Nathan Hoobler

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Nathan Hoobler
Episode Characters Played 4
Episode Appearances 7
Episodes Written 69
Episodes Directed 51
Episodes Produced 3
Books Written 2
Videos Written 2
Videos Directed 1
Podcast Appearances 23
Documentary Appearances 14

Avery Award Winner!
Nathan Hoobler has won one Avery Awards for Best Script!
Odyssey awards.png

Nathan Hoobler is an Odyssey staff member. Nathan grew up listening to Adventures in Odyssey and even started his own fansite about the show before being hired by Focus on the Family. He has a degree in Media Communication from Asbury College. In addition to his other roles, Nathan produced the bonus features for The Gold Audio Series. Originally from Pennsylvania, Nathan now lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Tara and 2 sons.


Episodes Written (69) · Episodes Directed (51) · Episodes Produced (3) · Acting (7) · Characters (4) · Videos Written (2) · Videos Directed (1) · Books (2) · Podcasts (23) · Documentaries (14)

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Nathan Hoobler has written 69 episodes with an average rating of 90.2%
Nathan Hoobler has directed 51 episodes with an average rating of 87.3%
Nathan Hoobler has voiced 4 characters
    Nathan Hoobler has written 2 videos with an average rating of 95%
      Nathan Hoobler has directed 1 videos with an average rating of 0%
          Nathan Hoobler has written 2 books with an average rating of 94.3%