No Friend Like an Old Friend

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#808: “No Friend Like an Old Friend”
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April 19, 2016
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No Friend Like an Old Friend
“No Friend Like an Old Friend” is episode #808 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Phil Lollar, and will air on an unknown date.


On a bus ride home, Connie meets Wilson Knox, who recalls a tale from his childhood about a science competition and two boys named Ave and Al.


Connie is getting Jules's luggage and talks to Whit about Jules then gets on the bus. She then sits down next to Wilson Knox who then tells Connie he is the new pastor of Odyssey Community Church. Connie says that sometimes she wants to throttle Jules. Wilson says that Connie is like the Older Brother in the tale of the prodigal son. He says everyone is sometimes like the Older Brother. He then tells the story of his older brother moment during middle school. Wilson, Ave, and Al are in Principal Farley's office about the science club. Wilson says that Ave and Al are leaving him out of they're expirements. Ave and Al explain that they tried to at first but he wouldn't take part in them because they weren't approved by the school. Principal Farley then makes a rule: All experiments must be approved by the school. Wilson says that they should enter an experiment in the Young Scientist Competition and donate the money to the school. Ave doesn't want to donate the money to the school, so the principal makes a compromise that they will split the money evenly between them and the school. In the lab, Wilson says that the experiment that he wants to do is already approved by the school and it is a model volcano. Ave says no, but Al convinces him to say fine. A few days later, Wilson notices that Ave and Al are going to there tree house. Wilson hears them saying that they will enter a different experiment. Wilson tells on Ave and they go to the principal's office and just as the principal is going to expell Ave, Al bursts in and says that the reason Ave was doing it was to help Al's mom because she needs a surgery because she has a problem with her feet that makes her not able to stand after a few hours. If Ave won the competition he would have given Al the money to help his mom. The principal decides not to expell Ave and decides to enter both Ave's experiment and Wilson's experiment. Wilson then gets mad and says that they get away with everything. Wilson then states that it took him a while to realize that being right isn't the same as being loving. The train pulls up to Odyssey and then meets whit and finds out that Ave Is Whit and Al is Jack . Then Connie says, " Welcome to Odyssey, Pastor Knox."

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Role Voice Actor
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Wilson Knox Gregory Jbara
Young Wilson Knox Cole Sand
Ave Aden Schwartz
John Whittaker Andre Stojka
Jules Kendall Shona Kennedy
Principal Farley Dave Arnold
Al Noah Rosenthal
Bus Driver Unknown




Connie Kendall: Welcome to Odyssey, Pastor Knox.