Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 1

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#5: “Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 1”
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Release Date
July 3, 2004
Mystery of the Lost Voices
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Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 1

“Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 1” is episode #5 of the Last Chance Detectives audio series. It was written by John Fornof and Robert Vernon, and was released on an unknown date.



The show opens to a flashback of Buddy Lewis and his band flying their plane through a storm, in which they tragically crash.

We return to modern-day Ambrosia, where Mike Fowler enters the Last Chance Gas and Diner to discover it hopping with business now that a radio broadcaster called Boppin' Bill Brannon has half taken it over and is playing Buddy Lewis songs and broadcasting live. The reason for the sudden interest is that research has indicated that Buddy may have crashed near the town. He convinces Carl (a rather slow individual) to attempt to sing a Buddy Lewis song. Carl confuses Buddy with John Glenn and Brennan rapidly brushes him aside and gets off the air.

Pop tells Mike about his financial woes, and confesses that he may have to sell the B-17 to pay for fixing up the diner to avoid being shut down. Mike decides that this is all his fault. They are interrupted by Ray Barnett -- the former manager for Buddy Lewis -- who wants someone to show him Sheriff Smitty's office.

Smitty is less than impressed with Barnett, who is convinced he has discovered the possible crash sites. Though Smitty is unwilling and unable to help Barnett, who offers a substantial reward, he turns him over to the Last Chance Detectives.

Mike tells the rest of the gang about Pop's decision to sell the Lady Liberty and how his father used to bring him up into it. Ray Barnett stops by and they set up a meeting time the next morning. He also tells them the amount of the reward money: $10,000. Winnie dislikes the case, but goes along.

They set out the next morning -- the boys on quad runners and Winnie on a horse. Winnie confesses to being freaked out by this case; Navajo believe that spirits from dead people stay with the dead. Though she is uncertain as to whether or not she believes this, it makes her uneasy. Ray Barnett appears and they set out to the wreckage sites.

All the sites prove fruitless, and Ray Barnett admits at the last one that he will be humiliated publicly; since he was so sure, he had already called a press conference for that evening. The gang poses for a photo and discovers a plane buried in the face of a cliff. When Mike and Spence attempt to investigate further, the mine the plane had burrowed into collapses around them.

Discussion Questions

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Character Actor
Nick Turner Unknown
Buddy Lewis Jess Harnell
Andy Davis Unknown
Boppin' Bill Brannon Daran Norris
Carl (a) Jess Harnell
Sheriff Smitty Steve Kanaly
Winona Whitefeather Mae Whitman
Pop Fowler Jim Custer
Mike Fowler Adam Wylie
Spence Williams AJ Noel
Ben Jones Daryl Sabara
Ray Barnett Townsend Coleman


  • The story of Buddy Lewis is likely based partially on the true story of Buddy Holly -- a '50s rock star whose plane crashed in 1959.


Boppin' Bill Brannon: Well, we certainly have a die-hard fan of Buddy Lewis right here, don't we?
Carl (a): John Glenn!
Boppin' Bill Brannon: Uh, John... John Glenn the senator?
Carl (a): John Glenn, he SPLASHED down!

Sheriff Smitty: Mr. Barnett, with all due respect, all these so called leads have turned up bogus. You might as well be lookin' for Elvis in a flying saucer.

Mike Fowler: So that's the story.
Ben Jones: Hey! Sounds like this Barnett guy is LOADED with money! Just think, if he gave us three hundred dollars, we could get a brand new GameGuy system!
Winona "Winnie" Whitefeather: What??
Ben Jones: ...You know.... ahem... for research.
Winona "Winnie" Whitefeather: Thanks, Ben.

Mike Fowler: Food and snacks?
Winona "Winnie" Whitefeather: Check.
Mike Fowler: Fuel?
Winona "Winnie" Whitefeather: All check.
Mike Fowler: Oil?
Winona "Winnie" Whitefeather: All topped off.
Mike Fowler: Ben...... Ben!
Ben Jones: .....Huh? Wha-? Oh! Uh, Check!