The Other Side of the Glass, Part 3

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#618: “The Other Side of the Glass, Part 3”
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2 Timothy 4:7

7I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

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The Other Side of the Glass, Part 3

“The Other Side of the Glass, Part 3” is episode #618 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on May 26, 2007.


The PowerBoy symbol for “help” appears on windows all over Odyssey. Wooton Bassett is determined to find out who has sent out the urgent signal.


Mr. Henderson takes Wooton Bassett to a room in the basement of the window factory. A few seconds later Mr. Corelli enters the room. He tells Wooton that Joseph's imagination is a bit wild. Mr. Corelli tries to convince Wooton that everything that is going at the factory is perfectly legal. Wooton asks about Freddy C. and Mr. Corelli tells him Freddy C. is really Joseph; Joseph Frederick Corelli.

Joseph returns to the mechanic and wants to use his computer. The mechanic gives Joseph over to Mr. Henderson, who then takes Joseph to Mr. Corelli.

Wooton returns to Whit's End and reports what Mr. Corelli said to Bernard Walton and John Whittaker (Whit). Whit asks Wooton who he believes Mr. Corelli or Joseph. Wooton replies by saying that Joseph used the Power Boy symbol for help. They decide to go back to the factory that night to get their evidence.

Wooton, Whit and Bernard go back to the factory at midnight. They find a new hiding spot well hidden by trees. Wooton and Bernard are both in bush costumes, but Whit couldn't find one in his size. Agent Hayworth joins them to help bring down the factory. They watch as another shift of people is delivered. They also see Mr. Henderson dragging Joseph into the factory. Agent Hayworth decides to take action due to the evidence they now have. The trio watch as Hayworth and his agents storm into the factory. Wooton notices Henderson and Joseph going out a side door. Wooton decides to go after them to save Joseph.

Whit and Wooton find Agent Hayworth and tells him about Joseph and Henderson. Henderson and Joseph unite with Mr. Corelli. They head out a door and make their way to a van. As the van is pulling away, Wooton jumps onto the windshield of the van. Henderson tries to shake Wooton, and finally does after hitting the brakes. The police block the way keeping them from getting much farther.

Joseph and Wooton meet afterward. Joseph is handed over to protective custody. Whit and Agent Hayworth talk about the Glass scheme. Hayworth says that Mr. Corelli is confessing to everything. He thanks Whit, Wooton, and Bernard for their help. Wooton arranges to see Joseph and they go to the park. Wooton asks why Joseph made up Freddy C. Joseph simply says it was cool to have a secret identity. They then race around the park, Wooton style.

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Wooton Bassett: I love what you've done with the place; it looks like just a regular meeting room in a basement!
Mr. Henderson: That's because it is just a meeting room in a basement.

Bernard Walton: This is a real pickle.
John Whittaker: Yeah, yeah, it's a problem alright.
Bernard Walton: No, I mean it's a real pickle—it tastes great. Where'd you find 'em?
John Whittaker: Uh, it's a new brand.

Wooton Bassett: Kick the door down! It's always cooler when they kick the door down.

Wooton Bassett: <nervously> Stop in the name of the law!