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Thelma Meltsner
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Thelma was Leonard Meltsner's wife, and was in a relationship with Leonard's former friend and mentor Dalton Kearn before Leonard entered the scene. She eventually married Leonard and became pregnant with their first child, Eugene. However, she walked away briefly from the marriage when Leonard raised his doubts about parenthood and implied the possibility of an abortion; she went to a hospital in Chicago, where she met Joanne Allen, who persuaded her to return to Leonard--her son needed his father, Joanne reasoned, and so did Thelma. Leonard eventually learned to care for Eugene as his son, but on an archaeological dig that Leonard and Thelma took without a seven-year-old Eugene, the Meltsner parents were captured and imprisoned for twenty years by a vindictive and vengeful Dalton, who treated them horribly. Thelma died in captivity in Africa on an archeological dig after having given birth to a second son, Everett; she was buried outside of the dig site where she and Leonard had been imprisoned.


Thelma is the wife of Leonard Meltsner and the mother of Eugene and Everett Meltsner, the latter of whom was kidnapped by her former boyfriend, Dalton Kearn.


Thelma Meltsner is voiced by Salli Saffioti, has appeared in 4 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 92.8%.

Thelma Meltsner has been mentioned in 14 episodes.