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Katrina Meltsner
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Katrina Meltsner (neé Shanks) is a major Adventures in Odyssey character who first appeared in episode #254: “Truth, Trivia and 'Trina”. She is married to Eugene Meltsner.


Katrina Shanks was born in Chicago, Illinois, She started high school when she was twelve and was the valedictorian of her graduating class. After graduating high school, she attended college in Odyssey. In #254: “Truth, Trivia and 'Trina” she appeared on a game show, trying to win money to help with the tuition. Her parents are very wealthy, but wanted her to pay her own way through college. She started dating Eugene not long after and their relationship was never simple--something was always going wrong. When Katrina became a Christian, with the help and guidance of Connie and Whit, she decided she should break up with Eugene and move back in with her parents because Eugene was not saved. When she heard that Eugene had become a Christian about a season later, they began dating again but went through some rocky times due to the long-distance dating. During her stays in Odyssey she worked at both Whit's End and Holstein's Books. Katrina and Eugene became engaged in #374: “For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll, Part 3”, and it was during the Novacom saga when they married under strange conditions--Armitage Shanks, her father, was murdered by Andromeda, and Eugene and Katrina were married by her friend Brandon Teller at her father's bedside in the hospital just minutes before his death. After that, she and her husband had to go into hiding for a few years as the tension wore off, and no one was sure if they would ever return.

After Novacom

In Album 44, titled appropriately, Eugene Returns, Katrina and Eugene come back suddenly. They had a proper wedding celebration when they returned and she helped her husband with his search for his father.

In the episode #706: “To Mend or Repair”, it was found that Eugene and Katrina cannot have children.

She also played a major role in the Green Ring Conspiracy, and helped Buck Oliver do the right thing and stand up to Jebidiah Skint. After Buck spent time in Juvenile Hall, Katrina and Eugene brought Buck into their home as their foster son. In the episode As Buck Would Have It, Part 3 Katrina and Eugene adopted Buck.

Friends and Personal life

Katrina is very close friends with Connie, as well as her former roommate, Janice Mitchell. An old boyfriend and close family friend of hers is Brandon, who later became a pastor and even conducted Katrina and Eugene's wedding. In the episode #706: “To Mend or Repair” Katrina and her husband, Eugene found out that they can not have children. She is a substitute teacher (#696: “You're Two Kind”, #700: “How to Sink a Sub”) and a tutor (#682: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 4”).


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Katrina has two brothers (mentioned in #283: “A Book by Its Cover”) but they have never appeared in any episodes. Her father's paternal grandfather was Swindon Shanks, who married a lady named Porcelain. Porcelain's engagement ring was presented to Katrina by her father in #393: “Wrapped Around Your Finger”. Katrina's mother, Millie Shanks, resides in Chicago. Millie last visited Odyssey in the episode #571: “For Better or For Worse, Part 2”. Armitage Shanks, her father, was in the hospital due to problems from Andromeda, and Eugene and Katrina were married by a friend at her father's bedside, in the hospital, just minutes before his death. In The Green Ring Conspiracy, Katrina met Buck Oliver and encouraged him to turn himself in to the police. While Buck was in Juvenile Detention, Katrina wrote letters to him. In The Ties That Bind, Eugene and Katrina became Buck's foster parents.


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Katrina Meltsner has appeared in 75 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of 92.6%.

All (75)  · Pamela Hayden (1994-2005)  · Audrey Wasilewski (2005-Present)

Katrina Meltsner has been mentioned in 44 episodes.