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Armitage Shanks
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Mr. Armitage Shanks, Katrina's father, was a wealthy, successful businessman, as well as a board member of Andromeda. He was married to Millie Shanks. In addition to Katrina, he has two younger boys who have never appeared on the show. His religious beliefs are unknown, but based on Katrina's comment that he probably wouldn't understand her reluctance to date a non-Christian in #322: “The Turning Point” it can be reasonably assumed that he was not (at that point in the series at least) a Christian. No further reference to his faith was ever made.

His relationship with Eugene Meltsner has been a bit rocky, but his disapproval of Eugene has always stemmed from his affection for Katrina, and his actions have always been rooted in love and the desire to protect her.

He and his wife, Millie, renewed their vows at Lake Shore Lodge in Chicago on their anniversary. The ceremony was officiated by Brandon Teller, who later officiated Armitage's funeral, as well as the wedding of his daughter to Eugene.

Armitage was murdered by Andromeda because of his involvement in the Novacom Saga. After his tragic death he was cremated immediately.


  • Armitage Shanks is the name of a British manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and plumbing supplies.


Eugene Meltsner: I'd rather not take up any more of your valuable time, sir.
Armitage Shanks: This is my daughter's life you're affecting; we have all the time I want. Come on.
Eugene Meltsner: Yes, sir.

#363: “The Right Choice, Part 2”

Armitage Shanks: I'm sorry, Eugene, but we're men. Let's call a spade a spade.
Eugene Meltsner: Mr. Shanks, had I given Katrina a shovel, then yes, we could call a spade a spade. As it is, we're discussing rings!

#393: “Wrapped Around Your Finger”

Armitage Shanks: I've been paying you through my tax dollars. I guess it doesn't hurt to pay for your lunch, either.

#322: “The Turning Point”

Eugene Meltsner: You're making a terrible mistake, Mr. Shanks! You can't let this marriage happen!
Armitage Shanks: I can't? You disapprove of me marrying my wife?

#362: “The Right Choice, Part 1”

Armitage Shanks: Katrina! Doing my taxes is complicated. Getting two people who love each other together isn't complicated.

#322: “The Turning Point”


Armitage Shanks has appeared in 6 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of 92.7%.

All (6)  · Brian Cummings (2002)  · Bernard Erhard (1995-1998)

Armitage Shanks has been mentioned in 16 episodes.