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Paul McCusker
Episode Characters Played 6
Episode Appearances 21
Episodes Written 297
Episodes Directed 234
Episodes Produced 9
Episodes Executive Produced 111
Books Written 36
Videos Written 5
Videos Executive Produced 1
Podcast Appearances 35
Documentary Appearances 3

Avery Award Winner!
Paul McCusker has won six Avery Awards for Best Script!
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Paul Eugene McCusker was born in 1958 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, but spent his formative years outside of Washington DC in Bowie, Maryland. Though he received a college degree in journalism, his love has been writing dramas and plays. His dramatic works have been published by Lille as Publishing Co., Contemporary Drama Services, Group Books and Monarch/Gazelle Books in England.

In 1985 he began writing plays for the nationally-renowned drama group The Jeremiah People. This led to his work as a freelance writer for the Focus on the Family radio drama called Family Portraits, which later became Adventures in Odyssey.

Since joining the Focus staff as a writer in 1988, Paul has written over 300 half-hour episodes for Odyssey and has also written 18 tie-in novels and two screenplays for the animated series, giving him the record for the most AIO episodes and novels written. As well as being the voice of villain Philip Glossman, he was worked as the Producer for the series from 1992-1996 and the Executive Producer from 2000-2004.

In the late 1990's, Paul helped to create Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, writing and directing many of its productions. Among his works are Peabody Award-winning Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Freedom, all seven books in C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series, the Father Gilbert Mysteries, At Home In Mitford, the Audie Award-winning Life of Jesus and A Christmas Carol. C.S Lewis' The Screwtape Letters is his latest adaptation and was nominated for an Audie Award. Currently, McCusker is working on adapting Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist for Radio Theatre, set to be recorded in November 2011.

His novels include Epiphany (nominated for a ECPA Gold Medallion Award) for Zondervan Books and You Say Tomato with best-selling British writer Adrian Plass. He also authored the popular Zondervan novel The Mill House, and its sequel A Season of Shadows. Paul's newest book is his medical thriller, TSI: The Gabon Virus, co-written with Dr. Walt Larimore.

In March 2011, Paul was hired by Burns Family Studios to write their next film Beyond the Mask, a period piece set in the 18th century. Starring in the film is John Rhys-Davies, a popular Welsh actor who often appears in Focus on the Family Radio Theatre productions. The film's theater release was April 6th, 2015.

Paul and his wife Elizabeth live in Colorado Springs with their two children.

Paul was Creative Director at Focus until the completion of Album 59, when he left the staff of Focus on the Family.


Episodes Written (297) · Episodes Directed (234) · Episodes Produced (9) · Episodes Executive Produced (111) · Acting (21) · Characters (6) · Videos Written (5) · Books (36) · Podcasts (35) · Documentaries (3)

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Paul McCusker has written 297 episodes with an average rating of 89.9%
Paul McCusker has directed 234 episodes with an average rating of 90.3%
Paul McCusker has executive produced 111 episodes with an average rating of 91.5%
Paul McCusker has written 5 videos with an average rating of 89.6%
Paul McCusker has appeared in 3 documentaries