Relatively Annoying

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#476: “Relatively Annoying”
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2 Peter 2:17

17These men are springs without water and mists driven by a storm. Blackest darkness is reserved for them.

Leviticus 19:32
32"'Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the LORD.

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“Relatively Annoying” is episode #476 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Marshal Younger, and originally aired on November 24, 2001.


Spending a week at his grandparents' house seems like the end of the world to Alex Jefferson.


There are many kinds of torture. Some are painful physically. Some are painful mentally. Some are awful and some are bearable. But for Alex Jefferson, there can’t be a worse torture than staying a week at his grandparents’ house. Not only does his Grandpa take away his video-game, fix a crack in the TV with duct tape, and call him by the wrong name, both of his grandparents talk about nothing but death and disgusting things (like toenails in food and sick friends).

One day in the midst of his total boredom, a man shows up at the door offering to buy the Jefferson Farm. Grandma tries to ignore the man, but Alex finds out that he wants to buy the land for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars! Alex is stunned. He tells his grandma that she could live in a nicer house and even go to Alaska like she’s always dreamed. Grandma says it’s a closed issue and insists that he mustn’t tell his grandfather.

Later that day, Grandma gets a call from a friend. Grandpa’s friend George has died. Grandpa is bewildered for a moment, but then says he needs to go on a walk. Alex trails him and watches as his grandpa travels through the woods and digs up a box. After scolding Alex for following him, Grandpa shows him the contents of the box. The box contains a bunch of items that Grandpa and his friends put together and had promised each other that they would one day return and open the box. Now Grandpa is the only one still alive. Grandpa wonders what he should do with his life and Alex accidentally spills that Grandma got an offer to sell the house. Grandpa can’t believe she wouldn’t tell him and storms back to the house.

Grandpa slams open the front door and demands an explanation. He gets one. Grandma tells him that he can’t leave. It has been his home for his entire life. He has been farming the land for six decades and it would kill him to leave. Grandma says that it had been a mistake for Grandpa to sell his cows. Then Grandpa has a revelation of his own (even though he didn’t mean to say it), He sold the cows so they could go to Alaska, just like Grandma wanted!

That evening at dinner, Alex decides that he’s going to live through the week after all. And maybe he understands his grandparents just a little better.

Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever had to stay somewhere that you didn’t feel comfortable?
  2. How should Alex have acted differently toward his grandparents at the beginning of the show?
  3. Alex said that he understood his grandparents a little better. Why do you think he understood them more?
    • How can knowing someone more help us lead to a better friendship with them?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Alex Jefferson Travis Tedford
Grandma Jefferson Flo Di Re
Grandpa Jefferson Tom Williams
Mr. Harrick Corey Burton

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Rachel Jefferson Alex Jefferson
Mr. Jefferson Alex Jefferson
Mrs. Jordan Alex Jefferson




Alex Jefferson: Maybe we could go somewhere after dinner.
Grandpa Jefferson: Where?
Alex Jefferson: I don't know. Somewhere fun.
Grandma Jefferson: We could go to the Hospital.
Alex Jefferson: The hospital?
Grandpa Jefferson: Good idea. We could have our stomachs pumped.

Alex Jefferson: Do you fix everything with duct tape?
Grandpa Jefferson: Well, it's better than calling a plumber and letting them charge you an arm and a leg.

Grandpa Jefferson: You’re in my way, boy. Go on outside and play horseshoes.
Alex Jefferson: <narrating> I did as I was told, and “played horseshoes.” I threw the horseshoe, walked to the other stake, and threw it back, walked to the other stake, threw it again, and did this for about three hours. I could’ve gone longer, but I pulled a muscle in my arm, trying to heave it one hundred feet from one stake to the other. It hurt pretty bad, but Grandpa wrapped my arm in duct tape! And then it felt much … much worse.
Grandpa Jefferson: Go on outside and play horseshoes.

Grandpa Jefferson: Ugh! There's a toenail in my ketchup!