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Official Podcast 1
September 20, 2006
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Interviews with Courtney Brown (Tamika) and producer Marshal Younger


Actress Courtney Brown talks about playing the role of Tamika. Plus, producer Marshal Younger takes us behind-the-scenes of the then latest Adventures in Odyssey release "A Date with Dad (and Other Calamities)".


Courtney Brown: Hi, this is Courtney Brown, voice of Tamika Washington. Welcome to The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast!

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Jesse Florea: Welcome, to the Official Adventures in Odyssey podcast. I’m your host Jesse, editor of Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Magazine, and this is a September 20, 2006 edition. Coming up on the podcast, we’ll interview actress Courtney Brown, who plays Tamika on Adventures in Odyssey. Plus, we’ll hear clips from the premiere episode, which airs September 23. But first, here is the latest news:

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Jesse: The latest Adventures in Odyssey album is now available. "A Date With Dad and Other Calamities", the newest release from the audio series has loads of fun and exiting stories from the small town of Odyssey. There are hilarious episodes, like when the Washington kids switch places with their parents. And action-packed adventures, such as Eugene’s search for his missing father. We recently asked producer Marshal Younger a few questions about this new release. What did you find out, Josh?

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Josh: Marshal, tell us a little about the new in A Date With Dad (and Other Calamities). What can we expect?

Marshal Younger: We’ve got Grady, who’s kind of on a spiritual journey, we’ve taken him through some things. This album is gonna feature that, and the biggest thing, though, is Eugene’s and his search for his for his dad. Which we’ve kinda started in album 45 and now it’s gonna come to a climax, and we’ll find out a lot more about it.

Josh: That’s exciting. So Leonard was originally in Africa and now he’s closer to home...?

MY: Well, we’re gonna find out.

Josh: Can you give us any stories from behind the scenes of that album?

MY: One practically fun thing for me, is that three members of my family is in one of these episodes. There’s an episode called “The Poor Rich Guy”, which my wife plays the operator, a telephone operator, and two of my kids are on the bus in a scene.

Josh: With Grady

MY: With Grady. That’s right.

Josh: That’s fun.

MY: Another fun thing is that is called “Broken-Armed and Dangerous”, which futures a character named Mrs. Sutton. She was in an episode a few years ago called "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?" and she had a bit of a crush on Whit. And one of the things Paul Herlinger, one of our actors, he plays Whit, one of the things he really wanted to have happen was some sort of romance for Whit. And we were sort of avoiding that a little bit, but then we got this woman who comes in and has a crush on Whit. I just think there is this hilarious chemistry between them. Because Whit’s just trying to avoid her, anyway, there is more to that in that story.

Josh: Speaking of behind the scenes, I know fans are gonna learn a lot more about what goes on in the studio and other things from that extra track you’ve put on there?

MY: That’s right. We are doing an audio commentary on one of the shows. The show is called "Switch". And three of us, that’s myself, I directed the show, John Fornof, who wrote the show, and Jonathan Crowe, who post-produced the show, engineered it. We actually listened to the show and give our comments as we go through and give some behind-the-scenes trivia and what made this work and how the script had changed, cause the script had changed a lot from the original drafts. And man, that was a lot of fun! We didn’t know how it would work, audio commentary on an audio product, but I think it is a lot of fun, I think people will enjoy it.

Josh: Now Marshal I know you have a few children who listen to Odyssey as well, as a parent, what lessons stick out to you as really relevant for families?

MY: You know, I’ve written a lot of shows recently on just being unselfish, and putting others before yourselves. And to me that is such a huge lesson that kids don’t get from the world, that’s for sure. ‘Cause it’s always “look out for number one”, “do this for yourself”, “don’t put yourself second”, and the Bible is completely contradictory to that.

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Jesse: Thanks, Marshal and Josh. If you’d like to learn more about A Date with Dad, and Other Calamites, log onto Whit’ Next up, Nathan will talk with Courtney Brown, who plays the role of Tamika Washington.

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Nathan: So, Courtney, tell us, when did you start acting?

CB: I was eight or nine years old when I started dance class and I got my first commercial. It was really just a donation thing for the blind and dyslexic.

Nathan: That’s cool. How long after that did you start working on Adventures in Odyssey?

CB: Oh, like a year later. A couple months later. I got Odyssey! I was so excited!

Nathan: So Odyssey was actually one of your first jobs really?

CB: It was my first job that I actually got paid for.

Nathan: I had no idea! And you’ve been on the show for awhile now...

CB: Four years, well, no, more than four years. About four/five years.

Nathan: Now, do you have any specific memories of any episodes, like one you thought, “oh that was a great episode?”, or anything that happened in the studio? Anything you can tell people that they might not know?

CB: My favorite episode was “Odyssey Sings!”, it was so hilarious, 'cause we were goofing around the whole time and everyone was just singing and it was amazing. Sometimes they just play music and we’d start dancing. It was so funny! That was my favorite Odyssey episode.

Nathan: And that’s the one where you actually got to sing, what was the song you sang in that one?

CB: It was called Highway. It was my first singing thing, except not in the shower.

Nathan: That's actually if people listen to "Lost and Found", the Odyssey album, one of the bonus tracks on there is you singing the Highway.

CB: Yeah, it was really exciting.

Nathan: Have you done any singing since then? On anything else?

CB: Not really. Like Fourth of July, in my backyard, in front of my family!

Nathan: What similarities do you and Tamika have? Are you at all like the character? Or are you very different?

CB: Sometimes I’m a little bossy like Tamika, but I think she’s very, like, determined. And she expresses herself through the keyboard and singing. And I do it sometimes too. Maybe not the keyboard; tambourine, whatever I have lying around.

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Jesse: We mentioned earlier that new episodes of Adventures in Odyssey start airing September 23. The premiere episode, “Cover of Darkness”, picks up right where "A Date With Dad" left off. Here’s a special preview:

{Preview of "Cover of Darkness"}

Jesse: To find a radio station in your area that plays Adventures in Odyssey, log onto Whit’ There, you can also submit questions for the Adventures in Odyssey team, who may answer you in an upcoming edition. You’ve been listening to the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast, a presentation of Focus on the Family. Visit us online at Whit’ I’m Jesse, and remember, with God in your life, every day is an adventure.

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