The Day Ambrosia Stood Still, Part 2

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#2: “The Day Ambrosia Stood Still, Part 2”
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Release Date
June 12, 2004
The Day Ambrosia Stood Still
Standing up for what you believe in
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The Day Ambrosia Stood Still, Part 2

“The Day Ambrosia Stood Still, Part 2” is episode #2 of the Last Chance Detectives audio series. It was written by Marshal Younger and Robert Vernon, and was released on an unknown date.


At a debate regarding the casino, the electricity again goes haywire, damaging Martha Whitefeather's pacemaker. Winnie's family has no money to pay for a new one, but the NAIG (National Association of Indian Gaming) offers to pay. Winnie refuses, saying that they can raise the money through the benefit carnival. Unfortunately, the carnival also goes haywire.


Pop and Mike tell Sheriff Smitty that Jason is missing and try to convince Smitty that Jason has not simply skipped town. Pop and The Last Chance Detectives then go to the gambling debate to cheer on Martha Whitefeather, who is debating Wess Ortega. Just when Martha begins her opening statement, her microphone begins squealing and chaos again descends on Ambrosia. Martha calls for people to be calm and collapses. Rushing to her gasping grandmother, Winnie receives a charge from Martha: "Don't let them win!" Martha is taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, Martha is stabilized from the shock which caused her pacemaker to malfunction. Unfortunately, she will need a new one immediately, and the Whitefeather family has no insurance and no money. As Winnie's mother is out of town coming home as quickly as she can and her father is "unavailable", it is up to Winnie to decide what to do as the doctor begins the surgery. Winnie hopes to be able to raise the money through the benefit carnival, so they will not be forced to sell her grandmother's house of sixty years.

Meanwhile, Mike and the rest of the Last Chance Detectives decide to investigate the strange happenings around town. Spence hopes that if they can prove the electrical interference was someone else's fault, their insurance will have to pay for the operation. A brainstorming session brings about Ben's theory that "an outside force" (alien body snatchers) is causing it. Spence agrees that it is an outside force, but disagrees with the aliens. The gang connects to Spence's geologist father's magnetic readings in Ambrosia in an attempt to find the source of the interference.

Back at the hospital, Wess Ortega comes to visit Martha and talks to Winnie. Unexpectedly, he tells Winnie that, through the emergency fund of the NAIG (National Association of Indian Gaming), the Whitefeathers' financial difficulty is over. Winnie refuses the money, assuring him that they will raise enough money through the benefit carnival to cover the pacemaker.

The carnival is going well, and has drawn a large crowd. Winnie tells Mike and Ben (who is tossing balls at milk bottles in an attempt to win a stuffed orange worm) that the Tribal Council has agreed to pay for the pacemaker. Spencer calls, telling Mike that he has tracked the source of the interference -- and it is headed towards the carnival. The electricity could go haywire at any moment!

Mike and Winnie run off to get people off of the rides; just as Mike convinces the merry-go-round operator to stop the ride, it goes out of control.

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Character Actor
Sheriff Smitty Steve Kanaly
Pop Fowler Jim Custer
Mike Fowler Adam Wylie
Debate Moderator John Fornof
Winona "Winnie" Whitefeather Mae Whitman
Ben Jones Daryl Sabara
Spence Williams AJ Noel
Wess Ortega Gary Clemmer
Monama "Martha" Whitefeather Susan Silo
Dr. Reinquist Joe Campanella
Carousel Operator Unknown



Mike Fowler: I don't know, but I have this feeling it has something to do with Jason Whittaker.