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Information.png Rick is one of 799 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

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Contestant on Bible Boot Camp. During his free time he had a tendency to listen to music instead of read his Bible. He also had a tendency to insult Ron using Bible versus. It was his idea to get even with Drill Sergeant Combs after the competition. He later asked him for a hug.



Drill Sergeant Combs: What’s your name?
Rick: Rick.
Drill Sergeant Combs: Rick; beautiful name.
Rick: Thanks.
Drill Sergeant Combs: And I have one too! You will address me as Sir! Or Mr. Combs! Or Sergeant Combs! Or Drill Sergeant Combs! Or Brother Combs! Or Brother Drill Sergeant Combs!
Rick: Oh, OK, sure thing, dude.
Drill Sergeant Combs: Was DUDE one of the things you could call me?
Rick: No...

#719: “The Bible Network”

Drill Sergeant Combs: RICK!
Rick: Hi.
Drill Sergeant Combs: How much did you...hi WHAT?
Rick: Sir.
Drill Sergeant Combs: How much have you read??
Rick: Well, I have barely enough time to change my clothes...
Drill Sergeant Combs: Is the name of this camp Change My Clothes Boot Camp?
Rick: No.

#719: “The Bible Network”

Rick: It's ok... I got ya...
Drill Sergeant Combs: I GOT YA WHAT??
Rick: I got ya, sir...

#719: “The Bible Network”


Rick has appeared in 2 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors.

All (2)  · Jess Harnell (2012)  · Keith Ferguson (2019)