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Cities in Illinois
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Illinois is one of the fifty states in the United States.

Episode references

  • The city of Chicago has been mentioned several times on the show. John Whittaker travels to Chicago, and several other characters make trips to Chicago as well.
  • In #51: “Connie, Part 1”, a voice on a speaker at the bus station calls out that a bus to Chicago will be leaving soon.
  • Whit tells Connie and Eugene in #62: “Let This Mind Be in You” that he is leaving Odyssey for a few days to attend board meetings at Universal Press in Chicago.
  • In #142: “Train Ride”, Whit and Eugene board an Amtrak train in Chicago and head home to Odyssey.
  • The episode #155: “Waylaid in the Windy City, Part 1” sheds some light on Chicago's distance from Odyssey. Connie and Whit fly from Odyssey to Chicago's O'Hare Airport, so it can be assumed that Chicago is at least a flight's distance away from Odyssey. Also, Connie admits that she has only ever seen Chicago from a bus window.
  • In #294: “Unto Us a Child Is Born”, Katrina Shanks mentions that she will be making the drive to Chicago to be with her family during their Christmas Day brunch. The downside is that she has to leave early enough Christmas Day to be there on time for it. On the other hand, she lives close enough to Chicago that she can make the trip and be at her destination all on the same day. In other words, Odyssey isn't so far that you can't drive to Chicago in less than a day.
  • In #387: “New Year's Eve Live!”, Harlow Doyle accidentally gets on a bus headed to Chicago shortly before midnight. When he asks the bus driver what time they will arrive, the driver says "around 8:30 tomorrow morning." Therefore, Odyssey has to be located somewhere that the trip to Chicago takes 8 1/2 hours or slightly longer by bus.
  • Jack and Joanne often take business trips to Chicago, as revealed in #485: “Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course”. In this case, they flew to Chicago.
  • In #557: “A Lamb's Tale”, Mike Mulligan and Whit mention the Universal Press Foundation, which is based in Chicago. Also Mike states to Nick Mulligan that he graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in business.
  • In #578: “All-Star Witness”, Eugene travels to Chicago to witness a lawsuit case similar to that of Tom Riley in the events of the episode.
  • In A Christmas Conundrum, Eugene says that his favorite Christmas memory took place when he and Katrina went to Chicago to visit Katrina's family.
  • Jana Whittaker-Dowd calls Whit to break the news that his flight from Chicago to California has been delayed in #582: “Silent Night”.
  • In #585: “The Poor Rich Guy” [Marvin Washington|Marvin]] and Tamika Washington call the Universal Press Foundation in Chicago to find clues about how much money Whit has, since they know about his position as Chairman of the Board at UPF.
  • In #594: “A Time for Action, Part 1”, Whit mentions that he has a friend in the Department of State in Chicago. Eugene and Whit travel to Chicago to find clues in the afternoon, and arrive later that day.
  • Eugene mentions that Christmas gifts were sent to Chicago in #607: “The Undeniable Truth”.
  • In #626: “Life, in the Third Person, Part 1”, Stephen Straussberg and his son, David, drive to Chicago to look for a house.
  • In #584: “Dead Ends”, when Eugene goes up to Arlington Heights to visit his foster parents, he tells Katrina that he'll be home "before dark". An Arlington Heights exists as a Chicago suburb. But no evidence proves that this is the same Arlington Heights. It's probably a mere coincidence.
  • If traveling by train, it is a day's journey from Chicago to Odyssey, as revealed in #142: “Train Ride”.



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