Race to Freedom

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17: Race to Freedom
New Video Series
June 10, 2003
The sanctity of every life
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The Caves of Qumran Race to Freedom Last Video to Date


Dylan, with the help of some friends and an abolitionist named Reverend Andrew, wants to help Carter Williams and two other slaves escape through the Underground Railroad. But that's before angry slave owners chase them as they try to cross into the North and certain freedom. Have they come so far only to be disappointed? This powerful "Adventures in Odyssey" video teaches a valuable lesson about the cost of freedom.


When Carter jumped into the Imagination Station for an unauthorized ride with Dylan back to the year 1856, he never expected to be chased by dogs and mistaken for a runaway slave! Now he's facing an angry master and the threat of being whipped and sold on an auction block! Meanwhile, his buddy Dylan is enjoying a grand feast and the comforts of life on a cotton plantation.

Will Dylan give up the easy life to try and help his friend and two other slaves escape? Get ready for a captivating trip on the Underground Railroad as Carter and his friends Race to Freedom! In this exciting Adventures in Odyssey video, you'll learn that every person is valuable to God.

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Role Voice Actor
John Whittaker Unknown
Dylan Taylor Unknown
Carter Williams Unknown
Reverend Andrew Jamison Bill Myers
Jesse Taylor Cari Lyall
Unknown Andy Grindstaff
Unknown Brian Greene
Unknown Emily Pollack
Unknown Julie Hinton
Unknown Richard A. Caleel
Unknown Bert Olguin
Unknown Philip Davis
Unknown Philip Briggs
Unknown Pernisha Barfield
Unknown Lynette Moore
Football Announcer Unknown
Elizabeth (d) Unknown
Silas Unknown
Mary (f) Unknown
Thomas Unknown
Auctioneer Unknown
Levi (a) Unknown
Woman (d) Unknown