan Cummings: What's next?! Suing someone because of bad breath?!

Valerie Swanson: You better get one [court system] because one way or another I'm gonna get my money or Kidsboro is going down.

Alice Funderburk: I won't have threats in my courtroom, Miss Swanson. Unless they come from me. I do have a mallet.

Ryan Cummings: Objection, she's [Valerie] badgering the witness.
Nelson Swanson: Yeah, that's exactly what she's doing. I feel badgered.

Jill Segler: I'm big on metaphors.