Canyon Quest

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Canyon Quest
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4 (Rereleased as Book 1)
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October 5, 2021
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Escape from Fire Lake Canyon Quest Terror from Outer Space


Fans will learn how the Last Chance Detectives club was formed in Canyon Quest, the prequel to the Last Chance Detectives series. When Mike Fowler and his mom move to the dilapidated small town of Ambrosia in the Arizona desert, he is still agonizing over the loss/disappearance of his dad in the Gulf War. Determined to ferret out the truth about his dad's fate, Mike begins studying books on detective work. As a mystery crops up in Ambrosia, Mike is drawn into the case and, in the process of solving it, comes to know Ben Jones, Winona Whitefeather, and Spence Martin. Their success together in this adventure leads them to form—at the book's conclusion—the Last Chance Detectives.


  • Spence's last name is Martin instead of Williams.

This book was the fourth to be published in the Last Chance Detectives series. It was rereleased in 2021 as the first in the series. It is a prequel to the other original novels and films of the video series.