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Information.png Arnold Schwarzenbanger is one of 799 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Arnold Schwarzenbanger
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This was a character in Trent's imagination. He tried to explain to Trent that the only way to deal with a bully was to pound the bully. It is possible that the character may exist within Odyssey universe and that the version that appeared in Trent's imagination is simply his version of the character.


Any family he may have is unknown.



Trent DeWhite: Whoa! That... was incredible! When you flexed your muscles, I felt a breeze!
Arnold Schwarzenbanger: Of course you did this. That's because I'm so massively perfect. In my movies I need a whole stunt man just to play my left arm!

#560: “The Present Long Ago”

Arnold Schwarzenbanger: Even Mr. Arnold has his limitations, Trent! Besides, I was thinking about getting out of the training and trying something different anyway.
Trent DeWhite: You mean like politics?
Arnold Schwarzenbanger: What? I may be musclebound, but I'm not crazy. Ha!

#560: “The Present Long Ago”


Arnold Schwarzenbanger is voiced by Jess Harnell, has appeared in 2 episodes.