Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 2

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#6: “Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 2”
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Release Date
July 10, 2004
Mystery of the Lost Voices
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Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 2

“Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 2” is episode #6 of the Last Chance Detectives audio series. It was written by John Fornof and Robert Vernon, and was released on an unknown date.



Ray Barnett calls in from the desert to Bill Brannon's radio show to discuss the discovery of the plane and the still-trapped boys as Spence and Mike explore the plane, discovering twelve reel-to-reel tapes. They also feel a draft from another opening, though don't explore it. Pop and Smitty dig into the cliff with a backhoe, getting the them out as they start to think that someone else is in the mine tunnel.

Back at the diner, on Boppin' Bill Brannon's show, Ray Barnett plays a portion the reel-to-reel tape, which contains a never-released song by Buddy Lewis: "I Think I'm In Love".

Mike drops off Pop's mail. It contains a letter to Pop, telling him that the reward money will go to save the Lady Liberty. Mike then dashes off for a news conference at the Sheriff's office. At the conference, Smitty informs a bevy or reporters about the contents recovered from the plane. No tapes were found. The reporters try to talk to Mike and, at Ben's suggestion, he flees. Ray Barnett tracks him down and accuses him of stealing the tapes. He refuses to give Mike any of the reward money until the tapes are found.

Winnie suggests dropping the case, but Mike insists that the only way they can make enough money to save the B-17 is to find the tapes, besides being the only way to clear his name. Spencer reminds him that someone else was in the mine, and they decide that the only one who would know the area well enough to know what was going on would be Crazy Carl. Winnie and Ben head off to talk to Crazy Carl, as Mike and Spence (against Spencer's better judgment) head off to re-investigate the crash site.

Upon reaching Carl's cabin, Ben expresses his dismay and fright. Winnie tells him not to be afraid, and reminds him that Carl (who wanders the area finding rocks to sell to her grandmother's gift shop) is the only person who can help them. As they approach the cabin, they hear guitar music, but when they knock, Carl orders them to leave.

At the crash site, the two boys discover that the area is guarded. Though Mike wants to sneak in, Spence refuses. Mike accuses Spencer of being afraid, but Spencer still refuses to break in, and leaves. Mike chases him down and admits why he believes it is his fault the B-17 will be sold; the kitchen in the diner caught fire the year before and the diner's insurance wouldn't cover it because Mike forgot to drop the insurance premium in the mail. He apologizes as they walk back to the quads -- where they discover a paper bag. Inside it is a reel-to-reel tape.

Discussion Questions

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Character Actor
Boppin' Bill Brannon Daran Norris
Sheriff Smitty Steve Kanaly
Winona Whitefeather Mae Whitman
Pop Fowler Jim Custer
Mike Fowler Adam Wylie
Spence Williams AJ Noel
Ben Jones Daryl Sabara
Ray Barnett Townsend Coleman
Randy Nettles Unknown


  • Lyrics to the played version of "I Think I'm In Love":
Y' walk in the room and my heart goes "Whoah!"
Y' smile at me, an' there I go.
M' heart is racin', it won't stay still,
It's in my throat an' I need a pill,
Call the doctor now --
Cause I think I'm in lo-ove!
Doctor, help me please.
(Help me please.)
I never felt this way before.
(Help me please.)
Doctor -- help me please!
(Help me please.)
Do ya think you've got a cure?
Come on help me.
Cuz Doc, I think I'm in love!
  • The story of Buddy Lewis is likely based partially on the true story of Buddy Holly -- a '50s rock star whose plane crashed in 1959.


Spence Williams: I feel like a mole.
Mike Fowler: (chuckling) Hey! There it is! It's the nose of the plane!
Spence Williams: Yeah!
Mike Fowler: We found the missing plane of Buddy Lewis!

Mike Fowler: Man, how do you do that? I mean is there anything you don't know?
Spence Williams: I don't know. But if I did know what I don't know, I'd know. You know?
Mike Fowler: No.