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October 4, 2006
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Producer Q & A: Why discuss divorce in Odyssey?


Executive producer Dave Arnold and producer Marshal Younger answer fan questions about the Fall 2006 season of Adventures in Odyssey, including reasons for dealing with divorce, details on Eugene’s search for his dad, and previews.


Aria Curzon: Hi, this is Aria Curzon, voice of Mandy. Welcome to The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast!


Jesse Florea: Welcome to the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast. I’m your host Jesse, editor of Focus on the Family Clubhouse Magazine, and this is the October 4th, 2006 edition. Coming up on the podcast, we’ll read some of your letters, but first, let’s listen at the producers answer your questions. Over to you, Nathan.


Nathan: Well, thanks Jesse. I’m here with "Odyssey" producers Marshal Younger and Dave Arnold and we’ve got some fan questions for them. The first question here is from Rachel, aged 10, and I think a lot of these questions are about the show “Cover of Darkness”, which was the show that started the season here. And Rachel asks, "When Gobir was talking about Eugene, he called him Morati’s son. Now why did he say that? Who is Morati?"

MY: Well, in the episode “Prisoners of Fear, Part 1”, we find out that the village, the African village that Eugene went to, was actually the same village that his father went to twenty years earlier. And Leonard got to know these people, and they called him Morati, which means “wise one”. They loved him, and he developed a relationship with them. "Prisoners of Fear", that is an episode that starts the whole Eugene story arc, Eugene trying to find his father, and that’s actually on the album "Lost and Found", which continues the story arc in "A Date with Dad", that’s the name of the album and the name of the show was “A Time for Action, Part 1”.

DA: That’s right. That ended last season, and this season actually started right where last season left off.

Nathan: Okay, the next one’s from Nigel, no age given. He says, “I’m racking my brain for an answer about why [[Last in a Long Line |“Last in a Long Line ”]] and "A Time for Action" don’t match. Eugene’s mother’s maiden name in "Last in a Long Time" is Krahnholm and in "A Time for Action" it’s Moushnik. What’s going on?” Well, Marshal, I think you can answer that question.

DA: I can answer this question! But...I only have one thing to say about that...Lucy Cunningham-Schultz. {laughter} And now I’ll let Marshal answer this question.

MY: Well, I’ll let him explain the Lucy Cunningham-Schultz reference, but, really, it’s a very simple answer. The Scandinavian pronunciation of Krahnholm is actually Moushnik, so there’s really no problem there...

DA: And if you say Moushnik in Swedish Pig Latin it comes out at Krahnholm.

MY: Right. So there’s no problem what-so-ever, it’s actually a very nice language lesson. It’s a good lesson.

DA: Can you do the Pig Latin variation of Moushnik?

MY: Yes, Krahnholm in Pig Latin is Moo-shnik. There you go.

DA: Well done!

MY: Thanks.

Nathan: I think we answered that question!

MY: We did, but we answered it incorrectly.


Nathan: Although we do have to answer and I’ll whisper this, but we did actually goof here, and we’re very sorry, but it’s not nearly as big as the goof we made-

MY: And tell them where the name Moushnik came from.

Nathan: The name Mousnik?

MY: Yes. Why did we make the mistake?

DA: Because the person who’s supposed to know better, who is asking the question, who is our historian-

Nathan: -actually wrote the episode. The reason we used Moushnik was because it’s a very well known name, because it’s the relative who’s related to both Eugene and Bernard, so we know Eugene and Bernard Walton are related because they both have a relative named Moushnik. So we wanted to use that name.

MY: But Leonard’s mother’s maiden name is Moushnik, right? It that what it is?

Nathan: Yes, Leonard’s mother’s maiden name is Krahnholm. His grandmother’s maiden name is Moushnik.

DA: And the great-grandmother’s name is Moushnik-Cunningham-Schultz.

Nathan: This next question is from Jessica, aged 13, and she wants to know, “we just heard on the show how Mandy’s parents are separating for a time. Does that mean they’re divorcing? It must be tough on Mandy and David.”, that last part isn’t really a question, it’s more of an observation I think.

MY: It would be a lot tougher on Mandy and David if they were not fictional characters. Just thought I’d point that out. Dave, would you like to answer this?

DA: I’ll break this down into two parts, since there are two points to this observation. First part obviously is... what’s the first part there Nathan?

Nathan: She mentions that Mandy’s parents are separating.

DA: Does that mean they’re divorcing? Well, we’re not gonna give that, obviously, away, because then you wouldn’t have to continue listening to the rest of the stories. But, you’ll just have trust us that it’s engaging and it’s a good storyline. And we will let you know as time goes by. But, bigger question is: why are we walking down this road? why are we talking about a situation of divorce; separation inside of a family? And so, the goal for Odyssey has really always been, to try and provide stories that people can relate to. In fact, letters come in all the time; people saying “you’re writing about my life right now”. And so for us to skip over an issue that we feel people could identify with, would be wrong for us. Even though it’s a difficult issue, the issue of divorce, this gives us an opportunity to speak into a lot of peoples’ lives, where they are right now. And the writers have developed some incredible story lines that will help people to cope with this, whether they’re going through divorce, or know people going through separation or divorce, and help them find their way through it.

MY: One thing that we did want to do was to make sure that we kept this storyline positive. We didn’t want it to be such a downer every time, where Mandy’s going through something and it’s just negative. We tried to add a positive spin to either the people around her, that they’re learning a lesson, or Mandy’s learning a lesson herself. And so hopefully that will keep it more interesting.

DA: Yeah, pretty much all the stories are self-contained and have some sort of lesson at the end of them, so you don’t feel like you’re not going anywhere with these stories. They do have their own self-contained lesson as well, so yeah, it’s good stuff.

Nathan: Okay, we have one more question here. It is, “what else is coming up this season?”

DA: I think Dallas is probably gonna do really well this season...

Nathan: Actually, I think Pittsburgh is gonna go to the Super Bowl twice in a row.

{DA and MY groan}

MY: Oh no, it’s over, it’s over. They’re not even gonna win the division.

DA: No, I think they are going down big time.


DA: Moving right along!

MY: I was actually going to talk about hunting season! It’s gonna be a really good season this year.

DA: Duck season, rabbit season! Duck season, rabbit season!

Nathan: The fishing season’s going to be terrific as well. But how about the Adventures in Odyssey season? Anything else you guys can tell us about the upcoming season of Adventures in Odyssey?

MY: Well, we keep going with the story arc, the Leonard-Eugene story arc, we’ve got the Mandy story arc as we’ve mentioned. We’ve got a couple things going on with Grady. He’s been going through some things lately. One show that I’m kinda exciting about is a show called “My Favorite Thing”. A couple of years ago we did a show called “Sunday Morning Scramble”, which was the entire show was the Washingtons’ getting ready to go to church. Well, this show is actually the Washingtons’ do to dinner. And that’s the entire show.

DA: Most families do that too. A lot of families have dinner.

MY: Exactly. And they go out to dinner. And it seems like a very simple premise, but it is actually, of course, not simple at all.

Nathan: We actually have a preview of that, don’t we?

{Preview of "My Favorite Thing"}

Nathan: Well, it sounds like a lot of fun! "My Favorite Thing" airs October 7th, so definitely tune in for that one. And thanks Dave, Marshall, for doing this Q&A, and let’s do another one here soon!

DA: My pleasure.

MY: It was fun.


Jesse: If you’d like to learn more about the upcoming season, or about the two recent albums that were mentioned, "Lost and Found" and "A Date with Dad", log onto Whit’ Here are a few of your letters we’ve received lately. Here’s one from Marvin. He says, “I thought I’d write and let you know I’ve been listening to "Odyssey" for a good number of years. I’ll turn forty next month, Lord willing, but age makes no difference. I still enjoy "Odyssey". Please keep those programs coming.” Here’s another one from Peter, age 8. He says, “we were driving in the car, listening to “Blackgaard’s Revenge”, when Mr. Whittaker said Dr. Blackgaard would be dead for eternity. It scared me because I didn’t want to be dead for eternity. When I got back home, I asked my dad to help me become a Christian.” Wow Peter! That’s awesome! One of my favorite verses from the Bible says, ‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old is gone, the new is come.’ It’s amazing when God uses Adventures in Odyssey to change somebody’s life forever. Well, that’s all the time we have. You’ve been listening to the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast, a presentation of Focus on the Family. Visit us online at Whit’ I’m Jesse, and remember, with God in your life, every day is an adventure.