Stepping Stones, Part 2

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#TTC07: “Stepping Stones, Part 2”
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August 2008
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Stepping Stones, Part 2

“Stepping Stones, Part 2” is episode #TTC07 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, was originally released on August 2008, and has not aired on the radio.


Mr. Whittaker uses the enhanced Kids' Radio studio to tell the kids the true story of the Puritans and their voyage to North America, their hardships, and their new life.


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Discussion Questions

  1. The Pilgrims were being persecuted in England. By whom?
    1. What was their reason for moving to Holland?
    2. Why did they decide to leave Holland and sail for America?
  2. See how many trials and troubles you can list that the Pilgrims had to endure.
  3. What can you do if you suspect that a school textbook isn’t telling you the truth about American history?
    1. Using a history text or the Internet, find and read the original text of the Mayflower Compact. How does it compare to what you were taught?
  4. Have you ever tried to do something that God wanted you to do but ran into problems along the way?
    1. Did you keep trying or quit?
  5. Why did William Bradford say the Pilgrims were “stepping stones”?
  6. The Pilgrims thanked God for taking care of them even though things had gone badly and many people had died. Do you sometimes find it hard to give thanks? What does the Bible say about giving God thanks?


Role Voice Actor
Captain Jones Jim Custer
Deacon Carver Phil Proctor
Dorothy Bradford Susan Boyd-Joyce
Jill Segler Kelly Stables
John Billington Matt Hurwitz
John Robinson Ian Whitcomb
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Miles Standish Townsend Coleman
Ryan Cummings Adam Wylie
Squanto Phil Proctor
Storyteller Martin Jarvis
William Bradford Chris Edgerly
William Brewster Andre Stojka




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