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Chris Anthony
Episode Characters Played 19
Episode Appearances 21
Episodes Hosted 861
Video Characters Played 1
Video Appearances 2
Podcast Appearances 13
Documentary Appearances 2

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Chris Anthony is best known as host of Focus on the Family's radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey. As host of AIO for over twenty years, Chris is heard weekly on more than 2,000 radio stations worldwide. Aside from her work in radio drama and a long list of TV and radio commercials, Anthony's voice appeared in all Mattel talking-Barbie toys, CDs, books, games and dolls from 1994 to early 2003. Thanks to Mattel, Sony, Hasbro, Fisher Price, Milton Bradley, Sight & Sound, Knowledge Adventure, Educational Insight, and Yes Entertainment, it is conservatively estimated that one-third of the current U.S. population, under the age of 24,were entertained by the voice of Chris Anthony during their childhood. Chris has also voiced minor roles throughout the AIO series.



Chris Anthony is the host of Adventures in Odyssey. She often opened up the show in the early episodes of the show. She also closed the show with a Bible verse, a message, and the credits. Chris Anthony has acted in many other productions besides Adventures in Odyssey. She is the voice of the Barbie dolls, CDs, books, games and dolls.


Chris Anthony: Would you look at that guy's hair? It looks like his head exploded!


Chris Anthony: And I’m Chris, hoping you’ll join us again next time for more Adventures in Odyssey! Yee-haw!

“Legacy, Part 2”

Chris Anthony: Our ringmaster, er, executive producer, was Dave Arnold.

“Big Trouble Under the Big Top”

Chris Anthony: You know, there are two great things about shopping in a store in Odyssey. One is the bargains that you get here. And the other is the fact that they play really great music over the speakers. <theme begins> See what I mean?

“Honor Thy Parents”

Chris Anthony: Well, that clears it right up. What's a discovery emporium?

“Welcome to Whit’s End”

Chris Anthony: Y-you talked!
Unknown: I know. It's amazing what you can do on radio, isn't it?

“A Single Vote”

Chris Anthony: But Doc the Christmas spirit isn't something you can manufacture by a machine.
Julius Schnitzelbonker: Oh yeah smarty pants? Well tell that to all the people who make video games huh?

“Back to Bethlehem, Part 1”

Chris Anthony: A movie here? About the people of Odyssey? Oh, wow! I wonder if they need any female announcer types.

“A Day in the Life”

Chris Anthony: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!
Unknown: School's out!!

“Honor Thy Parents”

Chris Anthony: Bob? Bob! Can you tell me what this is? A piece of paper with a circle on it with the letters T-U-I-T written inside it?
Bob: Oh. It's around to it.

“Isaac the Procrastinator”

Chris Anthony: All this talk about tryouts reminds me of my audition for Adventures in Odyssey. It went... something like this... <in flashback> You can go ahead and write it then, at Adventures in-- Okay, alright. <mumbles> That's it!

“For Trying Out Loud”

Chris Anthony: Oh hi this is Chris! I was trying to find a word on my electronic pocket computer-dictionary-thesaurus-encyclopedia word search-corrector.

“Melanie's Diary”

Chris Anthony: Our talented cast was made up of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, and other important chemical elements. That cast included…

“No Chemistry Whatsoever”

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