First Things First

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#777: “First Things First”
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59: Taking the Plunge
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First Things First
“First Things First” is episode #777 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on September 26, 2015.


In light of a surprise proposal, Penny considers what it means to be married while Wooton deals with a setback in rebuilding his house.


The first scene opens with a discussion about Wooton's proposal to Penny, switching the conversation between Whit and Wooton, and Connie and Penny. Wooton tells Whit that Penny didn't say yes because she wants to know what it means to be married. In the conversation between Connie and Penny, Penny suddenly realizes she needs to tell her parents. In the next scene, Connie and Whit are talking, and Whit asks how Connie feels about it. She says she's feeling a little left out. The next scene is Wooton and Penny talking at the art gallery, where Wooton says the fire chief is letting him go see the outside of his house. Wooton says he doesn't know what he's going to do about his house without knowing Penny's answer. He says he wants her to meet an architect with him later. The next scene begins with Wooton reminiscing about his house, when Mrs. Kramer comes up and they have a conversation where Mrs. Kramer hints that the city zoning office won't allow Wooton's house to be built like he wants it. The next scene has David Parker meeting with Wooton and Penny, when they ask him to do pre-marital counseling with them. He says he'll talk to Eva about it. Later, he's on the phone with her, and she agrees after a long talk. David then gets the zoning information, and it does not bear good news. In the next scene, Connie, Wooton and Whit are talking, and Connie warns Wooton that he and Penny are about to ride a roller coaster, while Whit compliments Wooton on wanting to know what marriage should be like. The next scene has Wooton and Penny having a long discussion about expectations at Hal's diner. Then Wooton gets a text from David saying that he wants to meet about the house. When they meet, David tells them that the zoning codes have changed, and that Wooton's neighbors have started a petition against his house unless he can get the organizer of the petition to withdraw, and David tells Wooton that the organizer is Mrs. Kramer. In the next scene Wooton goes to Mrs. Kramer and tries to get her to withdraw the petition. She refuses and tells him to go live somewhere else. In the next scene Penny, Wooton, and Connie are talking, and Penny is urging Wooton to fight the petition. In the next scene, Wooton comes to Eva's house and tells her that Penny isn't coming because of a headache. David comes in and all three of them talk about the petition, and Eva tells Wooton that Penny is testing him to see if he will defend her. They have another discussion about expectations, and then David tells Wooton that Mrs. Kramer's land is actually Wooton's land, because of a mistake in the property divisions. In the next scene, Wooton goes into Penny's house and tells her he's throwing Mrs. Kramer out. Penny doesn't want him to do it, because it's unlike him, and Wooton asks her then if he can deal with it in a way that is like him. She apologizes for asking him to be like someone else. In the next scene, Wooton goes back to Mrs. Kramer's house and sells her the land for a ridiculously low price. He says he'll even clear the house off the land, and she shuts the door and dances in her house.

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Role Voice Actor
Wooton Bassett Jess Harnell
Penny Wise Kimmy Robertson
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
John Whittaker Andre Stojka
Mrs. Kramer Mitzi McCall
David Parker Marc Evan Jackson
Eva Parker Amanda Troop



Mrs. Kramer: You should build somewhere else, in a neighborhood that suits you better. Like- Like a vacant corner of Disneyland... or New Zealand.