2017 Avery Awards

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2017 Avery Awards Show
The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Best Actress

Odyssey awards.pngShona Kennedy as Jules Kendall in “Legacy, Parts 1 and 2”
Katie Leigh as Connie Kendall in Connie the Counselor
Kelly Stables as Olivia Parker in Parker for President
Audrey Wasilewski as Katrina Meltsner in Old Tricks
Kimmy Robertson as Penny Wise “A Very Bassett Wedding, Parts 1 and 2”

Best Actor

Odyssey awards.pngJess Harnell as Wooton Bassett in “A Very Bassett Wedding, Parts 1 and 2”
Atticus Shaffer as Morrie Rydell in The Key Suspect
Robby Bruce as Buck Oliver in Old Tricks
Gregory Jbara as Wilson Knox in No Friend Like an Old Friend
Andre Stojka as John Whittaker in The Feud of Mason County

Best Sound

“Legacy, Parts 1 - 2” by Nathan Jones

Best Song

Some Little Corner of the World

Best Scene

Odyssey awards.pngWooton and Wellington play Good Cop/Bad Cop with an elderly woman in “A Very Bassett Wedding”
Whit brings peace between 2 warring families in The Feud of Mason County
Eugene and Connie talk about his embarrassing moments in Connie the Counselor
Suzu asks her brother Morrie if he had anything to do with the mystery in The Key Suspect
Eugene and Katrina confront Buck about his deception in Old Tricks

Best Comical Pair of Characters

Comical Pair of Characters
Odyssey awards.pngWooton and Wellington
Frank and Elenor Wise
Wooton and Penny
Connie and Eugene
Whit and Wilson Knox
Matthew and Olivia Parker

Best Overall Episode

“A Very Bassett Wedding”