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Episode Characters Played 324
Episode Appearances 215
Episodes Hosted 1
Episodes Written 2
Episodes Directed 7
Episodes Produced 94
Episodes Music Composed 48
Episodes Post-Produced 10
Episodes Engineered 159
Video Characters Played 17
Video Appearances 10
Videos Written 47
Videos Music Composed 1
Videos Post-Produced 10
Videos Engineered 2


In many episodes, cast or crew information is not known. This page is a placeholder for that information.

External Resources

Some missing information may be found on the following sites:

  • Writer, Director, Engineer, and Music can be found on AIOHQ
  • Writer, Director, Producer, and Post-Producer (AKA sound designer) can be found on The Odyssey Library
  • Writer, Director, Post-Producer (AKA sound designer), and Music can be found on Odyssey Scoop

Some of this information can not be found on fan sites, and will have to obtained from Focus on the Family itself, which is done by AIOWiki personnel.

Needed Fields

Episodes Written (2) · Episodes Directed (7) · Episodes Produced (94) · Music (48) · Sound Design (10) · Episodes Engineered (159) · Acting (215) · Characters (324) · Videos Written (47) · Video Music(1) · Video Acting (10) · Video Characters (17)

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Unknown has written 2 episodes with an average rating of 0%
    Unknown has produced 94 episodes with an average rating of 83.6%
    Unknown has composed music for 48 episodes with an average rating of 89.1%
    Unknown has engineered 159 episodes with an average rating of 87.5%
    Unknown has acted in 215 episodes with an average rating of 88.4%
    Unknown has voiced 324 characters
    Unknown has written 47 videos with an average rating of 78.6%